If I believe you
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I’d like to take a moment here to talk about how impressed and moved I am by the Kylo Ren fandom.

Every single piece of art I’ve seen goes to great lengths to preserve Adam Driver’s natural features and unique look, no one is interested in changing any part of what he is. No matter what style the artist chooses, they have all shown Adam’s appearance a rare kind of appreciation and love. It’s all so telling of how much we appreciate him for his role in the movie, for who he is as an actor as opposed to how objectively attractive he may be. For someone willing to overcome his own fear of being mocked for his features and pushing forward to dominate the bigscreen around the world.

Thank you, fandom. And thank you, Adam. We love you.

Credit to the artists, left to right:
1. verauko
7. cherryandsisters

This summer is the five year anniversary of Ocean Eyes and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Back home I sometimes drive past the UPS place, the Coke warehouse or the old construction sites I worked at prior to OC and I’m reminded how good I’ve got it. Six years ago I was bored and uninspired and now every time I drive by the old prisons I never thought I’d escape from, I feel that much more fortunate to get to do what I love. For that, I thank you for your support, and more than anything, I praise God with all I have.