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I love that dress but you won’t need it anymore

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Misawa day theme: AU
harry potter AU! Miyuki as slytherin and Sawamura as Gryffindor. Mura often transgress the rules and make some of his senpai(s) worry *cough*mochi*cough*. He is also a potential quidditch player, although he is still in-training at the moment. Miyuki already plays as a player tho and while mura is a bit affected by the common conception that slytherin(s) are cunning and all, but he respects miyuki and sees him differently. Miyu on the other hand, doesn’t really see the commotion of the houses’ differences or stereotypes and he treats each person the way he sees them. Still, he has a strong sense of responsibility to his house.

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strawhats + famous seas  (insp)

Moments Series – “The first time I knew I loved you–”

7 years

“Shawn, when did you first know you loved me?” You ask your husband while you’re curled into his side on your comfortable couch, the tv playing softly in the background as you two finally get the time to spend together after another long day. The kids are finally asleep, and this hour after the kids are down every night but before you head to bed is about as much time as you two ever get alone anymore. But you love your kids, and having them has taught you how to love your husband in a whole new way.

“I love you?” He questions almost as though he’s surprised. Almost as though he hasn’t told you those three words with great certainty every day for almost as long as you can remember being with him.

You laugh at this, no insecurity present in your heart anymore, at least not like it used to be. He can joke about it now because he knows that you know without a doubt that he loves you. Even after you’ve fought with him, or screamed at him, or just told him to leave you alone, he still says he loves you. He still tells you he loves you, even when he’s angry with you, and even when he’s angry with you, he still means it when he says it.

“Shut up Shawn,” You say, shoving him a little, “I’m being serious.”

“Okay,” He says, no humor in his tone anymore. “The first time I knew I loved you was that morning that you made me coffee after I stayed over at your place.”

“When?” You ask, not really remembering this exact moment he’s talking about.

“The very first time I stayed at your place, I remember waking up, and you were in my arms asleep. And I looked down at you, and that’s when I knew I loved you. I don’t remember how long we had been dating at the time, it wasn’t long, but I looked at you and I thought to myself, I want to wake up with this girl in my arms every day for the rest of my life. And I knew then I loved you.”

You smile at this, vaguely remembering the first time he stayed over at your place, but you hadn’t ever heard him say this before. You didn’t know that was the first time that he knew he loved you.

“And it took a while, but I finally got it. I get to wake up to you every morning. Even if there are little heads and little toes between us sometimes, it’s still everything I wanted and so much more.” He says, leaning over and kissing you on the forehead.

“When was the first time you knew you loved me?” He asks.

You think for a few minutes before you finally reply. “It was that night a few days after our first New Years together. We were in your bedroom back at your parents’ place. You asked why I never talked about my family and I didn’t know how to explain about them.” He squeezes your hand tightly in one of his. Now he knows your family, well most of them. He knows all of what you struggled through growing up. He knows everything about you, but back then he didn’t.  You continue telling the story, not sure if he remembers it or not. “But you said ‘I’ll wait.’ When I told you I wasn’t ready to talk about it, and that’s when I knew.”

“Wait, that was in January?” He asks.

“Yeah, the very beginning.”

“But we started dating in September.” You kind of understand what he’s getting at.

“That was four months after we started dating.” You just shrug. “You told me you loved me after two months, y/n.” He says, and you laugh at this.

“I said I loved you because you said you loved me, but I didn’t know like really really know until that night.”

“I knew after like two weeks, y/n.” He says, just wanting to give you a hard time.

“Two weeks, four months, it’s been seven years does that really matter anymore?” You ask, and he smiles down at you, and then he leans down kissing you.

“I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t change your mind.”

“There are humans that are half you and half me running around in this world, you know I never would have let that happen if I wasn’t sure of my decision I made 6 and a half years ago to love you.”  

“I always knew you were a smart one.” He tells you.

And you just laugh then let the comfortable silence settle between you two as Shawn leans over to switch channels on the tv because the news just started. Talking about the first time you knew you loved each other made you remember just how far you two have come these last seven years. You know you got lucky with Shawn because despite everything you two have been through, he has never faltered in his love for you, and now in his love for your three kids. And in that, he has given you the space to love him more than you thought it was possible to love someone, and he has given you a life more beautiful and fulfilling than you ever imagined.

“Cupcakes,” you mumble quietly, just remembering.

You didn’t mean to say it aloud, so Shawn doesn’t quite hear what you said. “What’s that?” He asks, turning his attention from the news back to you.

“I forgot about the cupcakes.” You say then groan trying to figure out when you’ll have time to make cupcakes for the twin’s soccer game tomorrow.

“I’ll just pick some up on the way to the game.” He responds like it isn’t a big deal, eyes still glued to the news on tv, his fingers absentmindedly playing with yours.

“But you’re in the studio tomorrow.” You remind him, and he’s already leaving early in order to watch the twins’ game.

“Its fine. I can leave a little earlier.” He leans over, kissing you on the forehead, knowing you’re thinking about a million other things you need to get done over the next few days on top of worrying about the cupcakes. “Don’t worry about the cupcakes baby.” He tells you, and you appreciate him so much. Everyday he’s doing the smallest things that mean the world to you. 

Becoming a mom has brought so much responsibility into your life, not only responsibility for little lives, but always a million things to do, and things you’re forgetting to do all the time. You tend to overstress yourself, but somehow Shawn is always managing to make you feel better. He knows you have a tendency to overthink and get stressed out over the million things you need to do so he’s always reminding you to just relax and helping you to relax, and he’s always trying to do whatever he can so you have a few less things to do. It’s been seven years and you still have no idea how you got so lucky.

Can y'all please stop ranting about the 2.5 age gap between Yurio and Otabek. Like please, and if you’re going to rant about it DO NOT tag it in the “otabek x Yurio” tag please. Those of us who understand that because it is not a sexual relationship and understand that it is not canon sexual (making it legal) would like to go through the tag and look at fan art and cute fluffy things. We don’t want to hear your opinion. Sorry, but if you think it’s disgusting, that is your right. We don’t have to agree with you though and there is nothing stopping us from continuing to ship it.


“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”

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Gigi's Arab, not white. Y'all keep forgetting that calling her white and shit. Arab's are not white get it through your fucked up drama thirsty heads. Y'all think you're justice warriors but you keep fighting racism with racist come backs.

(What in the boiling, sulphuric lakes of hell… LMAO!)

Dear JeJe fan,

I don’t know why you’re here or what you expected to accomplish, but… hi? And yeah, if I were to believe your words, I’d totally be convinced by this faceless ask and attempt at a jab. Honestly! *winks*

If this refers to my post★, maybe if you weren’t out for blood in name of your princess, you’d have noticed I used these exact words: “wrapped in white privilege”. Now, if you can’t see she is privileged, that’s your problem; not mine. (And so is how you choose to interpret my words.)

As for the drama, it’s really hilarious! What I (and many others) complain about is the constant drama that surrounds those situations. People just want music and some cute selfies of the singer they like. Believe me when I say all this ‘drama’ and PR disaster doesn’t have me as intended audience— it never had. A lot of people eat that shit up like candy, but I’ll leave it to you to figure out who those are. *winks*

You stay over there; I’ll be over here. Sounds good? Yep, sounds great! :)

I want Bellamy to be happy and loved and to know he can rely on the person he loves. I want Clarke to be happy and loved, and to know she can be vulnerable with the person she loves.

Funnily enough, for BOTH characters, that happens only with each other. So… yeah, you don’t want me to ship Bellarke? Gimme other people with whom Clarke or Bellamy can have that kind of relationship and we’ll talk.


Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)