Apparently I’M inconsiderate when I ask my mum as nicely as I can for her to turn down her phone volume cause I think not having it on high will help her talk softer and not practically half yell while speaking to me or READ OUT LOUD THE FUCKING STUPID TEXT SHE WAS WRITING. IM JETLAGGED AND I JUST WANTED SOMETHING SLEEP BUT MY BROTHER WAS PLAYING MUSIC SUPER LOUD NOT 20 METRES FROM ME AND TALKING LOUDLY WITH A FRIEND AND SHIT. So I fucking got out of bed after my brother finally left the house and sitting with Mum in the living room and there’s the THHHH-WUP THH-WUP OF MUM MOVING PIECES IN A GAME so I ask her to turn it down (and mind you I’ve already a headache, tired af, and probably hormonal) but I ask nicely. THEN IM FUCKING RUDE APPARENTLY. It’s probably on the highest setting for sound and she’s been talking really loud but thats understandable because she’s been out all day and you just get louder when you’re out and about. But when you get home you gotta calm down and USE A FUCKING INSIDE VOICE WHEN THERES PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP. If this cenario was reversed I would have been like, oh sorry, then make an effort to talk softer and put my phone on silent. And in fact this was reversed the other day at the airport. I had gotten 1 message that went ‘ding’ and instantly she says to me “turn your sound off, some people don’t like to hear the ding” which is stupid since we were in the middle of a public place and the sound is meant to alert me???? So anyway after a asked her she starts going on about how rude I am??? As if I had told her to shut up (which I hadn’t) I was happy for her to talk just not fucking talking like there’s 20 other people in the room talking over her.


Well. You have to know that Harry Potter is a family business for me, so don’t be surprised if my mother could spot that IMPORTANT TJLC evidence passing through Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

I made her see BBC Sherlock and tried to convince her of TJLC - it was hard, but finally she began seeing things that way. Our way.

One day we were watching the Tarmac scene and she suddently said:”Well… also Hermione hugged Harry but not Ron…


See what happens between Sherlock/Mary:

And between Harry/Hermione:

Instead what happens between Sherlock/John:

Aaaaand Hermione/Ron:

Everybody knows why there’s that kind of tension between Hermione and Ron (don’t forget they’ll get married…), so why would it be different between Sherlock and John?

You know, I like that similarity created by british producers… so can we expect a wedding announce for Sherlock and John too? I think yes.



Dan and Phil were mentioned in a topic of how it’s important for young men to talk about their feelings or if anything isn’t going well

Mornings - 26 August
with Wendy Harmer (but Wendy Harmer was sick today so it was someone else) on 702 ABC Sydney

PS. Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE band together and make Dan and Phil notice that they were mentioned this morning on the radio and in this topic of conversation specifically :) I’m sure they’d be really happy and flattered

we’re doing secret santa in our friend group and i got the guy who’s Not Really In Our Friend Group And I Don’t Like Him But He’s Included Anyway and i had no idea what to get him and i was talking to mum about it and she’s like “what’s he into” and “i’m like pokemon, hockey, his girlfriend…” and she thought for a second and then said “get him condoms” and i laughed and thought she was joking and i didnt think really think about it after that but that was yesterday and now i’m sitting on the couch with 4 boxes of condoms next to me so good ol Logan’s gonna open his present and 48 condoms will fall into his lap

When you have a real world conversation and suddenly realise where 75% of your inner monologue comes from…

Her: what happened with that writing thing?
Me: oh well I finished my first book the other day, it’s only 95k but it’s…
Her: NINETY FIVE THOUSAND?!? You need to trim that right down.
Me: it’s only slightly longer than the Hobbit…
Her: but the Hobbit was GOOD. Who’ll want to wade through that much dross?
Me: -_-
Her: what a waste! No one will read it.
Me: it got some positive feedback online so…
Her: but you always bribe your way with presents so it hardly counts does it? No.Exactly
[half an hour later]
Her: what’s that on your phone?
Me: just a picture a friend drew me
Her: it’s not very good. Why did anyone waste their time on you for that?
Me: -_-
Her: how much did you pay for it?
Me: it was a gift
Her: that’s just stupid. They must want something.