laurenjauregui: My friend @romeolacoste was kind enough to squeeze my little brother into his tight schedule for his first tattoo!! Each flower is symbolic of my sister and I and the 12 is for my mom(: so blessed to have a brother that values the women in his life❤️ thank you sooo much Romeo!! You’re the kindest soul and are soso talented! If you’re in LA and need a tat hit him upp


ps. i know its a manip

(( you read that right! the askblog celebrates its birthday today!

i can’t believe it’s been a year since i started this blog! tbh i would never have lasted this long without you guys. everyone who sent asks, whether as a user or on anon; everyone who liked and reblogged posts; everyone who followed the blog, whether from the very beginning or from a few hours ago; and anyone who supports this blog from the shadows. you’re all incredible people and i’m forever super grateful for your support!

sorry i don’t have any special plans - i tried to come up with something, honestly, but nothing seemed good enough ;v; all i can offer is this redraw of the very first thing i posted on this blog, haha…

thanks again, everyone! ♥ ))


T H A N K   Y O U   S O   M U C H !!!!

In celebration of 200+ followers, I’m doing ships! 

IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT A SHIP IS: A ship is where you send me a little paragraph of your personality and what you’re like, and I decide which Voltron character I think you’d be romantically inclined with! 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SHIP: Please send the following information into my inbox! 

  • Name (Optional)
  • At least 1 hobby 
  • 3 things you like 
  • Something you dislike 
  • If you were in the Voltron universe, what would you be? (Example: Alien, galra, altean, ect.) 


Send em’ in and I’ll ship you guys tomorrow! :D 

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I just started shipping jejun for my first and last comeback and I thought I was the only one??? I am so pleased that I found your account??? I am reblogging everything??? I am so excited to watch them grow w their friendship and their talent!!

Aahaghsfh!!! You have no idea how glad I am to hear that!! And you most definitely aren’t alone nor are you the only one who’s started shipping them only now. The jejun squad has grown so much this comeback!! Thank you so much for following, you are a blessing and :’‘‘DD I relate to your tags!!

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this is super messy and stuff cuz i just found out it was your birthday SO HERE TAKE IT HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY YOU FIND HAPPINESS IN EVERY STEP OF YOUR LIFE (also i find it cool that you’re pan cuz i don’t know anyone else who is :’) so yea i admire you a lot STAY COOL PERSON WHO DOESN’T KNOW ME)

Oh my gosh..!!!!!! THIS!! IS!! WOW!! OMG i m GonnA CRY!! no one has every drawn me a thing 4 my bday before!!!!! HES BEAUTIFUL! this . is… the best… thing… ever….. AAaaaaaaaahfdjhg i wake up to this, what a good day. thank u soso much you super rad cutie! fave fave fave <3 <3

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I almost forgot! You liked my portal fanart a few days ago, and I never thanked you! Thank you soso much for that! You're someone I kind of look up to... (Is that silly to say?) so it was a bit of a confidence booster for both you AND Geekenders to like it! ^^

You’re welcome! It’s always important to appreciate art! You can look up to me if you like (odds are I’m significantly taller than you anyways, so it’s probably not out of your way to do so).

Still getting used to the idea that I’m someone that other people would look up to!

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I just wanted to say that in Happy Hour, I really really really appreciated that you touched on the whole "taking advantage" feeling/thought/issue and that talked about it a bit because it's not often talked about when its female to male. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thank you so very much! @bkwrm523 and I talked about it for an afternoon and we felt it was something that needed to be discussed. Mutual agreement/taking advantage is a big issue for me and it just didn’t feel right to leave it as it was, without reader feeling even a LITTLE bit guilty for it, even if Leonard was the one initiating(soso much initiating). Taking advantage of drunk people isn’t cool, male or female. I’m really glad you appreciated it and took the time to write me. Thank you soso much!  ;D

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ITS OKAY IM STILL CUTE AS HELL THEY CAN SUCK MY COCK LMAO (thank you i love you soso much)

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Hey.. I saw what you posted and um.. I kinda know how this feels like. To be living but not really. So.. I know that you don't know me but, if you need someone to talk to, I will be there. I really wish you to get better. You deserve it. Everyone deserves it.

all of you guys are soso sweet thank you so much (im gonna post this bc you seem so open and i want other people to be able to talk to you too)

hi bbies! it’s been a while since I’ve been on tumblr. so sorry! my freshman year of high school is over on Thursday (exams all week,,, yay) & I’ll finally be back to posting regularly.

lots of stuff is on the way! Jilted Gangster Gal has kind of been put on a pause for a bit; it’s basically finished but I need some time to revise and continue editing everything. I’ve been feeling a little conflicted about which direction I want to head. I have tons of ukulele songs and other scrap poetry I’m always putting together and I think I want to release that too. I’m just kind of stressed bc there is always so much going on in my head and I just wish I could organize it all in a way that would make sense to me.

also- I can not believe I’m almost at 700 followers on here! it rly means a bunch. thank you all soso much! you’re too kind. I’m so excited to spend the summer w you guys and continue doing what I love. it is gonna b another amazing journey!


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I've been looking through all your Throne of Glass stuff again (I seriously love it soso much, thank you for you input into the fandom!!) but I was wondering, how do you characterise them so well? Like, I always find it so hard to do drawings about book characters because there's obviously no actual face to the name, and I can never get them to look how I think they would look. If that makes any sense? But you do it so well, do you have any tips for drawing book characters?

Hi anon, thank you, you’re so nice <3333

When I draw book characters I very rarely picture them in my head first and then draw out my mental image. Instead, I tend to think about the character’s personality and their role in the story draw them based on that, trying to find a design that feels right.

It occurs to me that I haven’t drawn Lysandra yet, so I’ll draw her and talk about my thought process (the drawing is spoiler-free but the thought process contains spoilers for Lysandra’s arc in Queen of Shadows).

Okay, so we know that Lysandra’s strikingly beautiful, with black hair and green eyes. We know that she’s strong and determined and brave and teasing and full of compassion, so I want her face to be able to convey all these things. We know that she call pull off innocence very well - she fooled Arobynn for a very long time - and we also know she was very good at her job, so I want her to be able to look sultry and sexy. And I want a certain wildness to her design, because she is, after all, a beast in human skin.

I want her to look a bit like a porcelain doll - so beautiful that everyone notices her but nobody actually sees what lies beneath. So I’m going to start by giving her a delicate, curved face (no pointy chins or harsh lines) and big round eyes. Big eyes are both innocent and compassionate, which I want, but I don’t want her to seem weak-willed so I’m giving her thick, dark eyelashes.

I’m going to give her curvy lips (for sex appeal) and a small doll-like nose (for the innocent/beautiful look). And I’m going to give her strong eyebrows for her strong personality (keeping them thin enough to still be traditionally beautiful).

I can’t remember if the book described her hair much (other than it being black) but I really like the idea of her having wild, curly hair, the type of hair that she keeps tamed and tied back when she needs to appear meek and human but that curls out of control the rest of the time. Permanent bed-hair is also sexy so this works for her on many levels. I gave her an off-centre part and I like to think that her hair is never symmetrical.

I feel like her design is a bit generic at this point so let’s give her a beauty spot to make her more distinct and let’s put it near her lips for sex appeal. I also gave her boobs because I feel like Lysandra should have a super curvy hour-glass figure.

And finally a bit of colour. I’m pretty certain her skin is described as white but let’s give her light olive skin because that will contrast nicely with her green eyes and make her seem unnaturally beautiful (typically we only see green eyes on people with really pale skin, so green eyes with darker skin can be really striking). I gave her yellow-green eyes and green highlights in her hair to further emphasize her unnatural beauty.

And that’s done. I’m not 100% happy with her (is any artist ever 100% happy with anything they draw?) but she feels a lot like Lysandra to me and that’s what’s important :)

I hope that helped!

Pilot (Part 2): Here to Collect

[Part one]

A/N: First of all, thank you all sosos soo much for every single adorable message and all the support you’ve sent me! My heart’s doing little flips just thinking about all that. Also, I’m opening up requests for what you guys want to see happen to Y/N in the next parts of the Pilot episode! You can send in any and all suggestions on or off anon right here. Meanwhile, here’s the second part, lovelies. Word count’s 4203. Enjoy! 

-Chrissy x

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