Dan and Phil were mentioned in a topic of how it’s important for young men to talk about their feelings or if anything isn’t going well

Mornings - 26 August
with Wendy Harmer (but Wendy Harmer was sick today so it was someone else) on 702 ABC Sydney

PS. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE band together and make Dan and Phil notice that they were mentioned this morning on the radio and in this topic of conversation specifically :) I’m sure they’d be really happy and flattered

So that just happened

1. My mum just snuck me a slice of cheescake right before I start getting ready for bed. Thanks mum.

2. There is a stray dog in our backyard and I over heard my mum tell my dad “Don’t scare it” a couple times as she went outside and my dad stayed inside. He then proceeded to tell me that “[he’s] gonna set the bunny (or rabbit or whatever) on it”, and something about a snowball. I don’t even know. (We don’t even have a rabbit, or any pets for that matter.) I think he might be referencing Secret Life of Pets but I’ve never actually seen that movie, only him, my brother and my mum have.

Anyways….my family is weird.


How a small number of wolves positively transformed the entire ecosystem of the Yellowstone National Park, and its physical geography.

my mums reaction to the change of heart video

oh look becca his dancing got better

he just did the gun thingy again

its a shame hes not 20 years older

where is the tall guy 

becca i thought you hated clowns

im starting to see why you like them so much

imagine if he was dressed as it the clown  i bet youd shit yourself 

aww look at the sad puppy

hes so tiny

how tall is compared to the  tall one