That's a filter


because ya girl finally has an excuse to post 2 out of the 20 something dog filter selfies saved on her phone!

i was tagged in a variety of tags but decided to do the filter one! so thank you to @woozisvt @nowjunhui and @rebelcoups for tagging me to expose my face lol. you three are so pretty, your selfies have blessed my entire existence! ♡ ♡ ♡

now i tag: @jisoostar @adorexuminghao @charmingscoups @ftcoupss @heoni @jeonkwons  @4jmin and @minegyuu (i don’t think i’ve introduced myself to 6/8 of you peach puffs, but hi, i’m denise and i hope we get to know each other!)

and as always, feel free to opt out! (´。• ᵕ •。`)


Got tagged by my frienndddd @thenightmarebeforesam for the selfie challenge, so Thankyou! I’m kinda sick and dont look my best so I just got a picture that I took yesterday and from last week which I’ll use;/
I don’t even use the dog filter that much it’s just these are my most two recent selfies so I used them lol
Tagging: @5secondsofthewintersoldier @purityimagines @peterparkerimagine @cuddlingmess
If you don’t feel comfortable doing the challenge then you don’t have to, just picked a few people I’ve talked to and I’m friends with!✨

Alrighty yo. I played this goddamned game for a little over 22 hours straight today. Spent about four of it hopping in and out of cutscenes and the emporium trying to make myself. (I got one of those fun ADHD brain itches that MUST BE SCRATCHED OR THE WORLD ENDS) and this is the result. I just wanted to see what frostbite me looked like.


So, after some days I had a lot a lot of time to think. Thinks like “Well, is not like I didn’t saw it coming” And “I got trapped in the heat of the moment”

I am used to listen music while drawing, and decided to play my fav playlist and not the whole one I have.

Every song, every single one reminds me of SataIvlis. Of all the draws I wanted to make, the fanfic fragments I have in my computer, the images I saved.

And in the end, I reached to a conclusion: I still wanted to make them, from a different point of view, but still…

So yeah, in case anyone noticed it, I am going to say it:

I am still SataIvlis trash.