That was really corny sorry

No offense but when y'all wax poetic about how ~weird~ it must be for Zayn to be alone at events because he’s not there to look at Niall and smile or he’s not there to nod along at Harry’s answers or whatever whatever, it’s corny and not a real assessment of Zayn’s character at all. He is more than Zayn from 1D lol, he can work a room by himself just fine

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How do you think phan´s first kiss would happen? ( sorry if this is corny, I just really love your blog)

Hmmm…this is honestly a difficult question for some reason :0

I’d like to think it’d be where they’re alone together, maybe while at an event or something. They separate from the crowd and start talking together and bringing up inside jokes and stuff like that. Then things begin to quiet down and maybe Dan starts talking about existing in the universe, and topics like that. About how they have one life, and he wants to be as happy as possible while he can. And then like he would bring out “Heart Eyes Howell” and after a few moments of gazing into each other’s eyes, they would lean in and just have a very soft kiss. After they broke away, they wouldn’t entirely back away, but let their heads linger as they looked at one another, and then maybe get a little more handsy, but it not be over doing it c:

Sorry this is just a little ramble haha! Honestly I don’t know how the first kiss would go. I just think it’d be slightly awkward but also cute as hell 

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Thank you, Asteria! By the way, I love that name, but more importantly I love you!! I appreciate that you’ve gone out of your way to send this~ You’re a real gem to have around. ‘v’9 And I must say that this is a real honor to get this from a beautiful person like yourself. 

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13 38 58 75 78 137

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

- It depends on the person. I don’t like it when other people get so close and attached to me (sorry) but then if I like the person sure why not :)

38. Describe your dream girl/guy? 

- I’m bi so I have a dream girl and a dream guy.

Dream Girl: 

Physically attractive and an attractive personality, really sincere, confident, smart but not that kind of smart, dirty minded, funny, has a good sense of humor, laughs at my (really corny) jokes, fangirl, likes bands (not boy bands I’m so sorry), likes my taste of music, likes video games (or not so I could teach her :) ), has a nice voice, she’s always there to hug you whenever you’re feeling down, she’s always there for you, you can talk about anything to her, she’s your best friend and lover.

Dream Guy: 

Appealing and has a nice attitude to girls, stick to one, not arrogant, soft speaking but has a really sexy voice, a guitarist, bassist or a drummer, has a punk voice, likes video games, likes my bands, likes pop punk, he will wrestle me every time, he will kiss me momentarily, he’s always there, I can say, tell him anything and he would listen to me no matter what I talk about, he’s my best friend and lover.

58. Last thing you ate?

- A burger

75. Favourite animal?

- Dogs, bears, pandas, hedgehogs and all the animals I find cute there :D

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?

- Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, mix of Chocolate and Strawberry

137. How tall are you?

- *How short. I’m sorry I’m really short, I think I’m 5′0-5′2, I haven’t checked but then my mom says I’m taller than my sister who is said to be 5′0 so I’m probably 5′1 or 5′2 (like Kendrick haha)

5 things that make me happy

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LA, Milan, NYC? :-)

Los Angeles:What would you change about yourself?

idk if this counts but i wish i could change the way my voice sounds…. i really hate my voice and my speech but i cant IM STUCK WITH IT. But something i can change is being less insecure about it and not giving a shit like matt 

Milan:How do you think others describe you?

probably annoying little shit that wont shut up about muse 

New York City:What gets you up in the morning?

idk i just get up HAHA i guess my friends in a way like i know most of my friends are online so i can easily just stay in bed like i don’t have to leave the house but like idk they help me wanna do stuff some how and this is really corny im sorry omg