That was not fun for anyone


I attended a local convention over the weekend and there was a Gravity Falls photo shoot on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. There were also several other cosplayers I ran into on other days that didn’t attend that I’ll be posting later.

copperarmedscientist - Shooting Star Mabel with Bill plush
draconicmaiden - Waddles Sweater Mabel
fanqueen14 - Long Hair Female Dipper
mochi-bunnii - Female Dipper with Journal
mochi-bunnii’s sister - Blue Sweater Mabel
silverwingstorm - Far Right Dipper
thebirdprincess - Left Wendy
theinsidiousdice - Long Pants Dipper
wlngless - Right Wendy

If anyone else who was there sees themselves, let me know and I’ll be sure to add your name!

*Someone adds them on a group chat*
  • Gemini:hiiiii
  • Aries:Yo? what happened?
  • Cancer:How are you guys?!
  • Scorpio:I'm with Aqua on this... i will kill anyone who posts anything stupid
  • Sagittarius:PINK BLOOOO BLOP
  • Pisces:Sagittarius? are you okay?
  • Taurus:Im turning of these notifications in 1 minute. if its something important talk now.
  • Capricorn:..... *leaves chat*
  • *Gemini adds capricorn back*
  • Capricorn:all you idiots are in the same room... stop. *leaves*
  • Leo:*sends selfie* GUYS HOW DO I LOOK?!
  • Pisces:Amazing! :*
  • Aquarius:Buffff thing you.
  • Scorpio:*leaves convo*
  • Aries:i am not meant to see you BEFORE OUR DATE!
  • Leo:woops LOL
  • *aries leaves chat*
  • Taurus:Guys lets all stare at capricorn and scorpio and see what they do.
  • Libra:they are really good looking you know... but their stares are a bit scary you know....
  • Virgo:Oh sorry guys i was a bit busy staring at scorpio and cap.. what are we doing?
  • Libra:Talking about how good looking they are ;)
  • *scorpio and cap realise too many people are looking*
  • *scorpio takes leos phone and turns of the chat*
"You have/got no jams" Explanation

So yes everyone knows when Rapmon said to Jimin “You got no jams” has been circulating around the BTS/KPOP community for a long time and I would like to explain the true meaning behind this. 

As you see in the video (Here’s a link of anyone who needs it, of Bangtan bomb, at 1:54, Rapmon says “Jimin you got no jams”.

However heres the reason. In Korean, there is a slang where people say “노잼 (No Jaem)” which stands for “재미없어 (Jaem Mi Oabsaw)” which means “Not Fun”. They use the slang 노잼 (No Jaem) when people try to say something and nobody think it’s funny.

As you can see in the video, before Rapmon said that Jimin got no Jams, Jimin was talking a bunch of nonsense, and then J-Hope says “Jimin is very no fun” which in direction translation to Korean means 재미없어 (Jaem Mi Oabsaw) and in Korean slang is 노잼 (No Jaem).

And there you go! That’s the reason why Rapmon says Jimin has no jams.

I finally finished this old thing bc I was talking to may about bloodswaps the other day, brought on by that teal gamzee commission.

Also I have to actually draw tyrian karkat & not just tyrian kankri and even then I get four more pairs to draw… but thinking about this as an actual au has been fun.

Groans abt it all the same.

Edit; almost forgot

Their weapon is garden shears! For horticultural purposes only, absolutely. They would definitely never stab anyone with these, not even to get revenge if they were murdered by a seadweller… nope, that definitely could never happen! Good thing, too, or it would be really upsetting.

Beer Hiding Soda Can Cover

Keep your alcoholism on the down low by disguising your brew with the beer hiding soda can cover. These reusable covers wrap around your beer can so that you can keep the buzz going without anyone around you suspecting a thing, unless you’re a sloppy drunk.


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Hi! Quick question about one of your posts, what do you mean when you say '2015 and still sees genderbends' but in a bad way? I'm new to tumblr so is there some big offensive joke there I'm missing? I want to know so I don't offend anyone in the future.

eh. genderbends in general are just… eugh.

for the most part, most of them are based off really shallow gender stereotypes, and almost all of them equate gender to sex. which uh. isn’t right. your fun bits don’t negate your gender, yaknow.

plus, it kinda raises the question “why not just draw trans characters???”

generally it’s just a super cissexist idea and one i can’t get behind.

i’m not too eloquent when it comes to stuff like this – if anyone else can explain why it’s just a skeevy concept and would care to explain, feel free.

@alexcarrerafit Happy Memorial Day everyone! Have fun, be safe, and be grateful to all the amazing people in the armed services who have risked their lives for us! I’ll be catching some sun in my @boomkinis bikini while I rest! @boomkinis is giving 50%off to anyone with a military ID, ID Does not have to be current! #biolayne #boomkinis #boombabes #boombabe #bikini #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #swimsuit #swimwear #twopiece #StarSpangled #fitness #memorialday #4thofJuly #booty


Anime North 2015: Selfie Edition

Got to drive up to TO for AN this Saturday and I had so much freaking fun! While I seemed to be the only Jinora there were so many Avatar cosplayers and everyone was so nice+sweet!! I unfortunately goofed up a bit and didn’t get tumblr’s/fb pages or anything so if anyone knows the cosplayers in these pics please let me know! Also if anyone sees or has pictures of my Jinora costume please pass them on :3 I can’t wait to wear her again at ColossalCon!

Jinora: TayDuffers [x] [x] [x

honestly if you feel the need to defend cam from people criticizing his clothing you need to take a long hard look at your life and figure out where you went wrong

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post this please. you do not need to follow peridork. they are not hurting anyone. oh whats that? they want attention? did u know that some mental illnesses make people really need attention? and do u have proof of it? no. hes not hurting anyone. at all. and you are saying you want to call the cops on them because YOU THINK they MIGHT be lying? they are only 16!! oh they identify with fictional characters?? bpd exists. search it up. fictionkin is fun and helps people cope and doesnt hurt anyone?

i hate it when people go through my sketch books and notebooks

i have had so many people go through them and make fun of them and read them without my permission it upsets me still to this day

i dont show my real work to anyone but myself

i do dumb drawings bc i dont want to show things I actually put time and effort into

I never write my essays to my full potential bc i am afraid of people judging something I put a lot of work into

and it really sucks bc i want to show my art and writing off but from what has happened before i cant bring myself to do it

and it just holds me back and i hate it

art credit.

so i reached 300+ followers & a bias list has been far overdue. it’s been really fun rping hinata these past months. although my original blog broke a while back & i got discouraged from rping hinata, i definitely do not regret remaking her blog! i’m kind of surprised that i managed to gain back many of my followers & many new people on this blog! so here’s something to show my appreciation! i’m sorry if i forget anyone! just know that i appreciate every single person that follows me & everyone that i follow! i’m not going to break this down into categories as so many of you fit in pretty much every category so i’ll just put everyone in one list under the cut!

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i have the most violent short temper does anyone have any tips on staying calm! patient! fun! and friendly!

Attention Fic Writers!

Summer is near, and I have finally graduated (thank you for the applause). However, with a long, boring summer ahead of me I’m going to need something to keep my mind occupied before Uni this coming fall. I’ve slowly been getting back into writing fic, though I haven’t posted anything in ages. I’ve also no longer got anyone to write with! It’s always been fun to write fic with another person, in my opinion. So, I’m going to attempt this only once: fill out this form if you have, or would like to write fic. I don’t require any experience, but it’s important to have good grammar, as well as a good vocabulary, and ideas to bring to the table! I have tons that I’ve had stored for the longest time and I finally want to write! And, since it’s only fair that you’re filling out a form telling me about you and your habits, I’ll tell you more about my own writing below the cut.

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Anyone interested?

I think it would be fun to trade Food/Materials/Other items amongst clans in a way that mixes both in-character and out-of-character!
It would be like our clans are batering and sharing, when in reality it’s just us getting more items that we hoard/collect/need with cute, short roleplay PM’s that only take a second or two to write. (Or longer ones, if you prefer!)

Would anyone be interested in this? It’d be a fun way to do low-effort roleplay, build lore-based clan connections, and you could increase your favorite/needed items in your Hoard!


replied to your postyour kid/mullet/honour fic was the cutest shit…

omg you’re writing a massive story what’s your ao3 name??????

Ahahaha, uh, if there’s anyone reading these Sammy Kane snippets and has no clue of their origins, well: this is the original 163K and everything tagged ‘sammy kane’ on this tumblr is like, “in” that verse, but not necessarily canon in my own story. Sometimes I write weird shit that doesn’t belong in the actual story or is just fun stuff that I’d never consider part of the main verse itself 'cause it’s OOC/over the top (…yes, I consider the things over the top for my…mpreg universe). Sometimes you just wanna write about 1988 with a baby, y’know?

And then there’s going to be a sequel and a Sid-centric prologue that will clock in at roughly 200K total between the two at some point, which I am roughly halfway through. Pray to your gods for me, etc.