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Lil Rant

I know I hate contributing to these sorts of things and I like to keep my blog light and happy and a sort of “safe haven” from all the negative stuff like this going around in the community, but I will say this one thing:

Mark flat out said in his video that when he was talking about respecting one another on a basic level as human beings that he was taking IN GENERAL. Later he used the example of Felix and this situation and the video he made is mainly referring to this situation, but in it he legitimately specifies when he’s talking about his topic IN GENERAL, which means that it applies to everybody. No matter what situation they might be in or who they may be. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, everyone needs to be treated with basic respect.

So everyone who is sending him, and Jack as well, hate, isn’t really paying attention to the videos or not even watching them at all. Like I said, of course Mark mentioned Felix, but he deliberately speaks of the world and people as a species as a whole, which includes every single one of you reading this and every single person who is sending hate. Therefore, Mark shouldn’t even get any backlash for “defending” Felix although he point blank said that he doesn’t condone what Felix did, but also because he isn’t even speaking 100% for or about Felix in the first place.

Same with Jack as well. Jack point blank said there was no condoning what Felix did and basically said that Felix is paying for the mistakes that he’s made, but there’s no need for people and media to be tearing down Felix piece by piece and nobody should be doing the same to Mark or Jack or even Ken. Mark and Jack just want everybody to be at peace and do exactly what Mark said: treat everyone with basic human decency. And still many, many people are passing that message up entirely and not registering that information and doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he is saying, just because people aren’t able to look past the fact that Mark mentioned Felix’s name and people automatically assume that he’s some sort of spokesman for Felix and is only doing this for his own career or whatever.

Mark and Jack are both grown adults and they can handle their own and speak their minds, but please, if you’re going to give them any criticism for anything, at least listen to what they actually have to say instead of glazing over the content and picking and choosing what you WANT to hear and then continue to make assumptions instead of understanding. And that goes for anyone, anywhere. Not just Mark or Jack or any other big figure in media.

Rant over.

🌸self-care tips🌸

Hey everyone!~

So, I hit 500 subs yesterday and decided on making a self-care post - I know there`s a lot of posts like this one already, but I`ll just list the tips that really work for me.

1. The best way to relax to me is to take a bath - with a bubble bar or a bath bomb (my favorite brand is Lush). It`s also nice to mix some cosmetic oils or herbs with an epsom salt, for example. It doesn`t have to be a specific brand, there`s a lot of combinations you can make by hand!                                           There`re also some helpful videos on YouTube on how to make a bath bomb all by yourself~ 

2. The second tip is listening to some relaxing music - for example, you can create a spa tunes playlist, - even just listening to it with eyes closed while laying on a sofa helps  me relax a lot.

3. Another one tip is to make some home-made face masks! It might be a lot of fun to invite your friend over and make them together and do some pamper routine after that~

4. Making yourself your favorite healthy drink is also great, like a smoothie or an ice tea. For smoothie I prefer mixing some strawberries, a half of a banana, some raspberries and a few blueberries, - try out various combinations, it`s all up to you!

5. Any kind of creative hobby might do!                                                           You don`t nessecarily have to be super talented in the sphere you choose to enjoy spending your time while doing something pleasant and relaxing. For example, I like to doodle various things or just blend some watercolors to create different pretty shades~

6. Dance it all away!                                                                                     When I`m all alone in my room, I sometimes put on some loud music that I really like and just dance - it`s such a positive activity that helps me feel happier - and when you`re happier, you`re becoming helathier~

I hope these tips are helpful even a little bit!~

So, as you could see, I have reach 1000 followers and I’m…It’s…Wow.

I seriously never ever expected this. Like, I thought it would be amazing if I had 50 followers and I was sure that my blog wouldn’t last a month. But here I am now. 5 months later and with more than 1000 followers.

It wouldn’t be possible without you, you are the ones who allow me to run this blog with your asks. So I just want to thank you. Really.

Thank you so much.

I wanted to make a little something to celebrate, something different than usual and I thought about using my Danganronpa Figures. I hope you had fun reading this haha !

Again, thank you. None of this would be possible without you.

-mod lili

Aw man I absolutely hate to beg but I’ve got less than no money right now and it makes me feel so down and stressed out .__. 

Please consider purchasing something from my shop and/or reblogging this so others can have a look. I’ve been working incredibly hard these months to try and make enough for my rent and bills, but I’ve gotten hit with 3 big bills this month and now I owe my flatmate money and it’s been difficult. I usually try to keep a positive attitude but all this has been getting to me, and it’s harder to keep my mood and productivity going. Thank you all for helping <3

The only things that should be thrown at Lay

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“You think zim is not real, you think zim is fake!” - Zim.

I’m probably the last person to read this fic but I’m gonna suggest it anyways!
I’m only on chapter 9 & im blown away with how amazing it is!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported Nothing Like The Sun! We are eternally grateful to our cast and crew for their talent, patience, dedication and passion, and to our fans for their views, comments, gifs, reviews, image edits, and words of support. This series means so much to us and we are humbled that it has had an impact on people all over the world.

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