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Good luck with your paper!!!!! You got this!!! **insert all cute/supportive emojis bc i can't cuz i'm on desktop T_T** ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

*sobs* Thank you thank you soso much! <3 <3 Sorry everyone I’ve been so busy but I promise to update more once things settle. ;n;  

Hello!! Do you have any fantakens of jimin when he rap Tony Montana with yoongi? Thank youuu

If you go through the pages here (x), you should be able to find the ones we have posted, but here are a few links: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)~
- Kristi

update 30th of may

pre-orders are closed and i have contacted the printer for a new quote because we have sold way more than I had predicted. we are going to be printing a whopping 275 zines! thank you so much again to everyone who ordered!

the zine will print early to mid june, and ive been told i will recieve them within 3 weeks of that. so expect the zine at your doorstep sometime in july! everyone will be contacted by e-mail once their copy has been shipped. and i will continue to update this blog when i order and recieve the stickers, buttons, prints and charms as well!

first of all, thank you soso much for 99+ applications !! it was such a hard time choosing the members, please don’t take anything seriously as i had little to base my decisions off !! i would have chosen every single one if i could !!! all of you are wonderful people and maybe i’ll open apps again sometime soon !

members :

alex ; @philtea // she/her
amy ; @lestersoup // she/her
asla ; @stardustdun | @notphil​ // they/them
charlotte ; @pepperminthowell // she/her
diana ; @hobbithair // she/her
elizabeth ; @whatdontkickpj​ // she/her
emily ; @eros-howell // she/her
hannah ; @starhowell​ // she/her
hester ; @sunpml // they/them
jess ; @orchidan // she/her
karissa / kris ; @domesticphil // she/her
callie ; @huphilpuffs | @whatifellinlovewith // she/her
melody@snugglyhowell // she/her
yeonu@monetphil // they/them
amy ; @writerdan​ // she/her (admin)

more info (for the members) under the cut:

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3 to 8 for aries [for the sim question thingy] ✨

hello!!! thank you soso much for asking ♡♡♡

3.Describe their sense of style

She has a really simple and causal style. She rarely wears heels because she finds them uncomfortable.

4. Do they have any siblings? 

No! She’s an only child.

5. What is their zodiac sign? Does the related traits fit them? 

Already answered :D

6. What was their favorite subject in school? Least favorite?

 She loved Biology! She went to university to study biology but she eventually dropped uni. Her least favorite subject was Maths.

7. What is their favorite movie? 

SuperBad :3

8. What is their latest google search?

Sphynx cats

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ok ok hi ! ive been following your blog for forever now and obsessed is an understatement! i absolutely love your writing and your personality as well. you're honestly so amazing. i really hope you stay strong and continue to hold that amazing love in your heart! i love you sm <333 and i'm always here if you wanna talk or something ! :))

honey!!!! omg this is so nice of you! thank you soso much, the same goes to you <3

@vanillalil thank you. I need all of those things tbh, a mix of need and want. Thank you. I did cry a little today because I got a journal reject, and my ex sent me a bday text that was totally normal, but I was like “please no.’ I hope to find balance, and I appreciate you thinking of that for me. You continue to be an inspiration as a multi talented human. Thank you. 

@otabaeplisetsky i went to a wine and chocolate tasting. It was super rad and I had a great time. Thank you for thinking of me <3. 

@pllsetskyonice I AM!!! Thank you so so soso so much dude. I really appreciate it. 

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Blue Hyacinth, Iris, and White Camelia

  • Send my muse some flowers and they’ll react to their meaning!

Blue Hyacinth — “I will give my life to your service.”

Iris — “Your friendship means so much to me”

White Camellia — “You’re adorable.”

[Blades wraps his arms around Bumblebee in a hug, goofy grin overtaking his features.]

You’re too nice for your own good, you dork. Thank you, soso much.


AHHHHHH ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

I’m having a hard time responding to this…where do I begin omg 

I’ll start off with just how much I appreciate this, I can’t tell you enough how much your encouragement means to me ❤ I’m literally so uninspired rn but this in itself is so inspiring and sweet! Thank you soso much ahhh 

Also I don’t consider myself that good of an artist but I mean if you think so and  enjoy it!! Then hellaAaa <3<3 

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I really liked your fic 'Pretty-Petaled death' and was just wondering - what do you think would have happened if Anakin had found out about the flowers growing in Obi-Wan's lungs during the clone wars? Or after he became Vader, if he'd found Obi-Wan (but not Luke) and learned that he's dying...

Oh wow! Thank you so much I’m so happy you liked it! And okay so I couldn’t bear to only write you a little explanation and it kinda blossomed into two ficlets? So I’ll be adding them on the original story on ao3. I’d post them here for you but the formatting dies when I try to so I hope it’s okay I’m just publishing them.

Thank you soso much for asking. Honestly, I never expected to think much more about this story and then you came along, haha. The two new chapters will be dedicated to you. :) 

Also! I was shocked when I got your ask because I’ve never had a reader ask me anything on tumblr?? So I am very humbled and delighted. Thank you so much. I hope what I came up with is satisfying. Really, I think there are many different ways each scenario could have gone, but I went with the ones I thought were more likely. :)

(again, the two scenarios were a delight to write so thank you thank you!!)

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Hey Jan! Just peeking at your blog and it's amazing! What do you need me for your doing great! Lots of Love, P.J 🙈🤓👩🏽‍💻🤗😍😘😇😎🖤💙✌🏽❣️

thank you soso much P.J, it means a lot ❤️

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congrats on your follower mile stones! it's awesome and i hope, you have a great time! since i don't want to leave even more requests to your list i just give lots of love and hugs, you deserve it!! love your cute drawings and humor and keep it up, dearie~~ ( *° ^ °* )9

Aw thank you soso much for all the love and hugs and support!!!  ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ; v ;  you’re incredibly sweet!!~  i hope you’re having a fantastic day!!!

(( okie– Thank you all??? So much??? I was super nervous about opening this blog up, mostly because I was afraid I was gonna get hella overlooked and ignored because Duckula wasn’t very well known, but, oh my god? All of you are such sweeties? All of you deserve hugs, ggnnhsdjkghlsdk *hugs all of you* Thank you guys so much for making me so happy and welcomed! ))

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Well im sorry if this bother u but really ur art is my type and u r a very cute person <3 artists r very cute i just...!!! And pls, how do u do that 'side face' thing? Im crying... Tks for notice me tho...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!
Oh gosh no need to apologize!!! This is very sweet! THank you!!!!
I’ve been feeling really down due to my recent termination from work, along with my sudden art block and crisis with my style BUT THIS REALLY LIFTED MY SPIRITS AND MADE ME FEEL REALLY APPRECIATED SO THANK YOU SO SOSO MUCH ANON!!! You really made my day!!! I’m glad that you enjoy my style! I was super surprised that you liked my style out of all things! So thank you! And thank you so much for the compliment as well! Lately I wasn’t feeling super cute,,, BUT NOW I AM!
Sorry about such a late reply! Today was such an off day for me ;;;;

But I would love to share with you my technique for those really really difficult profile views!

Profiles are super duper hard! not gonna lie! It’s usually a hit or a miss with them, especially when it comes down towards the mouth. But with the basic guidelines itll make those hard side faces hopefully less hard! That way you’ll be able to see where the features should fall!

What I do first is I start with a simple circle

Next I drop three intersecting lines! Two that parallel (long and short) to each other (frontal and jaw) and one bisecting line (chin) and this weird-ish C shape as the ear

Next I drop the neck following a curve tucking in and out for the adams apple. I’ll also extend the back of the head to touch the back of the neck making a nape! make sure that the neck is paralleling the first curvature, that way the mass stays proportional!

Drop a line where the circle cuts the fronts line as a guide for the eyes and nose bridge! This will help you evenly lay down the features such as eyes and nose for later!

Next is kinda hard, but I usually make a this backwards looking S with a tall top and a short bottom, then I tuck in the end to act like the noses tip! The key and dropping that dip for the nose bridge relatively close to where that guide line had cut into the circle and front

Next you’re gonna wanna focus on making several curvatures for this part! (I struggled with this like 20 times before I was finally satisfied)
Basically this is several c and s shapes curving in and out of each other, where the most intense arches will be concentrated at the cupids bow and dip before the chin, for the separation of the mouth, the easiest shape for that is making a > shape, like a beak! But with lips! then pull the chin to form the jaw

With the previous guide line I drop in my eyes and eyebrows, avoid dropping the eye directly on top of the line because it’ll be a little to high, so to combat that I drop highest point of the eye right below the line, then move on to smaller details such as eyelids, eyebrows, under eyelashes, the most satisfying part of this for me is adding that extra eyelash from the other side just popping out a bit 

Next the hair is a little difficult for me to make it look natural, but as long as it curls into the cheeks and forehead and frays out along the sides it’ll give the face more dimension, don’t forget to pull the hair thinly back down the nape of the neck for a smooth finish.

Next I drop in the sternocleiodomastoid! Which is a fancy word I learned from school that’s basically this thick muscle on the neck! It helps show tension and later on helps me find the ends of the collar bone

Then I pull down the shoulders, since the furthest side is hard to see shortening it will make it seem like it’s farther away from you, add some extra touches such as the clavicle and the blush, OH and dont forget the ear!

And then forget that you’ve been working on the same exact layer and proceed to delete the whole thing….

but yes! that’s basically my simple tutorial for profiles! It’s much better to constantly observe other artist’s pieces! And constantly practice until you see something you like! I personally love watching other artist lay down their strokes when it comes to this! So watch the way they taper off their curves and thicken them! It’s most helpful from observation!

Thank you very much anon! I hope this tutorial was able to help you!

THank you again!