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drunk baz!!!!

  • we already know baz is a giggly drunk
  • dont even argue me after the twinkle twinkle little star thing
  • but while simon knew this on an intellectual level
  • he wasn’t PREPARED
  • this boy laughs at literally everything when he’s drunk
  • “the clock… it’s so,,, round… heehee… round…”
  • but even drunk, he’s super independent
  • never wants help even when he’s tripping into walls and falling all over the place
  • he’s got this
  • he’s an independent baz that dont need no man
  • (wait no i do need a man, simon pls i cant get up)
  • he once spent half an hour giggling bc of simon’s name??
  • “simon snow… did u know your name is ALLITERATION… ahaha… you’re named after an alliteration… and also weather,,, ur named after weather… ahaha-”
  • go home baz, you’re drunk

BTW, I had a moment today and thought I’d share 

Two years ago when I first came on tumblr and started this blog I was physically (and pretty mentally) ill, forced to stay and live at home in the little town I grew up in and hated with parents that made me feel ashamed of who I was. I thought that was all my life was ever going to be and that I would never get out. 

I maintained my sanity through a year of suffering thanks to this site and this show, and I was able to gather my strength to fight my way out all on my own.

Now I live in New York City and am in the middle of my second feature film working as the production assistant for the art department, and today I was assigned the task of taking stills of all the dailies that come in from shooting. 

Don’t say tumblr isn’t good for anything. 

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Concept: Pike and Grog teaching Kiki martial combat. Like how to throw and take punches properly and stuff. So Kiki ends up like. A gymnast. Thin as a twig but could break you in half. And she can use that new strength to be more acrobatic using grasping vine and stuff idk it just sounded badass and Vax would be all 😍

She’s gangly and awkward and doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with her limbs but then someone says something rude and she’s got flawless form as she decks them and Grog and Pike are holding up perfect ten scorecards in the background while Vax swoons and the sorry sonofabitch who started it all just lies on the floor regretting their life choices

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I really really reallllllllyyyyyy like (love) Louis' ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shape of it is ahhhhhhhh-dorable!!!!! Is it weird that I like his ears? .. Its defo weird!!!! 😍😍😍

I mean…I have to say that I’m glad you’ve come to me with this because I fear I have greatly overlooked his ears up until today. I have had great appreciation (at the risk of sounding like a creep) for many of his other body parts. Okay, there’s no way to say that without sounding creepy, but it is what it is. I want to thank you for my newfound appreciation of the absolute perfection of Louis’ ears. They are truly perfect in size and proportion. They are so lovely. I’d like to take this time to truly admire them with you, anon…

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Again, thank you so much for this important information. <3 

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i've already checked your faq and such, so pardon me for asking. May I know what your digital brush settings are? I like the lines you used for the "Adrien in a bowl" sketch. thanks :)

i’ve been asked this before, but i can’t find the post now, sooo… basically it’s mainly just a flat round that’s been squashed and tilted a bit???

in brush tip shape:

in shape dynamics:

[i don’t remember what the checked ‘smoothing’ does… i think that’s new from photoshop cc but i made this brush back when i was using photoshop cs3 sooo…]

i have one angled left and one right, but i usually use the one i have selected cos i am right handed lol. [i do swap to the other angle sometimes tho…if you are left handed, the other one is prolly gonna be your primary one.]

this is what i have mine set as for inks/sketches:

so yea i basically never use 100%/100% xD;;;; and the difference is pretty subtle but i find my lines look a lot better and they come out more correct when i have the squished brush instead of the flat round ;;;; hope this helps ;0;/

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What does that article mean, Flockie? I guess I mean what did you take from it? Did Sam and Cait break up and this stupid side show get created to cover it up or something? I'm probably reading/taking what you posted incorrectly (duh me) that's why I'm asking. Thanks for keeping up on things for us.

No, no, no, not at all! It’s just an example of what I’ve been talking about: public narratives exist. Manufactured relationships (or continuing marriages) exist. And they can be extremely extensive, elaborate and with any number of motivations and endgames. This is the extreme, but it ties into what I’ve been saying since the dawn of my time in this fandom - celebrities really do this. They really mislead the public, lie, manufacture stories to feed to the media and do it all in the name of career, privacy, reputation or because their bosses say so. 

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keith does not have a mullet. people in my family have a legit mullet. keith is a poser. keith needs to stop being a mullet poser.

100% agreed. okay folks it’s time for a HAIRSTYLE RANT (or should i say…. hairstyle discourse™???) 

Here, we have two classic examples of the “mullet,” also known colloquially as “business in the front, party in the back:”

example number one: ya boi billy cyrus. The classic mullet man, practically the Inventor of the Mullet as we know it today.

example number two. observe the “business” portion of the mullet, the shorter front that gives way to the “party” portion in the back.

Now. We turn our attention to the matter at hand.

our main man, keith. Look closely at his hair. Now, in my professional opinion, the front is much too long to be classified as “business,” while the back is too short to be called “party.” there is no way this hairstyle could be classified as a mullet. 


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dude u love me... do teenage david adopts baby max au

“David, this is crazy! You can’t do this, you’re just a kid!”

“I know it’s crazy, but somebody has to.”

I see your au and raise you- David and Gwen find Max, and David decides to take care of him despite a bad home life.

I don’t understand the appeal of this AU entirely. I think that is because I don’t like babies. but whatever you like it so here you go!

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Why does shiro sometimes say allura and sometimes princess haha

I definitely think it’s because Shiro’s trying to remain professional! But it seems like when he’s worried/concerned for her, he uses her name. When Allura is in danger, it becomes a very personal matter to him, and isn’t just his duty to aid her. He’s genuinely fearing for her safety. I mean, heck this is just one example from Crystal Venom. He uses her name probably a handful of times, though.