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do you know of any good ways to write a character's thoughts?

There are two ways to write character’s thoughts.

The first way is using direct style, this is when you write your character’s thoughts word by word separating them from the rest of your paragraph using quotation marks, or italics (many times it depends on how you write your dialogues, hyphens or quotation marks)

  • Ex. 1: The street was quiet. H. turned her head back when the sound of footsteps became louder. “I should’ve taken a cab” she thought
  • Ex. 1: The street was quiet. H. turned her head back when the sound of footsteps became louder. I should’ve taken a cab, she thought. 

  • Ex. 2: He had knocked the door four times now. “Was the meeting today?”, F. thought.
  • Ex. 2: He had knocked the door four times now. Was the meeting today? F. thought.

The second ways is indirect style, this is when you write your character’s thoughts using the narrator’s voice.

  • Ex. 1: The street was quiet. H. turned her head back when the sound of footsteps became louder. She thought it would have beed better if she had taken a cab.
  • Ex. 2: He had knocked the door four times now. F. wondered if the meeting was today.

As you can see, the main different between styles is how the thoughts are presented.

Some things to remember:

Writing your character’s thoughts gives an insight to your readers about your characters, who they are, what they really think and how much it differs from what they say, or express with their bodies.

Not every thought matters. Write down only relevant thoughts, the ones that add something to the plot and character development.

Don’t overuse thoughts. If your story is written in third person omniciesnt, adding thoughts to every scene with every character will slow down your story. On the contrary, if you’re writing using first person, your character’s thoughts are important, but not every single one (read previous point).

Find the best way to tell your story, sometimes is better using third person than first one, or vice versa.

If you’re using third person focusing on one character, you can write their thoughts separating them from the rest of the paragraph using quotation marks or italics. In those cases, there’s no need to identify the character.



One moment of hesitation was all it took. One second he had felt like it was James hovering above him playing stupid games as he does, only one second of hesitation and he had felt the air leave his lungs as his own hand choked it out of him. He should have strangled him, he shouldn’t have listened to him but how could he have denied the effect James always had on him? Harry looked so much like the boy Peter trusted and loved when he was a kid. He still did love James even though no one would believe him, he did, but what was he supposed to do? As he struggled under the grasp of his own hand, Harry and Ron had tried to free him but there was nothing they could do, he had brought this on himself.

Peter no longer saw Harry trying to pull away the betraying hand away but he was looking into the abyss now. He didn’t know where he was, maybe somehow he survived, oh how he wished he had survived. He was a Gryffindor but he had never been able to conquer his fear of death, it was always there in the back of his mind telling him he needed to survive and do whatever it takes to do so. It was there when he broke James’ trust, it was there when he left Sirius to die, it had always been there.

Peter looked at his hands, his missing finger was where it belonged, his arm was now back in place fully intact and his. He pushed himself up slowly to look around where he was and wished he hadn’t. He tried to run but it was like he was in an invisible cage. Was this a nightmare? Was this what hell looked like? All four of them standing side by side, as James tried to hold Sirius back, Lily stared at him with her hand on the shoulder of the tall handsome boy Peter recognised from the graveyard, the spare, Cedric. Somehow the hell he had heard from all the people when he was younger sounded better, he would have taken flames instead of the disgust on Sirius’ face, the fear in Cedric’s eyes, the disappointment in Lily’s expression and the emptiness in James’ stare. He would have cut his own arm off just to get away from wherever he was.

Everyone was staring at them. So many people had died in this war and all of them were staring at Peter but they had better things to do so they turned around to continue whatever they were doing before Peter arrived. He saw piercing blue eyes and disgust on Dumbledore’s face clearly before he returned to his old friends.

“I-I never m-meant for any of y-you to d-die,” muttered Peter, he was quite sure he was the only one who could hear. “I was– I was afraid and–”

“We all saw you Wo-Peter,” said James softly. “Your hands didn’t even shake as you killed Cedric. You didn’t even hesitate.”

“Where did we go wrong, Pete?” asked Lily her eyes shining with tears. “What did we ever do to you to deserve what we got?”

That was the thing. Peter was telling the truth, he never wanted any of them to die. He only wanted to survive. He was afraid of dying, it wasn’t the Dark Lord he was afraid of, it was the power he held over Peter and his Lord was the one who killed him in the end. 

“We would have died for you,” said Sirius. He looked much younger than the last time Peter saw him, much more alive than he was the night Peter betrayed him one more time. “We would have done anything for you but you decided that you had to take it into your own hands. We thought you cared for us the same way we cared for you.”

“I do, I did,” stuttered Peter in response, looking at his hands in desperation. “I never did any of these things because I hated you. I just– I wanted to be brave like you but I was terrified–”

“That’s all you say Peter,” interrupted Sirius. “Don’t you think we were all scared?”

“You decided not to be the Secret Keeper because you were afraid but I–”

“DON’T YOU DARE BLAME THIS ON ME!” roared Sirius as he launched himself to Peter. James knowing his brother like he does held him by the collar and calmed him down with words Peter couldn’t hear. Sirius was burning his skin the way he looked at him. “Don’t you dare blame this on me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t do it Wormtail?” asked James making Peter flinch at the mention of his nickname. “You know I wouldn’t have forced you to do it.”

“I wanted to be b-brave like y-you lads.”

“When did we ever make you feel like you weren’t enough? You were brave enough, you didn’t have to take on a responsibility that you thought you couldn’t handle.”

“I don’t–”

“When did I made you feel like handing me and my family over to our murderer would be the solution?”

“You n-never–”

“What was it that I ever did to you that made it alright for you to bring your Dark Lord back from the fucking dead Peter? WHAT WAS IT?”

“I d-don’t– I’m not–”

Everyone was just staring at Peter and letting James talk, he was seemingly the calmest in all of them. His anger had always been silent. Peter had seen him get this angry once in 5th year and once during an Order mission. His anger was the worst out of all the Marauders and Peter never in his life thought it would be directed at him. 

“Peter I swear if Harry turns up in this wretched place I will make sure I end up in the same hell as you just to watch you burn.”

War changes people. It had changed Peter, too but James Potter, the boy he never thought was capable of feeling hate towards someone other than Slytherins was planning to watch Peter suffer. 

“P-prongs, ple–”

“How dare you call him that?” yelled Lily. “You think just because you are dead, everything is forgotten? You are not their friend anymore Peter, you are just a filthy Death Eater who wasn’t even worthy of getting the stupid Dark Mark. Good job proving everyone at Hogwarts right.”


What, James?” she shot back. “Everyone knew he was the different one in your little group. He proved them completely right because of his fragile ego, just because he couldn’t be like you–”

“Lily, enough.”

“I can’t even look at him, I’ll be over there if you need anything.”

Lily left with one last pitying look at Peter and Cedric looked around in hesitation trying to figure out if he should leave, too but he looked determined to stay. 

“I have one question Peter,” began Sirius with the calmness of a madman. “Why didn’t you let us turn you in that night? This could have ended a long time ago.”

“They would have k-killed me.”

“Well, you are a murderer.”

“I’m not– I was AFRAID!” shouted Peter out of the frustration he was feeling in his gut.

“So you acted on rat instinct?” questioned Sirius. Peter knew he was going to get somewhere from this.

“I- I just wanted to live–”

“So the reason you made me think Remus was the mole when it was actually you,” he sighed, his perfect eyebrow arched like a bow ready to throw it’s arrow and Peter knew he was going to hit bullseye. “It was all instinctive and not at all a plan?”

Peter didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know how to defend himself. Not that he needed to anymore, Sirius couldn’t hurt him but still, he wanted his friends to see they would have done the same as him. However, he wasn’t sure anymore. He wasn’t so sure that they would have chosen the easy way out like he did but he had to live, he had to survive no matter what it cost him. 

“You have always been a shit liar, Peter,” said Sirius and came closer to where Peter was standing in his glass chamber. “You took everything I had, EVERYTHING! I trusted you, you bloody rat. I trusted you with my secrets, I trusted you with my brother’s life. I wish we had never met you.”

Peter gasped in shock, it was such a simple sentence but it inflicted so many wounds. Never meeting the Marauders would mean losing the best 7 years of Peter’s life. 

“You let Remus have his transformations alone,” he spat. Sirius was never good at controlling his anger. “You let him rot on forest floors. You let him suffer for 12 years. Twelve fucking years, you let me stay in that– that place. You killed all of us without getting blood on your hands.”

Sirius walked away from Peter trying to steady his shaky breath. He was right, Peter had done all of the things he had said but Sirius never stopped to ask why he did what he did, if there was anything Peter could have said but then again, Peter understood that there was no explanation for what he did. 

As he was looking around, Cedric walked closer to him. Peter would have died another time if it meant not getting confronted by the golden boy because he didn’t have anything to say but he gathered what was left of his pride to piss him off enough so that he would leave Peter alone. He wasn’t ready to face that mistake.

“I-” started Cedric, he looked like he couldn’t find the right words. “How did you do it?”

“How did I do what?”

“Killed the spare.

“You were never meant to be in the graveyard.”

“So it’s my fault you murdered me?” asked Cedric taking his chance to talk with him in private as James was talking to Sirius. “He called me a spare and you didn’t even think twice. How on earth was a supposed to know it was a Portkey to my death?”

“I think–” began Peter and he took in a deep breath as he ran his hand through his hair. “I didn’t want to do it but the Dark Lord–”

“You weren’t under an Imperius Charm.”

“It wouldn’t have made a difference he would have killed me,” replied Peter as if that was the only logical explanation. “It was either you or me–”

“He was a bag of bones!” exclaimed Cedric. “He was nothing but a bag of bones and you were such a coward, you couldn’t even disobey that thing.”

“You don’t understand,” replied Peter with as much calm as he can muster. “His followers would have found me, I had to do it.”

“So you thought murdering a 17 year old kid can be justified because it was him or you?” demanded James as he pulled Cedric a little bit by his arm. “He was seventeen Peter. You hid from everyone else for 13 years, couldn’t you have hidden from them?”

No one talked for a while after that, Cedric went to join Lily as she watched over Harry. Sirius was walking up and down and James was just standing in front of Peter.

“We were twenty-one, Wormtail.”

“I know. I was, too,” whispered Peter in reply. “You have to understand James. I was young and afraid, and you know I never was the brightest–”

“But you were! You were smart and brave Peter.”

“Not like you,” he replied softly, feeling like he was back in the Hogwarts Express talking about their OWLs with the Marauders and James had reacted exactly like he did now. However this time he only shook his head.

“I didn’t deserve your betrayal, did I?”

“No,” mumbled Peter. “None of you did.”

“Then why?”

“I honestly didn’t think where this would go when I said I would be your Secret Keeper. You must understand that you trusting me with something like that was such an honour for me but in the back of my mind it was also a way out. I was always so terrified of dying in this stupid war.”

“We were all threatened,” reminded James staring into Peter’s soul. “I was marked for death Peter. You could have said you can’t do this and that you wanted protection and no one would have judged you. I always told you, you didn’t have to do anything you didn’t want to do.”

“But what would you guys have said if I left to go into hiding?”

“Nothing,” he replied. “We would have said nothing. We would have understood. I thought our friendship, our brotherhood was stronger than judging and plotting.”

“When he first found me I thought I was going to die but he saw right through me. I am not as strong as you are, I have never been. He knew how to manipulate me and I let him. It’s the rat in me like Pad–Sirius said. I could have told you but I was so scared and when you gave me that opportunity with your own hands, I was way too deep in to get out.”

“If you had a chance would you change what happened?”

“I would try to but I don’t trust myself.”

“I wish I could say I trusted you Peter,” confessed James. “I wish I could say with certainty that you would change what happened. I feel like you would only do it because you are dead now.”

“I- I understand that and I’m sorry.”

“Are you really?”

“I am Jamie,” began Peter, it was a hard thing to explain when you have betrayed someone as badly as Peter did with the Marauders. “I loved all of you but I just couldn’t bring myself to see that the consequences of the choices I make would be this severe. All I could think of was I needed to get out alive and I don’t know why I wanted to survive so much, I just did. I regret most of the things I did, I do. I would have given everything to be stronger than I was but that’s just who I was. You were the prince of the forest and I was a rat. I will never be as loyal as Sirius is or as protective as Remus is. I’m me, I’m Peter Pettigrew and I am what I am but I’m sorry for everything not that it would change much.”

“No, it doesn’t,” sighed James. “But I guess you saying you regret the things you did saves you from us.”

Peter felt a pull and James started getting further and further away. Sirius and Lily didn’t even turn around but Cedric gave him one last look before turning away.

“Goodbye Peter, I hope I never see you again,” were the last words Peter heard from James Potter. 

Facts about HTTYD you probably didn’t know

1.  Toothless is actually the first character to be seen in the movie. His silhouette is seen flying through the star-filled night sky during the DreamWorks intro.

2.  In the book, Toothless is a little iguana sized dragon much like the Terrible Terror. The directors changed this as they wanted a dragon Hiccup would be able to climb on to and that would have a design helping it emote better.

3.  The sounds Toothless produces along with his behavior and personality were inspired by cats, dogs, and horses.

4.  Toothless’s design resembles Stitch’s from the Lilo and Stitch movie. This can be attributed to the fact that both directors for HTTYD also directed Lilo and Stitch.

5.  At one time, one of Toothless’s animator stuck a ball of duct-tape on his own cat’s tail for reference which ended up perfect for the shot in The Gift of the Night Fury where Toothless tried to shake his new tail off.

6.  Animators had to attend “flight school” during production. It is a legitimate program in which they would study flight physics and movements of different creatures for realism. After graduation, they each even received a diploma.

7.  Throughout the film, Hiccup vehemently declares he can’t kill dragons while the other Vikings boast about all the dragons they’ve killed. Ironically, Hiccup is the only Viking we actually see kill a dragon in the whole movie.

8.  HTTYD features lots for beards and fur. Not only are beards tough to rig but designing them is also tricky. Stoick’s beard alone took months to make.

9.  John Powell’s amazing score for the movie was nominated for an Academy Award. The song “Romantic Flight” was actually played during this year’s Oscars, introducing Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel on the stage to present the Best Original Score category.

10.  In their efforts at giving HTTYD a more epic and cinematic feel, the filmmakers turned to eight-time Oscar nominee Roger Deakins (Skyfall, Prisoners, The Shawshank Redemption) to help with the movie’s visuals.

11.  One of the focus groups used to preview the film was so moved by the ending scene, they insisted the directors keep their decision to make Hiccup an amputee as they connected with it and though it was daring. A kid among the group said “It was sad because Hiccup lost something but then he gained so much more”.

12.  Astrid’s character isn’t in the original book. She was created especially for the movie.

13.  Dragons had their own language in the original books. Early on, the team decided they should only communicate physically so they’d feel more animal-like.

14.  The eye opening as Toothless’s wing passes by was an accident in the animation process. The filmmakers kept it because it looked creepy and very fitting.

15.  When Hiccup reads the Dragon Manual, the writings in it are actually in plain English cryptographed into runes.

16.  Before Toothless brings Hiccup and Astrid to the dragon’s nest, we get several shots of other dragons. Pay attention to one shot of a Monstrous Nightmare; it can be seen holding Gloria, the hippo from Madagascar. (Confirmed on the DVD’s commentary)

17.  When it came out in theaters, HTTYD was praised for its use of 3D during the flying sequences which some people claim was on par with or better than Avatar’s which came out around the same time.

Roman Godfrey x Reader (Little Prince)

Scenario: You’re a new student at Hemlock Grove, and you draw the attention of, none other than, Roman Godfrey.

WARNINGS: Some swearing and mentions of blood

Word Count: 904

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When you first toured this school, it didn’t seem all that complicated. It was just like any other high school. But now that you were navigating the halls with arms full of books and binders and people jostling you as they passed, you were getting a little overwhelmed. Through the crowd of your now classmates, you finally spotted your locker. You made your way through the unforgiving mass of high schoolers to get to the one place in this unfamiliar school that you can call yours. Opening the locker door, you knelt down and put everything you were holding in your arms onto the floor. One by one, you put each book and binder into your locker. Out of all the things to forget on the first day of school, how the hell did you forget a backpack? You shake your head at your huge oversight when you hear a voice above you.

“Where are the decorations?”

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I was out somewhere and couldn’t post earlier, but I’m so furious with this whole situation.  Literally everyone but Louis and Eleanor were in the wrong in that video and yet Louis is the one who takes the fall.

1) There was no personal security for who knows what reason.  That one I’m going to have to blame on his team because that never should have happened.

2) Airport security wasn’t doing shit.  There were employees there and they were watching them get attacked and at most yelling from the sideline.  Then those same people who were in a position to be witnesses let Louis get blamed for it when all he did was try to get people to back off, trip and fall, and try to help someone cornered 3 on 1. They also held him for 3 hours apparently since he didn’t get arrested until 11:45.

3) The pap was up in Eleanor’s face, got told to back off relatively nicely for the situation, tripped over Louis, and then dared to file against him as if it can be considered “battery”.  Even if Louis had elbowed him or hooked his leg deliberately, the fact that Louis had been knocked over means it never should have been considered an attack.  At most it was a tiny scuffle that doesn’t even merit attention.  I don’t think it even went that far.  The fact that Louis was yelling for help as he went down and after he got up makes me think it was a complete accident even though we can’t see what happened from the front.

4) The girls never should have gone after Eleanor.  Whether she and Louis are dating or not dating, it never gives them a right to physically attack her.  Going after her 3 on 1 is plain bullying.  The fact that they didn’t get arrested is mind-boggling.  Then they blame Louis for breaking it up?  I don’t often use the phrase “true fan”, but there’s no way these girls can be considered legitimate fans when they threaten Eleanor’s safety and then blame Louis unfairly and get him in trouble instead of taking responsibility for their own violence.

At no point did Louis go after anyone violently or maliciously.  At no point did he attack anyone in anger or in retribution.  At no point did he strike anyone.  At every point he tried to protect someone else.  Once he’d rescued Eleanor, he immediately escaped the conflict.  The only physical altercations were accidental and out of the necessity for immediate protection rather than anger.

I’m so very proud of how Louis acted yesterday.  I can’t find anything he could have done better.  Maybe it would have been more legally sound to wait until someone official came to help Eleanor, but what decent person would watch her getting attacked and wait?  Maybe it would have been better if he turned around and checked if the pap was okay after he fell, but Louis was focused on Eleanor getting beat up in the corner and that was a more urgent matter.  He had no way of knowing that the pap was going to hit his head or blame Louis for falling.

Happy Birthday, Percy! 

You’re one brave goofball and we’re all proud of you for growing up and staying safe and strong.

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hi so um (1) i love ur art sooooo much like ur art style is incredible, and the poses and the way you convey emotion and stuff i just aaaaaa goals and (2) i just read Memoriam and it's amazing i love dante so much holy heck i love it i love you and (3) plz talk about the angels anything i've been writing a story abt angels too everyone i've met who's done something w them does it differently and amazingly i aaaa want to know everything ok this doesn't make a lot of sense thank u

Haha thank you :D (and thank @strange-wobbly-inflatable-thing​ for dante as well!)

as for angels I dunno where to start haha. For starters the archangels of the I.M universe aren’t the traditional set found in Catholicism (if im correct at least, it varies) IM’s are Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron, and two others who I genuinely forgot…

That and I kinda, didn’t put too much thought into the heirarchy (archangel, seraphim, cherubim, powers, dominions, etc…) so I just made it more like there are ‘species’ - seraphim, cherubim, and ophanim - and there are certain categories they can fall under (powers, dominions, virtues, and only in the IM universe - nemosyne), meanwhile ‘archangel’ is just a title than anything else. So I Made a Nifty Chart which I Posted to Twitter a while ago, which is their authority in descending order. This is also pre-fall for Lucifer, Samael, Valefor, and Caim.

IIRC (I should’ve written this down but I lack foresight)

Michael & Lucifer are Powers because they were the first angels to be ‘born’ and both were tasked to keep everything in check. Michael is the one that basically guards all the spheres of heaven, and well, Lucifer, y’know. Fell but refuses to be the ‘King’ of Hell so in IM he’s literally on Earth fucking around. 

Hell & demons - such as Valefor, Caim, Hound, and Helios - don’t have a ‘King’. They’ll listen to Lucifer (or Lucius for that matter) if they cross paths but there isn’t a Constant Presence on the ‘Throne’.

Michael & Uriel are Dominions (Gabriel would fall under this too if I drew them) because they regulate what the other angels do so instead of there being like 500 Top Angels Of Death, for example, Gabriel would tell angels like Samael or Abaddon to go do their Job. Michael does that with the other archangels - he appointed Metatron to be the head of the ‘Nemosynes’ partly out of spite because he dislikes Metatron.

Uriel & Sandalphon are Principalities because well they like people. Uriel is the angel, according 2 some stories, that said the thing about the Lamb’s blood to protect the first born as well as warned Noah about the flood. He also genuinely likes people and according 2 some text, helped Metatron ‘become’ an angel. Sandalphon (in IM) is just really charmed by people and, like Metatron, has a connection with humanity because of their origins. I also forgot why I made him a Virtue but I’m sure it ties in with that.

Abaddon is the only cherubim because of a quote I can’t find anymore which basically stated that Cherubim are made for a singular duty/role - and according to certain texts, Angels never fall but basically disappear once their role has been ‘completed’ so y’know. Zachriel & Samael are both Ophanims because they don’t have ‘wings’ but capes that turn into wings. I had more for what makes an Ophanim an Ophanim, but as you can guess, I forgot.

As for nemosynes, it’s a role I entirely made up for the sole purpose of IM. It’s pretty simple. Michael created the subsection following Lucifer’s rebellion and their whole purpose is the nip rebellions in the bud. So any angel that has any sort of thought that can be remotely considered to be rebellious in the overall sense get the axe. They lose all their memories of heaven and power and basically fall and become a demon - exception of Samael because he uses Elliott as a host. 

Metatron, Zachriel, potentially Samael, and Abaddon are all part of it because they have the power to erase thoughts and memories - and y’know, Zachriel being the angel of memory makes his job of being a nemosyne ironic.

Also forgot, the nemosyne have body markings as a nod to lucifers.
Maybe I am nice - Montgomery de la Cruz ( part 1/?)

a/n: I would love to make a new Montgomery series since I didn’t really liked my previous one, let me know what you think about it and if I should continue. I really love all the feedback you guys give me! Every reaction makes my heart melt. I love you all so much! 

word count:  777


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You put on your sneakers and left your house. It was another party at Bryce’s house, like every Saturday and you never skipped any. You loved the atmosphere there, all the jocks being hyped about winning their game and everybody loosened up a little. You walked to the pool house and fixed yourself a drink before you decided to join a couple boys in the sofa including your best friend, Jeff Atkins. You never understood how the two of you became friends, he was so kind and sweet and you were, let’s say, the opposite of that. It was like Jeff was the only one who could see through your façade, he understood you had enough pain in your life to build 5 walls around you. He understood without you even telling him.

“Well look who we have here, the one and only Atkins.” You said while sitting in an empty spot next to Montgomery de la Cruz. Jeff sat at a table together with some other jocks like Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley and the others. You liked his friends but you didn’t really knew them, you heard some things about them like you heard things about everyone, some things better than the others but they seemed okay. You interfered in their conversation pretty quickly and had a lot of fun. You got some more drinks, you felt pretty comfortable next to Montgomery. Out of the blue you got in a conversation with him alone, ignoring the others around you. During all the talking Jeff had already left, he asked if  you were joining since you planned on sleeping at his place but you liked someone’s company a little too much. Montgomery seemed way less superficial than you thought he was. He told you about why baseball meant so much for him and what his future plans were. You didn’t notice that the others around you went outside. The two of you were lost in each others stories. You kept fixing each other drinks and you started to feel a little drunk.

“I really like this but after all the drinks I really need to go to the bathroom.” You tried to stand up but stumbled a little.

“Are you okay?” Montgomery stood up and gave you a shoulder to lean on.

“Why are you so nice Montgomery?” You asked in a very sincere tone. The only times you saw him, he was pushing other kids against lockers or fighting. You never saw him being nice but it gave you a good feeling.

“Maybe I am nice.” He laughed “We should probably get you home, where are you sleeping?” he asked.

“I was going to spend the night at Jeff’s but since I stayed with someone else when he left I don’t know.”  You laughed, you knew Jeff was going to interrogate you for 10 hours tomorrow.

“You’re staying at my place let’s go.” He said before he made you jump on his back and walked home with you like that. You laid your head on his shoulder. What was happening? Where was your hard façade.

“You know I really liked the talking y/n.”

“Me too Montgomery, but now I’m starting to get very sleepy. This movement makes me pretty calm, or maybe yeah you know, it’s you.” What are you saying? You should tape your mouth shut you stupid idiot. You knew him for 5 hours. What was your problem?

He dropped you at his front door. Let you walk in before and closing the door behind you. Only now you felt how drunk you were. You tried to walk to the couch but walking in a straight line was hard.

“Wowowow racing machine, you’re sleeping in my bed. I’ll crash on the couch.”

“Why don’t you join me? But don’t get your hopes up high de la cruz.” You laughed, not that you were in a state to do something but you made sure he knew.

“If you don’t mind? And I would never take advantage of a drunk girl.” He helped you up the stairs, gave you a large shirt of his and let you alone in his room to change. You already laid down under the sheets when he came back in. He climbed over you and laid down next to you. You were drowning into sleep when you heard Montgomery whisper.

“I wish I met you before y/n, maybe then I would have been a better person, I know it sounds weird but I got a good feeling about you..” you turned around seeing a shocked expression on his face. He probably thought you were sleeping already.

“I wish I met you earlier too.” Letting out a soft, drunk, giggle before finally falling asleep.  

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! xxx

so with the ship of the dead being the last book i imagine there’s gonna be some big battle scene and i was thinking

what if hearth and blitz die

like, the empty cup family are rushing to get to the ship and they’re surrounded by monsters and giants and wolves and hearth, who at this point can cast five or six runes without passing out, stops and motions for them to keep going cause there’s no way they’re gonna get to the ship when there’s this many monsters around someone’s gotta deal with them and magnus would die from the exertion of using jack. there’s a big argument and a lot of tears because no one wants to leave hearth and ofc blitz is like “you stay i stay” so you have a fashionable dwarf and a deaf elf facing down a horde of monsters. 

and of course they go down, there’s no way they can actually win, but they take down dozens of giants and monsters before that. they die hoping they gave magnus enough time and proud of this kid that they watched for two years and proud of their family. they die with their hands intertwined, foreheads touching. they die together and they die happy.


Pitioss Ruins invaded by sexy dudes

Kon Kon

god i hate men who think they know shit. i had a conversation that went like this the other day

me: whats ur fave novel
man: uh, i don’t read novels, i mostly read nonfiction books
me: ooh! have u read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
Man: as i said i dont read novels
me: silent spring is a nonfiction book
man: uhhh um well i mostly read like you know medical books
me: its literally about the negative impact of pesticide spraying on public health bitch 

Study Dates (1/4)

Summary: Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker. 

Word Count: 1076

A/N: hi i’m back school is over and i was inspired by my own stress from my math class to write this. let me know what you think!! i had fun writing this :))

Part 2

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Her eyes were glued to her screen, staring at the numbers and letters stacked upon one another that read the current grade for her most challenging classes. Her brow furrowed out of frustration and her hands tightened around her phone.

PHYSICS: 85.1%


“Shit.” She cursed at herself, thinking of ways to bump her grade up. The end of the school year was creeping up and finals were right at her doorstep. Y/N knew the only way to get decent grades in these classes were if she scored really well on the upcoming tests. Being that they were the only classes she had difficulty with, she had to study until her mind is made up of nothing but physics and calculus.

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Fili X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Fili, Kili, Bofur.

Fandom: The Hobbit

Prompt/plot: “Maybe you should get your head out of your ass? It’s not a hat.” + “He was my entire book and I was merely a line in his.” + Fili bad-mouthed you really badly, not realizing you were behind him.

Warning(s): a little angst-y I guess?

Word count: 797

A/N: I’m so sorry we both don’t post as often! We’re both really busy and we gotta maintain our main blogs as well. I’m really obsessed with The Hobbit/LOTR so that’s what you’ll see mostly now, but I promise that I’ll get back to my other fandoms! -i 

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