That's not a bad thing is it

My storyboard project for school for the prompt ‘When fruits and vegetables go bad’

The thing is, its up to you to decide on HOW they go bad. So I did aliens lmao. (ALSO, This is going to be edited in after effects thats why some panels are weird (its part of our curriculum to learn it), i just put these together in an easy gif maker site )

Things that I appreciate about Song of the Sea:

gorgeous, illustrative animation style with rich backgrounds and distinctive character designs

well done irish folklore (much more friendly fairies)

lovely, evocative soundtrack

a largely nonverbal heroine who is still given fair voice through her actions/reactions/observations of things

the narrative addressing huge, overwhelming emotions as necessary to work through, not just as something to lock away

the narrative treating emotions as vital to life, and expected when involving those things that are important or close to our hearts. 

the real rub is found in dealing with these necessary, overwhelming things in a way that doesn’t hurt others

imperfect sibling relationship that improves, and has reconciliation as an integral part of it.

nearly every character apologizing about something and meaning it with the intention of change



i feel like letting go of physical beauty would solve a lot of problems in people’s lives and in our society and thats all fine and good but also like the importance placed on physical beauty is a new thing like i feel like beauty is a good thing but Not Having it wasnt a bad thing until like…. recent history

and i have a lot of problems with it as a concept and i mean this is like kinda dumb coming from someone who prays to Aphrodite on the regular but still! popular conceptions of beauty and how we stifle or stretch ourselves to fit this narrowed definition, its all messy and needs to be done away with

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How strong is Reve? How many hits can he take, and does he bleed?

Oh he can definitely bleed, but geezus fuck he’s strong in his own way. Especially if he’s in his element in the dreamworld, because since he technically created it, he has control of almost every aspect of it. If he’s outside of it, that’s when he’s the most vunerable. he may not be really muscular but he makes up for that in other ways. Like he’s a fuckin speed demon, sharp claws, fast running, all that kinda stuff. Fighting him’s a REALLY bad decision unless you really know what you’re doing. Not even the arcanas can take him down. That is, all but one. But thats for another time.

That being said, it’s not impossible to knock him out though. Fully killing him is one thing, but one hard punch to the face will clock him out for like ten minutes or so. Lordy knows thats saved the nations a few times, its just being able to catch him off guard to actually not miss.

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Aqua sun, mars in Pisces, and Venus in cap but with Saturn square Venus. Bad at relationships? I feel more romantic than I can actually show. Like I literally get hesitation to do anything super sweet or saying something super meaningful

You’d be very romantic but would feel that the possible consequences to making any sort of romantic move would have more cons than pros.
Or you fear they wouldn’t be shared, or they’d be “too much”.
You basically have some sort of Romantic Anxiety, if thats even a thing. You may have the feelings, but going through with the actions is just… nerve wracking.

folks please look at what you’re reblogging there’s a v popular post going round ‘explaining’ the brexit vote and here’s an honest to god quote from the post

“During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents”

like no thats a fucking lie and racist xenophobic propaganda, immigrants and refugees are not a ‘big problem’ and its that kind of thinking that’s encouraging all this insidious nationalism

ETA: the OP has said that they absolutely were not supporting that position but were explaining the named parties’ positions! I misread and jumped to conclusions since I’m on edge right now


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)

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