That they're each others best friends

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i have a feeling that you mia and kara got in to a falling out you guys don't talk as much anymore and you don't tag them either


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WAIT, NO, MY NAME IS NOT EMILY. DO YOU GUYS SEE WHAT YOU DO? DO YOU SEE? (I’m not yelling at you lol, I’m just yelling at @spxceninja and @scottmcfluffy and @dontgostakinmyheart.) My name is Megan, but since little thirteen-year-old me didn’t want to tell strangers on the internet my name, but I wanted to join networks, I went by Em instead. Then, for reasons beyond me, my friends were shocked and appalled and betrayed to find out that Em was short for Megan, not Emma or Emily. So now every once in a while they decide to call me Emily. Because they’re bad people. 

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Miyako and Iori (before tri) how did you two meet ? 'Cause you looked like you've known each other for ages?

Miyako: My family had moved to Odaiba and then we had met each other. Easy!
Iori: Yes. And since then we’re best friends.
Daisuke: You know, We’re friends since the time I went to Miyako’s house and met each other. We’re a team right?

Ken: … I’m sorry for meeting you three like that. I wish I had meet you all differently.
Daisuke: Hey Ken, no worries about that! It was cool fight you!
Daisuke: What? I’m just telling him the truth!

What made Koushuu and Takuma best friends?

How long have they been friends?

There are so many players on a baseball team, what brought these two to each other?

What does Takuma find endearing bout Koushuu? Did Koushuu have any say on the colour for Takuma’s highlight?

I want to know.

So today as I was leaving tkd two of the girls on the leadership team (a pair of 12-year-old best friend hyper Latinos) got my attention and grabbed each other in a hug and jokingly proclaimed they were Best Lesbians for Life.

And I chuckled and said “yeah okay” and they laughed about it and were all joking like hahaha

But the sad sad truth is that they’d make a really good couple.

I’m so happy with things rn

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“You sound ghastly, like some 90-year-old woman.”

     despite his unknowingly brash attitude, kakashi isn’t wrong. asuma’s voice is particularly strained due to new training techniques he’s started ( barking enemy tactics for his team to respond to has proven to help quicken the mind without overwork of the body, but hell, his own vocal cords are starting to suffer ), so naturally, he isn’t sounding his best. he should’ve known a comment or two was to come from his friend. taking a seat next to the copy-nin, he laughs, sarcasm rumbling from his throat. though his eyes roll in annoyance, the small smile tugging at his mouth is genuine.

               ❝ thanks. you look like shit too, buddy. ❞

“Just because the two of you may not like the same thing doesn’t mean either of you don’t care about each other. Don’t try to force your interests on people, either. Not cool.”

Of course you would know that best you’ve been doing exactly that

emotional post for #4yearswithbap

bap helped bring together two of my best friends and now we’re as close as can be and we’ll always be by each others side. watching ta-dah its bap is what brought us close because we all bonded over our love for these boys. bap also taught me the value of putting others before yourself and they help remind me to look on the bright side. they’re six boys who have never let me down and continuously bring me smiles and laughs and they’re just the greatest thing in my life :’)

I’m actually really proud of my best friend, irl.

She’s not afraid to be who she is - which is a really weird person, she stands up for her beliefs, she keeps a very open mind, she /never/ speaks ill about a person, unless that person is legitimately evil (*coughs* Gabe “Blow Job” Berney *coughs*), she is very particular about what she immerses herself in; if it has had a negative impact on someone close to her, or if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have anything to do with it - which yeah, sometimes can get on people’s nerves (even her own), but I think it’s admirable???

Also, surprisingly, she has had several guys interested in her, and unless she is 100% sure that they’d be a good match, she isn’t afraid to say no; and she never talks about them (hence the ‘surprisingly’. I just found out that one of our mutual friends asked her out a year ago)!

I mean, yeah, there’s a lot we disagree on (which we never talk about bc of that), but… gosh, I love Kayti. She’s awesome. 

She still has a picture of us at ballet class from when we were eight; her wearing her rainbow tights, and me wearing my spongebob socks over my tights, and us being the only girls in the entire class without those fancy tutu skirts. 

Only IRL friends will get this

Friendship goals: Mr. Baumgartner and Mr. Dargen