That would have sounded better

words that would have been better than ‘no maj’
  • NMUs (Non Magic Users) sounds like official jargon and it rhymes w pee-yew so magic children can make up mean rhymes with it
  • amagical - ok this sounds dumb but still technical bc greek prefix!
  • sinkers - from the ‘witch test’ of the early trials where a potential witch would be tossed into a lake and if they floated they were witches, if they sank they were not. boom! historical context, grim reminder of the grisly conflict between magical & non magical people, rolls off the tongue
  • unmarked/nonmarked - again from the witch trials, where they could look for a ‘devil’s mark’ as evidence
  • burners/smokers/lighters - anything else that references witch burnings
  • like c’mon that was some formative shit and since the american wizarding community is so Oo Secrety they would prob remember the risks of revealing themselves in little bits of everyday language
  • literally any nonsense
  • beans
  • goose eggs
  • merps
  • jalopy - fits w fantastic beasts time period, is magical ppl making fun of nonmagical people for their stupid inventions
  • bluenose - means a ‘priggish or puritanical person’
  • they could do a whole series of nicknaming non magic peeps after their dumb inventions - automobile, telephone, rubber duck - and their inventors and general laborers - plumber, mechanic, whatever. they just assume that every non magic person is a plumber or something. ‘he’s, you know, a plumber’ ‘ah’ but they don’t actually know what plumbers even do
  • im bored now but no-maj is stupid

I wish that, instead of Delphi, that Fred had fathered a child before he died; and that the Cursed Child had centered around Teddy trying to live up to his family’s legacy. Then, later on, the family dealing with the shock that Fred had a son that was a mirror image of him. I wish there was an actual mini Fred, because we have a mini George, there needs to be a mini Fred too. Sounds terrible, but I think it would have been much better than the Cursed Child.

Kon Kon

  • “Graham Nolan, you were named for a guy your sister had a thing with but at least we picked the one who saved her mother’s life and believed in her and got her a job instead of knocking her up and sending her to jail”
  • “Killian Nolan, you were named for your sister’s boyfriend which yes is kind of weird but at least we picked the one who’s always been there for her and saved our lives and he’s also Captain Hook which let’s face it is pretty cool”
  • “James Nolan, you were named for my brother who was kind of a jerk but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leo Nolan, you were named for your grandfather whose choice in second wife was a bit questionable and whose treatment of said wife was also a bit questionable but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leroy Nolan, you were named after a dwarf but hey it’s a cool name and he’s a cool guy who actually helped us a lot and never hurt your sister”
  • “Charles Nolan, you were named after a guy I met once long ago who convinced me not to give up on love and who also inadvertently helped save your sister from a dungeon and from never existing”
  • “Jake Nolan, you were named after no one in particular because we figured that just like your sister you ought to have your own name without any weird baggage or references to someone who hurt your sister”
  • “Luke Nolan, you were named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars because he’s awesome and also your sister pretended to be Princess Leia one time and my little geeky heart exploded with feels but don’t tell your mother because she just thought that it’s a nice name”
  • “David Nolan Jr, you were named after me because let’s face it I’m pretty awesome”

Happy Birthday, Percy! 

You’re one brave goofball and we’re all proud of you for growing up and staying safe and strong.

alternate ian x mickey endings that’d have been way more satisfying
  • ian says i love you back and invites mickey in the house. he actually remembers that he accepted to take his meds because otherwise he’s a danger to himself and those he loves. when fiona and the rest arrive they find them in a very tight lip-lock on the couch. they don’t even pay attention to the gallaghers/vee they are so lost in each other. fin
  • ian says all the awful things he said but when sammi comes shooting at mickey, he grabs mickey by his hoodie and drags him inside the house where they hole up until sammi is gone. they make out soon as ian apologizes for being such an insensitive prick. fin
  • (no sammi) ian says all the awful things he said but has a sudden epiphany when he watches mickey walk away. he chases after him but he hurt mickey so bad that mick just can’t forgive him immediately. THERE ARE TEARS from both sides. then they really work on their relationship for the next ~two weeks with mickey withholding any affectionate gesture (all shown as a successive collage of scenes with ian repetitively doing nice stuff for mickey and reminding him that he loves him) until ian feels like he has grovelled enough and ends up attack kissing him. fin
  • when ian mock-asks if mickey wants to marry him, mick reveals that he actually filed the divorce papers w/ svet while ian was gone and ‘so what’s it gonna be, ian?’ and ian, unsure, asks if mick really wants to deal with how fucked up ian thinks he is and mickey just exhales a big, passionate, bordering-on-angry ‘YES’ that makes ian chuckle and bury his face in mick’s neck before murmuring ‘yeah okay’. fin
  • when sammi starts shooting ian suddenly whips out a bazooka and aims it at her shocked face. ‘i been waiting to do this for a long time, you bitch’. [explosions] [ian and mickey walking down the street holding hands and sharing lovey-dovey looks with the explosions still going off behind them] fin
  • mickey: ‘really? but… i’m carrying your child’ ian: (ʘᗩʘ’)?????? fin

And now… kiss!

I cannot for the life of me stand Camila Cabello’s voice and it’s so prominent in every fucking single Fifth Harmony song like oh my god go away. It’s not unique, it is not good and it has nothing to do with her accent. Her voice is pitchy, musically underdeveloped, high and not in a good way. If they would switch her up to have some lower harmonies she would sound so much better. In We Know she just sounds awful and it’s like every 5H fan worships her and i’m just like ???? BUT THE OTHER FOUR GIRLS HAVE STRONGER VOICES THAT NEED TO BE EXPOSED MORE AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE CAMILA SINGING LESSONS. Also they need to give Lauren higher parts or she’s going to lose that range, as someone who once could reach notes up to an A7, yeah that happens.

Day 20 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - Event you want to change

I’m all for Lavi’s current situation, but I’d love to see it progress somewhere. It has been canonically pretty long since he was last shown, and we have only been given Lucia’s cryptic words to go by.

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So Madara is a Uchiha and like most of the Uchiha we've seen I strongly assume that poor man needs glasses desperately (but obviously he's too stubborn because well...he's Madara that's just who he is) but lets say his S/O is trying to convince him, would he try it out if she just mentioned it? Or would she have to make it sound better like 'oh man guys with glasses just look so sexy and smart' 'it'd make you even deadlier in battle' could she possibly get that blind man into glasses?

This is gold, tysm for this ❤

•Poor Mads! He probably knows that he needs glasses deep down, but he will never admit it. He would probably think it’s something unnecessary and gets in the way. Madara is annoyed just at the thought of having to constantly push his glasses up throughout the day. His s/o is going to have to work their ass off to make him see the logical reasons why he should be wearing them

•She should approach it essay style, like she’s giving a scientific lecture to a professor in order to pass a class. She’s going to have to do her research on the benefits, and how they would improve his day to day life with examples. “Madara, you won’t get so many headaches at work because glasses will take the strain off of your eyes!” and such

•Whatever she does, she really should noooot mention how sexy she thinks men with glasses are. It’s just going to piss him off. He knows he can pull off literally anything, and doesn’t ever want to hear his s/o finding other men attractive. The poor man can be really petty about it sometimes

•Madara is going to avoid her like the fucking plague once she starts bringing it up on the regular. He thinks he’s too damn old for a lecture and shouldn’t be told what to do, even if she’s coming from a good place

•Once she manages to go through all the benefits of why he should wear them, maaaaaaybe he would try them out. But, he would do it alone. He would never let her catch him in the glasses until he’s certain he will use them, and then he will make it seem like it was his idea all along





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riiiiight like sparkstorm sounds so much better and i wish needletail would have chosen her name to be needlefang/needletooth/needlethroat bc she’s so opinionated & sarcastic but she chose needletail…….@erins why

So Zuko states he doesn’t understand what happiness means for his sister.

I wonder why.

Practically Inseparable (Part 8- Final)

Summary: Your friends find out about your newfound relationship with Cas.

Words: 986

Cas x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: This is it, the last chapter! This has been an a amazing ride you guys. Thanks for all the support and feedback, this was my first series and I feel like it turned out pretty good. Thanks again, and enjoy this last part :)

Special thanks to @chucksangel and @teamfreewill-imagine for motivating me throughout this, y’all are great <3

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I still can’t accept this line.

Aside the fact that their finally saying “I love you” to each other should have been filmed in another way, this line is SO out of context I wanna cry. So bad editing. Infact Lexa’s reaction was… uh… there wasn’t any reaction. Totally impossible for a character like Lexa at this point of their story, waiting nothing more than hear this words from her love.
Wouldn’t a “Don’t leave me again” have sounded better? Also the silence would have been ok, just the desperate eyes of Clarke looking at her love and trying to not let her go, refusing to lose her again would have been OK.

Yes, I would have preferred much more a silent line, just them looking at each other, understanding their emotions without talking (like only ADC and ET can do), Clarke with worried and desperate eyes and Lexa reciprocate with a sad but comforting smile, than this forced shit.
But no, they wanted to fix all the bad decisions they made before and calm us down, with the result of upsetting me (us?) more.

Ahhhh! Such a waste.
I can’t think anything other than that from 307. The waste of the POTENTIAL. The potential of a GREAT storyline. The potential of some GREAT characters.
And I will bring this hole in my chest forever.

P.s. Sorry for my bad english. Hope you understand anyway.

At the sound of sock-clad feet padding down the hall, you look up from your phone to find Luke walking towards you, his hair flat on his head and his hands rubbing at his eyes. “Have a good nap?” you ask, lifting your arms so that he could lay his head in your lap. Immediately, you begin to run your fingers through his hair, your lips quirking up at the hum that sounded from the back of his throat.

“Would have been better if you were in bed with me,” Luke mumbles, peering up at you with hazy blue eyes. He reaches up and takes your phone out of your other hand, locking it and putting it on the coffee table before taking your hand in his.

“I wasn’t tired,” you shrug, your eyes flicking from his eyes to the hand that was holding yours. 

You take your hand out of his hair to begin gently ghosting over his features, your finger running down the slope of his nose and a light laugh leaving your lips when it wrinkles at your actions. He watches you intently as you trace the outline of his lips and then his jaw, pausing for a bit to rub your thumb over the scruff.

“Like it?” Luke hums as he bites down on his lip ring, a smile appearing when you nod your head at him. “Might trim it a bit, it’s getting long.”

“Whatever you want,” you sigh contently, suddenly reaching for the remote on the coffee table. “Do you want to watch something? And then we can order from that Italian place later.”

“Alright,” he smiles, sitting up and wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you into his lap. 

He lets you choose the movie, barely paying attention since he was too busy tracing the lines on your hand or listening to your laugh or just noticing the way you were breathing. “I really like nights like this,” Luke remarks when you come back with the food, the two of you halfway through your second movie of the night when it had arrived. “The quiet ones where we don’t do much. Makes me miss you a lot when I’m away.”

“I guess we should do this more often then,” you suggest as you hand him a plate and fork. “Don’t get too sappy on me, Hemmings. Save it for when we watch a cheesy romance movie.”

I’m so impressed by the fact that Taylor didn’t decide to perform any of the songs on the setlist exactly the way they sounded. She added so many extra beats and vocals and I’m so blown away by how effortlessly she was able to pull all of it off I never would have thought that these songs could sound any better than they already did but she did it! I love how different and fresh all the songs sound despite the fact that I’ve been listening to them for almost 7 months now. I love that Taylor put a twist on them and completely changed the way they’ve sounded. I can’t wait to see this show live. Hands down the best tour yet!