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If you had a moment could you write an imagine that is simply Ashley being blatantly in love with y/n ✨

[Gonna write this from Ashley’s POV. Sorry it’s kinda short but I’m just tryna get back into writing]

“Baby, you did so well tonight.  I’m so proud of you” Y/N whispered, running her fingers through my hair as we lay side by side in my hotel room bed.  A smile broke across her face, and I couldn’t help but smile in return.  She still had that effect on me, time after time.

Jesus christ, just look at her.  How in the world am I meant to believe I’ve ever done anything good enough to deserve someone like her?  She can make even the most monotonous hotel room feel like home.

“Thank you for being here, not just here, on tour with me…but…here, in general” I mumbled, turning red as words failed me.  She grinned even wider, and I knew she had understood what I was trying to say.

“I love being with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way” she ran her fingertip across my jawline and I had to suppress a sigh.  She turned her attention back to the television but my eyes didn’t leave her face, biting my lip as I studied her features.

How did I find someone so beautiful inside and outside?  I can’t recall ever feeling this way about anyone.  I am so impossibly lucky to have someone who cares for me and supports me so fully.  Fuck, she really is perfect.

Her eyes flick back to me and she scrunches her nose up.  “Stop staring at me,” she says with a laugh.  “Don’t think I don’t notice”

“I love you” I murmur in response, leaning over to kiss her softly.

“I love you, too” she whispers with a smile.

I have to bite my lip to stop myself from grinning.

I think the mistake people make is when they hear the word “soulmate” they immediately connect it with a romantic interest. I beg to differ, I think we have multiple soulmates but for different aspects of our lives.

We can have a best friend soulmate, a let’s get together everyday soulmate, a musical taste soulmate, a movie soulmate, there are so many soulmates that a romantic soulmate becomes a very small fraction of this.

And, I think you’re my soulmate. You’re my  "on the other end of the world but still the only person who completely understands me" soulmate. You’re my “best friend from the other side of the world” soulmate. You’re my “grey’s anatomy "person” soulmate.

You live a million miles away and we’ve never met but I think you’re pieces of all my soulmates rolled into one and that’s what makes you special. You’re the one who I want to talk to when things go bad and the first one I want to tell my good news to.

You’re the one I look at and say “Hey… she’s my person!! She’s my best friend!! She’s my sister.!! She’s the one who makes me happy when I’m blue and the one who lets me yell when I need to. She’s the one who knows when I’ve had too much and lets me curl into a ball and cry it out. She’s the one who knows me better than I know myself.”

I think no matter how many “soulmates” I may meet in my life, you will always be the biggest, most important one. You will always be the one I need the most. You’re the one who was there when it all started and I know that you’re the one who will be here when it all ends, reach to catch me as I fall.


Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #303


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I think….I think sometimes it’s really easy to forget why you got into a fandom in the first place. You get caught up in whatever it is you’re caught up on - fanfiction, fanart, edits, analyses, opinions and headcanons - and sometimes forget that we’re all here in this place for the same reason: because we love something a lot. An unreasonable amount. We are invested in fictional characters in a fictional world. We care about what they do enough to fill in those blanks for them. Something about these characters sparked a need, an urge to complete their story for them, to drop them in alternate universes, to modernize them, to play with them out of context. And I think that sometimes we get so caught up in this that we forget that all opinions are valid. All headcanons are valid. Whether you stick to canon or veer off completely, it’s all relevant. The point is, we all love the same thing.

So, with that in mind, shouldn’t we all be a little kinder to our fellow fans? Shouldn’t we say thank you to the people who make something great that you enjoy? We all come from the same place and we all want the same thing - more of the movie/book/tv show/game/whatever.

If someone’s opinon doesn’t jive with yours, consider just…leaving it alone. Let it be. It’s not hurting you that someone has a different take on those characters or that world or that ship (oh god, just ship and let ship, people. Please).

Be nice; be gracious; be kind. It literally costs you nothing.

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Hey guys!

How are you?

Soo.. I’m in Boston and then I’m going to New York City! 

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I just wanna tell you that I’ll post a little less (like 2-3 pics less per day.. Nothing serious!). I’ll be back on October 6. 

Meanwhile I’m not going to let you down! You will have your daily motivation as always! 

Have a lovely day! 

Love you all xx

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Hola amigos!

I feel international today! ;) 

Soo.. What’s up? Are you ok? I really hope your summer’s going well! 

I wanna thank you guys, cause you are amazing as always! Very very supportive! I wanna also apologize for the advertisement in the blog, I don’t like it but it’s helping me pay for college! I hope you don’t mind :)

Also we are finally 187k! We’re growing up so fast! Thank you for that too! 

Love you all! 

Have a lovely day! xx