Tumblr Crushes ♥

  1. harrypotterconfessions gets 18% of my love.
  2. nerdquirks gets 9% of my love.
  3. leilockheart gets 7% of my love.
  4. thanksharry gets 3% of my love.
  5. toptumbles gets 3% of my love.
  6. phenlee gets 2% of my love.
  7. fuckyeahtangled gets 2% of my love.
  8. waltdisneyconfessions get 2% of my love.
  9. govthookah gets 2% of my love.

Lovely, isn’t it? 

Today as I walked out of the train station I say a man who was beating this girlfriend. I was about to walk past, but then I turned around thinking ‘You’re a Gryffindor for god’s sake!’ Well… then I politely asked him to stop, he just looked at me and said “Oh, you want tot take her place, then?” And I just replied something like “Bring it on, but then the police will hear about all of this.” And he grabbed his girlfriend and muttered something like “Stupid brat." 
So yeah, thanks Gryffindor house for giving me the courage to stand up for other people. 

Hiatus Unbroken, Sort Of

I have valiantly fought twenty-page research papers, countless sleepless nights, and every other university horror and SURVIVED! 

Coming back to Tumblr I feel like that friend you haven’t talked to in awhile, so I’m not ashamed to say I’m in the awkward friendship stage with Tumblr until I completely veg out this summer and we become best friends again. 

With that being said, I have sadly abandoned all these Potter, well Tumblr-wise (ThanksHarry and  WhatIfHarry) I could never abandoned Harry in totality. Cutting him out of my life would be painful and messy as I would have to physically rip out a rather large chunk of my heart and brain. I won’t promise (as I would in the past) that I continue to work on the sites, but they will always be there as a testament of our love and to look at and smile at all things Potter. 

I have one more Harry Potter venture up my sleeve, but it focuses more on the literary, academic, heavy analytical side to Harry Potter. If any fans have be up to date with Alohomora and the Academica podcast, it will be very similar. 

But alas, I will not speak a word of it until the Tumblr is ago and I have a very concrete site where you guys can read by Harry Potter world jumble. Hope this will interest you all, but I’m fine with talking to myself too :X