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A brush of fingertips,
a hug held onto a little
longer, a glance worth
a picture, a joke too dumb
not to laugh at, a bump of
elbows, laughing until water
causes flowers to blossom in 
our eyes, screaming until our
voices are gravel and stones, 
listening until our hearts are
covered in words, talking so
the world knows we have
something to say, silence so 
loud and minds so empty,
scars turning into stories
worth telling, swimming in
water too cold to whisper in, 
sunsets and dancing in the rain,
creativity demanding and blank
pages covered, clumsy falls, and
intimacy in just hello.

so painfully

But somehow,

So thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you,
for teaching me how to breathe
when all I could do was swallow
nails, for spitting out words rather 
than choking on them, for all the
hellos instead of goodbyes, for 
looking at the stars in the sky 
when I dangled my feet off the
roof, for looking at the flowers in 
the ground when the breeze was
so cold I could only feel loneliness, 
for dancing in the rain hoping the sky 
would stop crying, for holding hands 
with clumsy I love you’s, for turning 
emptiness into a canvas covered in
fullness, for placing flowers in my hair 
when it was as tangled as my thoughts, 
for hours turning into feeling like only 
seconds, for kissing each day good
morning instead of missing every
night, for hoping everything will 
always be remembered rather than 
forgotten, for ordinary becoming so 
extraordinary, and for the nights when
all I wanted to do was die to turn into
days I could say
I was alive.

—  Thank you.

I now see the majesty of tumblr. After having been enabled, I’m giving this a go. 

I must say again, thank you to all who posted such appreciative and thoughtful things on twitter and tumblr about The 100 “Bodyguard of Lies.” The response has been everything I hoped it would be. As I often say, The 100 fans are beyond amazing. We’re lucky to have you.  


Passing closely" [part two] [AO3] [FFnet]
part one: [tumblr] [AO3] [FFnet]

           Killian sat, looking out at the harbor, wondering where everything had gone wrong. Well, obviously he’d been a bloody fool for asking Swan to distract his past self. He’d been anxious at thetime, worried for her safety, worried that his past self would hurt her. But he didn’t think he’d need to worry about this.
            For so long, his affections hadn’t been returned. He’d tried to keep from pressuring her too much; while he couldn’t quite let go of the hope that she might one day care for him in return, her well-being always came first. And if he was to win her heart, he wanted to do so by being a man of honor. read more

Mark, that’s my life in a nutshell. You are the friend and the family I never had before. You are the one that makes me feel like I can wake up the next day. I love you so much, my dear. When I see you I feel like I matter, that some one truly cares about me. I can’t thank you enough, my lovely Mark, for all that you give me. I wish I could just give you a big hug right now. I love you, my sweet. Stay happy and I will too. 

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Okay, so on the first note I couldn’t make any cool banner for this because I am very untalented in the world of photoshop and editing pictures. So this just gets a basic title. On the second note, a lot of you don’t know me and I don’t know you but all of you have made my tumblr experience worth while. I came here and I didn’t know anyone or how to do anything (granted I still don’t) but I have found so many people that have all the same interests as me and I’m so glad. Whether I know you, or I don’t I am thankful for each and every one of you and just know that each and every one of you mean something to me and have done something for me in some way. So thank you guys, all of you. <3

My lovely gladers: 

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(Following the link, you will find personalized letters for each of you. x)

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For the record, all of you are absolutely  awesome and I would love to talk to each and every one of you. <3

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As it was said before, a lot of you I have never talked too but I do secretly admire you from afar and you guys have helped me even if you don’t know you have. Maybe with a fic, a post, an edit, or a video. Or maybe just showing up every now and then. I have no doubts that you are all amazing people and if I could get to know each and every one of you, I would be glad to have gotten that chance. Your appearance on my dash could change my mood in the matter of seconds. I wish I could somehow take the time and thank each one of you individually. I love all you guys, I hope you know that. Thank you for making my experience here such a great one. <3 (I am so sorry if I forgot anyone, if I did I will update it if I figure out I forgot you. Thanks guys)

Just Something I Wanted To Say

I have struggled with my insecurities since I can remember, honestly. I have never thought I was pretty, or beautiful, or anything really. I am extremely critical of myself and how I look, and even on my good days, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see something in my face, or a part of my body, that I wish I could change, or fix, or something. I always thought by 26 I would be more confident, and that I would really be able to love myself. Unfortunately, even at this age, I’m still struggling with my insecurities, and the issues in my head, and it sucks. I hope that one day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and like what I see, I really hope that day will come. So I know sometimes I may post a few too many selfies, but to be perfectly honest, I do that because it’s a challenge for me to overcome. I posted my first selfie last September, when my blog turned 1, and that was a huge step for me. I was so anxious, it was awful. In reality, each time I post a selfie, I expect to receive comments or messages telling me I’m hideous, ugly, or whatever, and also telling me to stop posting selfies at all. And, honestly, I have received anonymous messages like that before, and I won’t lie to you, it hurt to read those messages, because it was basically reinforcing how I already felt about myself and how I look. But, more often than not, I’ve received very kind, supportive, lovely messages about my selfies, and I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has sent me a nice message, because it really does mean a lot to me, to read something kind, when in my head I’m looking at the picture, seeing everything I don’t like about my face, and regretting posting the picture in the first place. 

So, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who has been so nice to me. It’s a lovely thing to receive kindness just because. Hopefully, one day I’ll look at one of my selfies, and like what I see. Until then, I’ll keep posting them, in the hopes that eventually that day will come. 

wraths-pledge asked:

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hello!! I just need to tell this to someone: Has Aomine actually been near chihuahuas? Let alone handled one? They are compact creatures of pure wrath and nervousness. Once I was coming home and a pack of them ran towards me and started barking and if I take my dog with me for a walk they harass us until we are out of sight. Chihuahuas know the deal tho, they group with other chichuhuas to take on bigger dogs. And boy do I like the idea of Furihata being like one of those chihuhuas.

furi being vicious in a pack of dogs xD yess yess i think he’d be tough along side kuroko cause he’s a pup too

Chihuahuas are loud little things xD

angry furocious babies, gonna chew you up

thank you for sharing <33