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It was no secret that once upon a time Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones the third used to be friends, really close friends almost best even. But it was also no secret that you, Archie’s sister, was off limits. For this reason, Jughead and I decided on keeping our feelings from each other, from my brother and everyone else.


Heavily making out, you and Jughead were laying on your bed supposed to be studying although it stopped abruptly when there was a knock on the door

“(Y/n)? I need your advice, may I come in?” we hear from the other side of the door. Thank god you and Archie agreed long ago to always knock on each other’s door in case the other was in a position that no sibling should see their other sibling in.

“Just a minute Arch” fixing your selves back as to make it look innocent, when you are both presentable you open the door

“What’s up Arch?” as innocently as possible

“Um. Yeah. Hey man just helping (y/n) with some studying” Jughead explains

“Oh ok”

“What did you need help with?” you ask hoping to get rid of him as soon as possible to get back in the arms of Jughead

“Don’t worry about it, it can wait” he leaves shortly after and you close the door behind him breathing a sigh of relief

“That was close” Jughead smiles you both laugh and Archie will never know.


Isak and Even + Kosegruppa

Perfect ( Lin x Reader )


Summary: For your whole life you’ve been seeing in black and white. Your soulmate ends up being on of your customers and you end up seeing colour for the first time in your life.

Warning: Curse words and verbal abuse.

Word count: 1,300( ish )

a/n: Aaaaah! It’s day 1 of @hamwriters Write-A-Thon!! And I’m so excited to read everybody else’s fics!! Enjoy this soulmate au with, of course, our Lord and saviour, Lin.


The morning sun shone through your bedroom curtains. Leaving you blinded. You looked over to your right, your boyfriend Nathan was already gone. Thank God. Your mom had always pestered you your whole life about being with your soulmate and not some other random person. You ignored her and started to date Nathan. God you wished you didn’t ignore her. Nathan was. He was horrible. He never hit you. But he would always say horrible things to you. Shout at you whenever you did something wrong. Verbal abuse you could call it.

If you listened to your mom, maybe you would have found your soulmate, and live in a world where there’s colour and not just black, white, and shades of grey.

You got up from your bed and went to ready for work. You hated your job, at that stupid café. They only payed you $11 an hour, it was much less than Nathan’s job. He was a business man in the city. You wondered why he even settled down for a person like you.


Another normal, bleak day washes all over you. Doing the exact same thing everyday bored you so much. Making coffee. Pouring coffee. Dealing with annoying customers. Doing your co-worker’s night shift because she just can’t be bothered to come in and work for this rubbish place.

It was 11pm and all you wanted to do was go home and lie in your bed for the rest of your days. At this time there was never anybody here, there was really no point of the café being a 24 hour café.

To your surprise a man walked through the door. Long hair tied in a messy bun. Large eyes with visible bags, revealing his lack of sleep. He walked over to the cashier, eyes down at his notebook as his hands wrote faster than the speed of light. Finally he was in front of you. You thought he was quite handsome. But you knew you couldn’t end up with him.

You cleared your throat as he was still not paying attention. With that his eyes shot up to yours. You wish you knew what colour those eyes were. Although you didn’t really know the names of colour as you’ve never seen it before.

You took a deep breath before asking “What would you like to order?” In a half cheery tone.

“Just a regular coffee thanks.” He replied.

“That will be $2.49 and it’ll be right over.” He handed you the money and went to sit down at a table.

You quickly poured his coffee and went over to his table. He was still writing. This time, more furiously, more rapid. You placed the coffee on his table and asked.

“What do you write about?” Realising how nosy you were, you covered your face with your hands. “I’m sorry that was very nosy.”

He chuckled slightly. “I’m working on a song.” He noticed your hands were still in the same position so he tapped your arms ever so gently.

You put your hands down slowly and widened your eyes. You were dumbfounded, you stared at the man. Colour. You could finally see it. He suddenly stood up and wrapped you in a tight embrace. Words couldn’t explain how excited how shocked you were.

You wrapped your arms around his waist as he pulled apart slightly. He cupped your cheeks with his warm, soft hands and placed a small kiss on your lips. You kissed him back, your lips moulding into his. It felt so right, so heavenly so perfect.

He pulled back, panting. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

A bright shade of colour appeared on both of your cheeks.

“What’s your name?” You whispered.

“Lin, Lin-Manuel Miranda”

“Nice to meet you Lin, my name is (Y/N)”

His hands found its way to your waist and pulled you in again.

“Perfect name. For the perfect girl.”

You giggled slightly.

“Can I record your giggle so that I can listen to it for eternity (Y/N)?”

You laughed at him. “Why? I’ll be with you for eternity, you can hear it anytime!”


“Sorry I have to check that.”

You grabbed your phone from your back jean pocket. It was from Nathan.

From Nathan:
Where. Are. You.

Your eyes widened, your hands were shaking and you started breathing shakily.

“W-What’s wrong?” Lin gripped onto your hand. Squeezing it tightly.

“I-I’m sorry.” Your head bent down. Tears formed in your eyes. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Do you love him?” He questioned.

You shook your head. Of course you didn’t love him. He would shout horrible things into your ears all the time.

“H-He’s horrible to me!” You said, on the verge of crying.

“Then leave him (Y/N).”

“It’s. It’s not that simple! I’m scared. I’m scared that he’ll. He’ll hurt me Lin.” Your breathing was very rapid now.

“He-he hurts you?” Tears were now in his eyes. He didn’t like seeing you like this.

“What? No-no-no! He’s always shouting at me. But. I’m afraid one day he’ll snap and hit me.” You broke down. In front of your soulmate. Tears streaming down you face as he engulfed you in a massive hug.

“Why don’t we go to your place. Pack your stuff and you can stay at mine.”

“He’ll be home.” You whispered.

“I’ll protect you.” He stroked your back. “I’ll protect you.”


You entered the apartment with Lin’s hand in your hand. Squeezing it tightly as you were so nervous.

“For fucks sake (Y/N) There you are!” His eyes glared at the fact that you were holding another mans hand. “Who the fuck is that?” He raised his voice.

“I’m Lin.” He took a deep breath. “Your girlfriends. Soulmate.”

Nathan walked over to you guys. You were afraid. He laughed in Lin’s face. “As if.”

You ran into your bedroom quickly, locking the door behind you as you took a bright duffel bag out of the closet. You quickly packed your belongings as you heard Lin and Nathan argue outside. You took off the necklace that Nathan gave you and placed it on the nightstand. Taking a deep breath, you unlocked the door and walked into the living room.

“Where. Do you. Think. You’re going. You bitch!” Nathan grabbed the duffel bag. Attempting to pull it off your arm. You pulled back with much stronger force and ran through the front door with Lin.

You ran one or two blocks away from his apartment before stoping to take deep breaths. “I’m not the type of girl to do this type of stuff. Th-Thank you for helping me. And making me feel. Alive.” You said, panting. “Anything for you.” Lin replied. “My apartment is this way. Lets. Lets walk now.” He grabbed you hand and squeezed it tightly before walking, swinging your arms.


You were in Lin’s bed. He let you sleep there so you could sleep peacefully. You were terrified that somehow, Nathan would find you. So in no way could you have slept peacefully. You woke up in the middle of the night screaming at a nightmare you had about Nathan. You sat up as beads of sweat were rushing from your forehead and tears dashing from your eyes.

Lin rushed into the bedroom, his arms wrapped around you in an instant.

“It’s okay. Everything is okay. He’s gone. I’m here. You’re my perfect girl.”

“Stay with me?”

With that, you and Lin slept arm in arm that night in his bed. It felt perfect.



Happy Birthday Ronald Wilson Reagan! Born on this day, February 6th, in 1911.

It does require…our best effort and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds, to believe that together with God’s help we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us. And after all, why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans.

The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted. It belongs to the brave.

I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Okay, it’s dream synopsis time. This one is too fucking weird not to share with you guys. 

I was with my sisters and my oldest friend on a road trip and we got invited to Alex’s house for Miles’ birthday party……?!? But Alex’s house was actually on a farm? And we drove there with Miles and there were cucumbers hanging from the trees as decoration. Miles was cracking up. He loved it because it was apparently some inside joke. His hair was all soft like it was in the most recent photos of him shopping with Lana. Cam was there performing on a little stage and they had it broadcast on all these TVs like a honky tonk bar. I don’t remember what happened next other than I was drinking something clear with a lot of limes, like too many for a glass (but I also love limes a lot and I eat everyone’s from their drinks when I go out so). I don’t remember what happened next, but then I woke up with crazy bedhead and just a t-shirt in the dream, and I stumbled to my friend’s room where my sister was staying too and they were like “Yeah we stayed up all night partying with everyone what happened to you? You disappeared.” My head felt all fuzzy from the drinks and I shrugged, but I had this vintage ringer tee on with the old Batman logo on it, and I kept pulling it down because it was all I was wearing. And I said “I don’t remember… I think I passed out” and then someone was like, “Don’t wear that shirt around Alex… your boobs are huge in it!” And they WERE and they’re definitely not in real life hahaha. Anyways I don’t remember seeing Alex in person, but I could hear his voice and his laugh, but I know I was with him at some point in the night. I know I hung out with Cam and Miles and they were so cool and really funny and silly. And Cam draped his arm around my shoulders while he told these elaborate stories. And then my friend warned me not to go talk to someone, I forget who it was, but she told me they were so awful and mean and then I woke up. 

What. The. Fuck. 

Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have.

Does worrying add something good in your life? will your problem be solved if you worry? or you have forgotten that you have a Father in Heaven who holds tomorrow and everything in existence? Prayer is very powerful, and you need to know that God loves you and will give you whatever you need. I said need not want because sometimes the things you want will ruin you more than do you good.

God is not dead that He can’t hear your words, He is just waiting for you to turn off the noise of this world and speak to Him whatever is in your heart.

Pray and ask God.


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this

maybe it would know better if we stitched it eyes

Summary: When you and your best friend have been attached to the hip practically since birth, you’re not going to let some scrap of cloth separate you. In which Oikawa redefines the meaning of a hatstall, and Headmistress McGonagall probably isn’t paid enough. Hogwarts AU!

Credit to @agapantoblu for the premise of Oikawa fighting the Sorting Hat forever to be in the same house as Iwaizumi (taken from this post). It’s just such a great idea that immediately sparked my dead writer brain.

Pairing: Iwaoi (You can take it either as queerplatonic or romantic)
Word Count: 1470
Rating: G or K or basically as hair-raising as a stuffed teddy bear

They stopped calling it a hatstall twenty minutes ago.

It was unprecedented, to say the least. The Sorting Hat’s record for the longest time to sort a student was seven minutes and 23 seconds - something that Professor Flitwick felt the need to say repeatedly as his gaze flickered between his watch and the boy on the stool, back and forth as though he was afraid he might miss something.

Headmistress McGonagall failed to see exactly what he could miss. Certainly, just past the five minute mark, the hall could hardly contain the frenetic waves of anticipation, everyone excited at the sheer privilege of seeing a hatstall. Even McGonagall - with an impressive sixty years at Hogwarts under her belt - had only seen enough hatstalls to count on one hand.

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Iwaoi Hip Hop Au - Oneshot

My part for the Iwaoi exchange with the wonderful @mandelkakan .
Amanda wrote this beautiful poem about Oikawa’s pining in the hip hop au and now I show Iwa’s struggle and why he pulls away.

Please click on it for better view!

The text in the bubbles is by me the other text are lyric parts taken by “Fear” by Atmosphere