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Learning Hangeul ( the Korean alphabet ) is really easy! It is also really important as to be able to read and write you need to know it, if you get the chance to go to Korea everything will be written in Hangeul without romanisation. So if you want to learn Korean a good starting place is the alphabet!

Vowels - vowels can be split into two categories, basic and double. Let’s start with the basic vowels:

ㅏ (a) - similar to the a in “want”

ㅓ (eo) - similar to the o in “done” 

ㅣ (i) - similar to the ee in “keep”

ㅗ (o) - similar to the o in “tow” (to help you remember this, I think of the vertical line being Over the horizontal line)

ㅜ (u) - similar to the u in “rude” (to help you remember this, I think of the vertical line being Under the horizontal line)

ㅡ (eu) - similar to the u in “push”

And that was all the basic vowels, if you learn those learning the double vowels will be super easy!!

ㅑ (ya) - similar to the ya in “yahoo”

ㅐ (ae) - similar to the e in “pet”

ㅒ (yae) - similar to the ye in “yes” 

ㅕ (yeo) - similar to the yo in “young”

ㅔ (e) - similar to the e in “pet”

ㅖ (ye) - similar to the ye in “yes” 

ㅛ (yo) - similar to the yo in “yodel”

ㅠ (yu) - similar to the yu in “yule”

ㅘ (wa) - similar to the wa in “want” 

ㅙ (wae) - similar to the we in “wet” 

ㅚ (oe) - similar to the we in “wet”

ㅝ (weo) - similar to the wo in “worry”

ㅞ (we) - similar to the we in “wet”

ㅟ (wi) - similar to the wee in “week”

ㅢ (ui) - similar to the u in “push” plus the ee in “keep”

And thats all the vowels!! So lets move onto consonants, these can also be split into categories - basic, double and strong. We’ll start with the basic:

ㄱ (g,k) pronounced similar to k at the beginning of a word and end of a syllable, in other positions, it is closer to g

ㄴ (n)

ㄷ (d,t) pronounced similar to t at the beginning of a word and end of a syllable, in other positions, it is closer to d

ㄹ (r,l) pronounced similar to l at the end of a syllable, in other positions, it is closer to r 

ㅁ (m)

ㅂ (b,p) pronounced similar to p at the beginning of a word and end of a syllable, in other positions, it is closer to b

ㅅ (s,sh) pronounced similar to sh before the vowels ㅣ , ㅕ , ㅑ , ㅠ , ㅛ in other positions it is closer to s 

ㅇ (no sound, ng) has no sound when it comes at the beginning of a syllable, but is close to ng when it is at the end of a syllable

ㅈ (j,ch) pronounced similar to ch at the beginning of a word, in other positions, it is closer to j

Let’s move onto double consonants, these consonants pronunciation is harder than their singular, basic version:

ㄲ (kk)

ㄸ (tt)

ㅃ (pp)

ㅆ (ss)

ㅉ (jj)

And finally strong consonants! When you speak these they should make a forceful sound:

ㅋ (k)

ㅌ (t)

ㅍ (p)

ㅎ (h)

ㅊ (ch)

Thats the Korean alphabet!! It’ pretty simple and despite the fact it looked a bit daunting, I hope this helps in your studies and good luck!!


The word hangeul 한글 is made up of 2 syllables and 6 characters, a syllable will never start with a vowel which is why ㅇ makes no sound when its in the first position as it acts a place holder so that the first sound made in the syllable can be a vowel sound. 


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페미니즘 - Feminism 

페미니스트 - Feminist

평등 - Equality

불평등 - Inequality

동등한 권리 - Equal rights

성 평등 - Gender equality

성 - Gender

임금 격차 - Wage gap

불공정한 - Unfair

대표 - Representation

종교 - Religion

국적 - Nationality

성별/성잘 관심 - Sexuality

자유 - Freedom

민권 - Civil rights

믿음입니다 - Beliefs

특권 - Privilege

편견 - Prejudice

사회 - Society


Korean Nouns

아이 - Child
사람 - Person
우리 - We/our
거/것 - Thing (informal/formal)
저 - That
집 - House
씨 - Ms/Mr/Mrs (Use at end of first name)
년 - Year
말 - Words
일 - Day
원 - Korean money
속 - Inside
창문 - Window
여자 - Woman 
남자 - Man 
가족 - Family
나 - I (Informal)
문 - Door
도시 - Town/city
나라 / 국가 - Country
세상 / 세계 - World
길 - Street/road
가게 - Shop
책 - Book
가방 - Bag
백팩 - Backpack
행복 - Happiness
사랑 - Love
꽃 - Flower
공 - Ball
일 - Work
휴가 - Vacation
여권 - Passport
언어 - Language
질문 - Question
정답 - Answer
시작 - Start/beginning 
- End


직업이 뭐예요? - What’s your job?

원예사 -  Gardener

농부 - Farmer

어부 - Fisherman

요리사 - Chef

조리사 - Cook

제빵사 - Baker

소매 조수 - Retail assistant 

회계사 - Accountant 

비서 - Secretary

회사원 - Office worker

배관공 - Plumber

전기공 - Electrician

우체부 - Postman

배달원 - Delivery man

기관사 - Engineer

화가 - Painter

사진가 - Photographer

극작가 - Writer

배우 - Actor/Actress

교사 - Teacher

웨이터 - Waiter 

의사 - Doctor

간호사 - Nurse

변호사 - Lawyer

판사 - Judge

군인 - Soldier

형사 - Detective

경찰 - Policeman

소방사 - Fire fighter

청소부 - Cleaner

미용사 - Hairdresser 


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빵 - Bread

버터 - Butter

케이크 - Cake

초콜릿 - Chocolate

쿠키 - Cookies

치즈 - Cheese

계란 - Egg

우유 - Milk

샐러드 - Salad

과일 - Fruit

야채 - Vegetables

고기 - Meat

소시지 - Sausage

스테이크 - Steak

치킨/ 통닭 - Chicken

생선 - Fish

김 - Dried seaweed 

소금 - Salt


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