Roger Meddows Taylor 26 July 1949

happy bday to one of the best people in this world, to someone who brings me joy and happiness and this is cheesy as fuck , now getting serious, I truly admire Roger as a person and as musician, I’ve said it too many times but I’d say it over and over just to annoy everyone, and because I also want the world to know how Roger Grumpy Santa Taylor can make an impact in my life with just his music.
thank you to Brian and Adam for giving my boy the opportunity to keep on rocking and doing what he loves the most whish is se- I mean music.

may he have a great life and I’d give anything to keep him safe and most important…alive forever.

lots of love from me

thank you jonas, for teaching us to always accept and never judge people for who they are.

thank you vilde, for teaching us that what you see on the surface is not all that’s there.

thank you chris, for teaching us that sometimes a friend just needs to be supported and cheered up, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

thank you even, for teaching us that mental illness doesn’t define you or determine the type of person you are.

thank you magnus, for teaching us that the only way to learn and to destroy ignorance is to simply ask questions.

thank you mahdi, for teaching us that kindness and loyalty towards your friends is the most important thing.

thank you elias, for teaching us what it means to be a supportive brother.

thank you yousef, for teaching us that you can respect another’s beliefs even if they don’t match up with your own, and that those beliefs don’t have to divide us.

thank you sonja, for teaching us that being mature and looking out for the best interest of someone you care about is better than being angry and bitter.

thank you eskild, for teaching us that you have to be 100% proud of who you are and you wear that pride on your sleeve for everyone to see.

thank you linn, for teaching us that depression does not keep others from loving you for the beautiful person you are.

thank you adam, mutta, and mikael, for teaching us that the best you can do is just be there for people and try your best to brighten their days.

thank you eva, for teaching us that no one’s opinion of you matters but your own. that you get to define yourself, and others don’t. that it’s okay to not know who you are. that it is never too late to make amends. that you have to pick your own path.

thank you noora, for teaching us that you have to be kind to everyone. that sticking up for your friends is one of the most important things. that people should not be judged based of off their past. that we all have to stick together to get through life.

thank you isak, for teaching us that you can never truly be free until you’ve accepted who you are. that once you stop being fake and start being real, that’s when you can start to be happy. that we have to live in the moment, and take one minute at a time, because we don’t know what will happen in the future, all we know is that we are alive right now, and that’s all that matters.

thank you sana, for teaching us that religion is a beautiful thing and not a form of oppression for those who practice it. that living in a world that doesn’t accept you, that judges you for what they see on the outside, and still managing to be kind and be yourself takes so much strength. that hate comes from fear. that the joy of others brings so much joy to you. that it’s okay to be a loser, as long as you love yourself for it.

thank you skam. thank you for everything you’ve taught us and done for us. thank you julie. thank you to the cast. thank you to the nrk. thank you to norway. thank you to the entire skam community we have here on the internet. Thank You So Much.

tusen takk ❤️ ha det skam
alt er love

“it’s so important that you remember everything the series taught you.” –Ulrikke Falch

we will always remember you and continue to spread your teachings to the world.

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, if it wasn’t for this show and the talents of this man there would have never been a Powerpuff Girls. 

Its iconic characters, its bold approach to color and design, its ability to simultaneously work as a serious superhero show for kids and a comedic farce for adults, and its unashamed silliness, made Batman one of biggest inspirations of my creative life. 

So thank you Adam West for being a literal hero to me as a kid and a creative hero to me as an adult.


Prince Adam Headcanons.

I’m so in love DON’T TOUCH ME. Here are a few more headcanons because I have no self control.

  • Prince Adam physically kills me like just imagine this cinnamon roll, who’s so starved for affection from the person he loves because he spent so long as The Beast, that he literally shudders whenever you touch him. 
    • A good sort of shudder as it reminds him that he earned your love and has gained your trust in the best ways possible.
  • The feeling of bare fingertips trailing on his skin. A sort of intimate affection he hadn’t actually gotten since his mother passed away. 
    • Your hands brushing through his hair. It’s silky between your fingertips and leaves you feeling warm. Adam shuts his eyes and enjoys the feeling. 
      • Imagine putting flowers in your hair and he absolutely lets you. Adam actually enjoys this a lot more than you thought. 
      • You always choose colors that’ll make his eyes pop even more.
  • The gentlest and pure sort of love. Holding hands with one another and just generally enjoying one another’s company. Bonus points if one of you is reading to the other. You love to hear him read. He’s got a lovely voice.
    • If the two of you aren’t holding hands, he’ll wrap his pinkie finger around yours and pull your hand into an embrace.
      • Probably a bit protective too. Say, you’re out at an event together and he has the underlying feeling that someone he doesn’t like seems fixated on you, he’ll wrap his arm around your waist and keep you close to him. 
        • Presses his lips to your hairline constantly through the night whenever he catches eyes with them to assure that they know you’re there with him.
  • Adam trying to give you a kiss to the cheek after eating and he happens to have soup on his face from not using a spoon. He tries, but ultimately fails when you throw napkins at him from across the table.
  • Even sitting next to one another, and with a small smile, he bumps his knee against yours and convinces you with a rather sincere grin to lean against him.
  • Those exceedingly late nights where he finds himself unable to sleep and curls into a small ball, coaxing you to hold him because that’s all he needs right now. The assurance that you and your love are not going to leave him. Usually happens after a nightmare.
    • Even those nights where the two of you can’t sleep and you end up reading by the fireplace, snuggled next to each other. 
      • Sort of funny though, he’ll seem more invested in your book than in his sometimes.
  • The small smile he gives you before he leaves you with a wisp of a kiss on your lips. Barely a touch, and his lips are still curled into a smile as he pulls away. Adam’s fingers trace under your eye, above your cheek. A tender stroke.
    • Even when he kisses the back of your hand, you can feel all of the emotion he pours into it.
    • Uhm, don’t get me started on forehead kisses okay. But, just imagine him cupping both sides of your face, looking at you with those beautiful blue eyes and craning his head down and kissing the middle of your forehead. His lips linger. Things are all right now and are only going to get better.

Y’all, I hoped you like these! Thank you for reading, and as always, Reblogs and likes are really appreciated! Thank you!!! -Em.


Text from Nichelle Nichols’ biography “Beyond Uhura”

Usually, though, Leonard remained Vulcan-cool. Perhaps the most elaborate hoax involved his son, Adam, who about eight years old while we were filming the original series. It required that Adam be fitted in a child-size Starfleet uniform and be made up, ears and all, to look just his daddy.

The script called for a scene on the bridge in which Spock would be sitting in the captain’s chair with his back t o the elevator door. A yeoman was supposed to enter and say some lines, at which point Spock was to spin around in his chair, so he was facing the yeoman, and continue their brief exchange.

They had Leonard’s son, in his Vulcan disguise, waiting in the elevator. The door opened, Adam delivered the yeoman’s lines, then Leonard turned to him and answered without breaking a smile or missing a beat.

We couldn’t get so much as a Spockian arched eyebrow out of Leonard. The real kicker came when Adam “stepped out of character,” so to speak, to say, “But, Daddy, I love you.”

“Thank you, Adam,” Leonard said evenly. As the whole cast and crew stood around in breathless anticipation of Leonard’s big crack-up, which never came, by the way, the joke was on us.

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Consider this: soulmate au where a person has their soulmate's thoughts about them scribbled over their skin and changing over time (bonus points if it's Pynch) (also you're a wonderful writer)

Consider this: my death (raking in the bonus points) (also thank you so much!)

  • Part of the reason ronan is so angry is because he constantly has the word asshole written down his arms while everyone else has cute things like beautiful and honest and kind
  • adam isn’t much better off with loser scrawled down each finger like a tattoo exclaiming to everyone exactly what he is
  • over time something starts to appear on ronan’s jaw, becoming more and more clear each morning when he looks in the mirror.
  • eventually he manages to make it out: thoughtful
  • adam is also having problems of his own, causing him to constantly ball his hands into fists or pull his sleeves down over them in embarrassment
  • people are always trying to look at his hands now seeing as across the side of his neck it reads beautiful hands
  • by this time ronan is getting jealous of adam’s soulmate… he enjoyed admiring adam’s hands and now he can’t because adam is hyper-aware of anyone’s eyes on them
  • adam agrees that ronan is both thoughtful and an asshole and constantly watches people watching ronan, hoping to catch them out
  • one morning ronan wakes up feeling very insecure… beautiful mind just doesn’t feel right etched across his chest
  • a week later adam’s hands shake and tears blur his vision as he stares at the word independent repeated all the way down his left thigh
  • when they finally discover each other’s feelings… things get a whole lot more embarrassing.
  • ronan now has great in bed imprinted on the back of his neck like a brand of overexposure while adam has filthy mouth written over his collarbone (ronan like to kiss him here more than anywhere else)
The One Who Holds Your Heart » Prince Adam

Request: Can u do a pre-cursed imagine of the reader and prince Adam? I don’t really have a plot I just love pre-cursed Adam:)))

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Fandom: Disney + Beauty and the Beast

Words: 1770

Summary: Adam is in love with you despite you being a maid.

A/N: Okay, so I really want to write a part two to this story and I will! [Name] won’t remember Adam and we’ll go on from there. Anyways, I hope you guys like this!

Part Two: The One Who Breaks The Curse

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Okay I LITERALLY DO NOT C A R E what anyone else thinks BUT THE ENGLISH VOICE ACTING IN FFXV IS FUCKING PHENOMENAL. I Am always biased towards japanese voice acting ALWAYS. BUT this game literally changed everything. like RAY CHASE FUCKIN SLEIGHED NOCTIS like everytime noctis yells I FEEL LIKE IM ON THE DISC OF CAUTHESS. And GLADIO LIKE C A S A N O V A BOI CHRIS DID SUCH A CRAZY EGWUWWJWJ JOB. AND PROMPTO MY BABY ROBBIE LIKE ALL PROMPTOS GIRLY sceams are on point. And ignis LOW KEY SASS FREAKING ADAM THANK YOU GOD. Ardyn, is a blessing in the voice acting squad. Darin… *cryin* YOU DID G O O D.