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Commission Info 2018!

Regular commissions:
Colored sketches are 15 for half body 25 for full
Flat color drawings are 25 for half body 35 for full
Fully shaded drawings are 35 for half body 45 for full body

Icons are 18$ or 22$ for couples icons
Pixel icons are 15$
Fullbody pixels are starting at 25$

Custom adoptables are 20$ and will be clean, simple colored sketches at that price 
If you want full illustrations quotes are handled on an individual basis
For custom sticker sets (sets of 4) pricing starts at 50$

Custom animatics are handled based on length and difficulty I am willin to do up to 5 minutes of audio exm exm2
Fluid animations are handled on a case to case basis PM me for examples of my finished animation work
For pmvs there is a 150$ upfront for full storyboards and then a final price will be set once i know the number of panels

Want to see what sales I have going on? check my #flash-sale tag I do steep sales when i can

Message me for commission inquiry and additional examples

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It’s a hitter and a thief!

I know my Parker is kinda very crappy but I hope everyone enjoys these later. And I really hope my Eliot’s are recognizable. 


Magni answers quickly, only fumbling with the phone in his excitement a little bit. Before he speaks, he clears his throat and does his best to make his voice sound deeper, more… manly.


The other end is silent for a second, and Harmony sounds confused when she finally asks, “Uh, Magni? Why are you talking like that?”

Oof. That hurt. Magni puts his voice back to normal and plays it cool. “Talking like what?”

“Nevermind, it’s regular again,” Harmony says. “So, I was wondering, do you want to meet me in San Myshuno today? Around one-ish?”

Magni’s mouth goes dry. “Um, yes?! I mean, yes. Yes I would like to do that very much.”

Harmony giggles into the phone. “Okay, awesome! I thought you would. I’ll text you the details. Give me a second.”

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Water Fall

Originally posted by starsehun-archive

  • Yixing’s entrance into the world of superheros was actually a complete accident, literally.
  • It was a rainy, Wednesday morning, and he was already late for his European Architecture class. I guess you could blame the fog or the slick roadway, but as he sped across the Brockdale Bridge (the town’s one and only bridge), he collided with a hydroplaning car from the oncoming lane.
  • Yixing had no time to react before his car was shoved over the guardrail and off the bridge.
  • His mangled car began to barrel roll in the air as it fell towards the lake below. CD’s, water bottles, and papers flew around his car, hitting him in the face and body. Strangely, all he could think of as he tumbled closer and closer towards his death was, “Good thing I’m wearing my seat belt.”
  • When his car hit the water, he felt nothing. No pain, no holy ascension to heaven. Nothing until… it was like something was grabbing onto every hair on his body in attempts to pull them all out. He felt himself being pulled forward by his skin. He felt a rush of water slam into his body, as if he had been thrown into a washing machine. The water swirled and gargled, foamed and bubbled.
  • Then, the top of Yixing’s head broke through the water, the rest of his body following. Yixing felt no fear, only calm. He had never been baptized, but he assumed this is what it felt like.
  • Yixing’s body was clammy, but his clothes and hair were dry. His head whipped side to side to evaluate how he had not died. He was sitting on top of the Brockdale Bridge, next to the car that had hit his. He thought, “If this is Hell, it’s not very good.”
  • The front of the car next to him was virtually gone, all of the metal being crushed or torn off. Although he was in a daze, he stood up and peered into the driver’s window. To Yixing’s surprise, the female driver was slumped against the wheel of her car. Her eyes were closed, but her back was rising with her every slow breath. The front of hair was matted with blood.  
  • Yixing didn’t even pause to consider the risks. He began to tear at the driver’s side door. The crumpled metal wouldn’t budge. The more Yixing pulled, the more he felt a burning sensation in the back of his head.
  • Suddenly, a stream of water shot from the hair follicles in Yixing’s arms. The water twisted into ropes, wrapping around the car door and yanking it off its hinges. Out of shock, Yixing leaned over and puked. After wiping his face with his shirt, Yixing slid his arms underneath the girl’s body and lifted it from the car. He laid her on the concrete next to the car, making sure not to place her near his vomit.
  • Yixing tucked a strand of the girl’s hair behind her ear to get a better look at the gash on her forehead. His hands almost recoiled when he realized he recognized the girl’s face. She sat two seats in front of him in his European Architecture class, the very one he was rushing to get to just before the crash. Yixing wondered what she was doing heading away from their local university, when class was just about to begin.
  • Yixing was stirred from his thoughts when he felt the girl’s dainty fingers wrap around the hand holding her hair. Yixing’s head jerked down to the girl’s face, their eyes meeting for the first time ever. Her lips trembled, and she whispered, “Yixing?” His name had never been said with such confusion and astonishment. She had sworn she saw his car fall off the edge of the bridge. She hadn’t meant to hydroplane into his car. Was she dead? Was she concussed and delusional?
  • Before either of them could discuss the unbelievable aspects of their crash and rescue, the sound of sirens filled the air. Yixing frantically searched for the emergency vehicles, thinking, “Well shit, how am I going to explain this mess?”
  • The answer came to him in the form of the girl’s voice. “Go! Go now. I’ll make something up.” Yixing hesitantly lowered the girl’s head onto the road. He shyly gestured to the pile of puke a few feet away from them, as his DNA was now at the scene. The girl replied, “I’ll tell them it’s mine…I owe you.”
  • As Yixing turned to leave, he looked at the bloodied girl and whispered “Thank you.” His eyes scanned for an escape route, when it came to him. When he had emerged on the bridge, he was sitting as if he were in the seat of his car. Yixing’s feet rushed to the edge of the bridge, and he leaned over the edge of the bridge. Then, Yixing jumped.
  • Yixing plummeted towards the lake for the second time that morning. He squeezed his eyes shut as he approached the water, hoping he was right. If not, he really was going to die today. He hit the water on his back, feeling the hair-pulling, water-rushing sensation all down his spine.
  • Yixing felt goosebumps rise on his arms, and he gasped for air. His eyes shot open to see the dark gray sky above. He didn’t even notice that he was laying on the muddy sand surrounding the lake because his eyes had locked with hers. She was standing on the bridge, gripping the guardrail with the hand that had held his only minutes earlier. The emergency responders were just now arriving, taking in the crash site. As they rushed to her aid, she whispered, “No, Thank you.” Yixing knew. He knew this wasn’t the last time he would use his powers. He also knew this wasn’t the last time he would talk to her.

A/N: This is my first post on Tumblr, but I’ve been on here for ages. Idk if anyone will read this, but I’m cool with whatever the outcome is. This was inspired by Yixing’s new ad with Biotherm Homme. Just the visuals of him falling into the water… oof god bless. Thanks! 


Morgan Top

Since I just hit 1.5k (wtf) followers, i wanted to give something back, so here’s a simple edit of the of the get together sheer top that Morgan Fyres wears. 

feel free to tag me if you use it

  • • 12 swatches 
  • • females teen to elder
  • • disallowed for random
  • • both cold wear and hot wear
  • requires Get Together

Download I sfs

Please let me know if you find any issues