We’re both in absolute shock…I mean where did y'all come from?! We’d like to thank each and every one of you for being here and coming onto our blog it means the absolute world to us <3 I’d also like to thank M for finding me in the Zalfie tag and out of everyone asking me to join her on this crazy blog adventure ;) Love you boo xo

It’s crazy to think that what started off as two teenagers shipping their OTP is now a blog filled with 20,000 friends. I can’t thank B enough for the roller coaster of owning a blog and her friendship.

So we thought since we haven’t done one yet we’d do a blog awards to celebrate this amazing achievement :)

The Categories are:

Best Zalfie Blog

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Best Multifandom Blog

Friendliest Blogger

Best Overall Blog


  • Mbf us 
  • Nominations are to be off anon
  • You can ask your followers to nominate you but you cannot nominate yourself
  • You can do blog rates and what not but only for your blog there may be some exceptions but you’ll have to message us
  • To nominate you must send the persons URL in our inbox and the category you’re nominating them for
  • You can nominate more than one person for each category
  • Nominations end on the 26th May and the actual polls will end on the 5th of June


  • A follow back if not already
  • A spot on our blog for a month
  • 1 promo each week
  • Eternal friendship (although you don’t need to win for that :D)

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(( you read that right! the askblog celebrates its birthday today!

i can’t believe it’s been a year since i started this blog! tbh i would never have lasted this long without you guys. everyone who sent asks, whether as a user or on anon; everyone who liked and reblogged posts; everyone who followed the blog, whether from the very beginning or from a few hours ago; and anyone who supports this blog from the shadows. you’re all incredible people and i’m forever super grateful for your support!

sorry i don’t have any special plans - i tried to come up with something, honestly, but nothing seemed good enough ;v; all i can offer is this redraw of the very first thing i posted on this blog, haha…

thanks again, everyone! ♥ ))


Alright, so I’m still in total shock that this happened because the last blog I ever got to 1k on was Heather and that was a while ago. I never really thought I’d get this far on Anakin and I am just AMAZED at all the love and support I get on this blog and it’s so awe-inspiring to me that over ONE THOUSAND people are reading my writing and enjoying my portrayal of my darling little son. Anakin has been such an important character to me since I saw Attack of the Clones in 2002 and I just want to portray him in a way that people realize just how complex and important he is to the Star Wars saga, he is one of the only male characters I’ve played that I’ve connected with in such a deep manner. He deserves so much and that’s all I’m trying to do with this blog.

I’m also thankful for all the friends I’ve made in this community and how kind everyone is. The Star Wars RP community is one of the BEST I’ve roleplayed in and it’s amazing that a group of people can be so nice, talented, and wonderful! I think I’m going to be sticking around for quite a while and I only hope that y’all are willing to stick with me through the highs and lows of this blog. I love you all and I hope you all have a happy new-year!

P.S. - though it is separated into people I know well and consider good friends ( The Jedi Council ) & people I simply admire and wish to get to know ( Jedi Knights ) please please please know that it has no meaning if you’re placed before, after, or last in the list! I have a HORRID memory and I’m thinking of people as I go along.

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Hi guys! Hannah here. I have started a clothing company, based around high waisted, hand made shorts, and I would really love if you guys could help me get the word out. We call ourselves Bullies Clothes and making shorts and selling them is one of our favorite things to do. The profits are going to our college funds so any purchase is so absolutely appreciated - especially because our prices are so reasonable! We have so many unique designs that we’re working on right now, and we’re going to be taking custom orders as well. Our website and Instagram are up and running. Thank you in advance to anyone who spreads the word! Much love!!

Instagram: bulliesclothes

Twitter: bulliesclothes

Online store:

imhuntingdeanwinchester  asked:

I wanted thank you for the whole Jensen and Instagram post. You put what I was thinking into words and made me feel not so alone in thinking that what sown people say is very disrespectful. Thank you again

Honestly, I’m just so thankful for the huge supportive response I’ve gotten about the matter. People like you are the main reason why I stay on here - we connect about topics like these. You are not alone in the thoughts I expressed! Fortunately, many people feel the same way as we do. You are very welcome for putting our thoughts into words! ♥ :)

yam0ri  asked:

Ayyy for the ask meme can you do folk, finds, and offering? BTW nice blog. trying hard not reblog everything tbh 😳😳

aaa thank you so much, you made my night!! 

  • folk:who is the most fantastical being u have known?

definitely my mom, or my bro/best friend

  • finds:what kind of item would you most likely buy from an antique store?

OH THAT’S DIFFICULT. urrrggghhh i’d probably end up buying some kind of old tea cup or stone necklace, if they even sell those there (i’ve never been to one) B(

  • offering:how do you show others you are fond of them?

heh well i’m not very good at showing emotions but hmm… i would probably call them dude. lots of compliments. be genuinely concerned about their physical/emotional well-being. maybe physical contact if i know they’re okay with it. playing with hair is really calming for me so i may run a hand through. possibly jokingly insult them quite a bit?? im mainly one of those people who show their affection through opposite actions??? Like i’ll jokingly say “..i haTe you” but i really mean the opposite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hihi~ I just wanted to make a quick post because I hit my next hundred (a few days ago I think but I didn’t notice…;___;) 

Just a quick thank you to all the people who I’ve talked to on here such as @svt-woo @17vernsol @wacksfullyloaded @you-aint-got-no-feel @jinssmolgf @squishyhobii @squishywonu @squishyjisu @imveryloserjpg and so so many more people ^^

Thank you for always making my day and making me smile and I hope we can talk lots more in the future!!!


HEY GUYS!!11!!11!!!

lol yes this is me (face not included)

I’m auditioning for the JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition and it’d mean the world to me if you’d give it a watch (& maybe a like if you’re feeling generous<3)

I’ve always love to dance/sing/perform so I thought this audition would be perfect for me to showcase a bit of my passions 

Thank you so soso sosoooo much! love u all <33

sinnamonclique  asked:

I came here to thank you for your art, you're amazing and I love it so much, you're blog is on point and the fact that we're the same age scares me. Thank you for blessing the internet with your talent, I appreciate it so much, along with so many people. Hope you have a great day, and smile lots ~

ahhH this is so sweet!! You are tOo kind friend,, thank you soso much!!!!! :))))

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon who sent you "you're a lil baby princess" and "you're a cute soft baby who deserves to be loved" and I just wanna say I like sending you stuff that makes you happy anonymously. Hope you're having a nice day 🐝🐝🐝

hi!! you’re literally like ?? my fave anon ever!  those messages are soso lovely & thank you so much !! 🐝🐝 

I was tagged by @problematicprocrastinator
thank you soso much!!

Name: Mia (pronounced me-ah)

Year in school: starting my first year of sizth form, so I’m year 13 in ni (but for all my england followers it’s year 12)

When does the school year/next semester start for you: 5th September (so monday!!! eeeep so excited)

List 3 things you’re excited to learn about this year:
1) Literally everything in chemistry
2) Everything to do with human biology
3) More about French culture and lifestyle!

List 3 academic goals for the upcoming semester/year:
1) Get AAAA in my AS exams (won’t happen lmao)
2) Actually revise and work hard rather than constantly procrastinating and putting it off
3) Organise study sessions w friends and ask teachers for help if I need it

How do you study best: I can study alone or I can study w friends, but if I’m with friends I have go be teaching it to them or have them teach it to me if ygm! But when I’m alone I’ll probably have harp music in the background. I also study best through mindmaps, flashcards and diagrams which I learned last year❤️❤️

Favourite study snack: I don’t have a favourite study snack, I would previously have eaten chicken fingers etc but I’m trying to be vegetarian so I’d so I won’t be doing that this year! And usually I just drink juice or water!

I tag @studybuddycara @sdstudyblr @polkastudies @studdyingenglish @st-u-dying @nextstepstudying @amy-may-r0se and anyone else who would like to do it!! 💖

nyxnqueen  asked:

The most memorable thing about you are art is how smooth the line art is and the colouring!! I love your colouring! It's amazing, honestly everything about your art is amazing and it inspires me! I hope you keep drawing till the end of time!!

Im sorry i didnt reply to this until now, but thank you so so sosO very much !!! It means so much and im so happy you like my art ;; getting messages like these help me keep going and im very grateful for the kind words. they help inspire me to keep going !!!!!! Thank you !!!!!! HHHHGG im gonna go sob now thank you !!!!!!Ill keep drawing !!!!