That awesome tshirt

Things To Do After Top Surgery (Chubby Boy Edition)

-Just throw a shirt on and go

-Go to the beach. And the lake. Even when its cold. (+Buy awesome swim trunks)

-Just tshirts. All the time.

-Show off my body hair

-Go to the gym! Not to lose weight, but to stay active and get more muscle.

-Be that big bear sleeping shirtless that everyone wants to cuddle.

-Bars! Parties! I can stay up all night without stressing about sleeping with my binder on.

-Show off my endomorph build, chubby and muscular. Take selfies where my nice trapezious and shoulder muscles are showing.

-Let my boyfriend sleep with his head against my chest.

-Clothes shopping! I can buy whatever i want and never have to worry about how it makes my chest look!

-Change shirts in front of other people whenever necessary.

-Hot springs!

-Show everyone that you can be fat and happy with your body. Be shirtless all the time, show off, dance, smile.

-Let go of some of my masculinity issues.

-Regain confidence



Hey Tomboys! Cool tip of the day: Fall is great for layering and one of the two essential pieces I feel everyone should have is a grey knit sweater and oversized tee. In this case, I have this awesome oversized Michael Jackson tshirt and I basically layered it with one of my favorite sweaters! Super comfy and it looks nice 🤘🏾