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Hot springs, warm hearts

Finally, a thousand years after she requested it, here’s some Hiro Shepard/Kaidan fluff for the lovely @shotce, who wanted anything “As long as it’s fluffy! Some downtime? Snow or rain shenanigans?”  So I got to thinking - what if Kaidan persuaded Shepard to take a trip to Japan, to visit his mother’s homeland? And what if they decided to visit a traditional onsen ryokan while they were there? Maybe something like this might happen… 

Kaidan closed his eyes and lay back in the hot, mineral-scented water of the onsen. He was naked, in line with the Japanese tradition, and so was Shepard beside him. After the first thrill of stripping off together in the public shower room, and the embarrassment of stepping into the hot spring along from the elderly couple who were already bathing, now all he felt was a sense of calm and serenity. The heat from the water was relaxing his muscles, and the quiet tranquility of the snowy surroundings was relaxing his mind. 

“This was a very good idea,” Shepard said, his voice as soft as the steam rising from the water. 

“I’ve heard great things about this place,” Kaidan murmured. “I knew I had to bring you here.” 

“I don’t just mean the onsen,” Shepard said. “I mean this whole trip. I feel…more connected to my heritage, to my mother. I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels. It’s like a missing piece slotting into place, filling a gap I never even knew was there.”

Kaidan opened his eyes, turned his head to take in the sight of Shepard lounging back in the hot water. His eyes were closed and his half-smile lent him an air of peaceful satisfaction. The lines across his forehead and around his eyes had smoothed out. His hair hung loose, the tips trailing in the milky water like streaks of ink on parchment. His shoulders were relaxed, and a scattering of goosebumps covered the top part of his torso. Kaidan was powerless against the smile that crept up on him. 

“I’ve never seen you like this,” he said wonderingly.

“Like what?” Shepard asked, his brown eyes opening to fix on Kaidan.

Kaidan leaned in a little closer, his gaze flicking to the couple bathing nearby. “I guess you always carry a little tension, and it never really goes away,” he said. “Even when it’s late and you’re tired, or after we’ve - ” he paused, lowered his voice a little more; “even after we’ve made love…the commander is still there, somehow. But now…it’s like there’s nothing between us, like I’m seeing right into the core of you.” He smiled self-consciously, rubbing the back of his neck. “That sounds a little crazy when I hear it out loud.”

“No, I understand what you meant,” Shepard said, but he was frowning. Strong fingers grasped Kaidan’s hand under the water and Shepard said, “I don’t mean to hold back from you.”

“I know that,” Kaidan said, squeezing Shepard’s hand. “I know you trust me, that you’ve let me in as much as you can, and it’s enough. You’re more than enough. It just makes me feel good to see you so…untroubled, for once.”

“I defy anyone to not be relaxed here,” Shepard said with a quick smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere so beautiful.”

“Hmm,” Kaidan hummed in agreement, and he couldn’t help glancing at Shepard just as Shepard glanced at him. They laughed, and Shepard flushed, and Kaidan knew that his life and his heart were inextricably linked with this man.  The knowledge of it sunk into his bones, warming him from the inside.

Shepard opened his mouth, then closed it, then sat up straight and turned to face the couple at the other end of the pool. He said something to them in Japanese, and the man began to beam as the woman clapped her hands and giggled. They both nodded to him, then to Kaidan, then climbed out of the pool as Shepard turned back to Kaidan.

“What’s going on?” Kaidan asked as he sat up to face Shepard, caught between excitement and anticipation.

“I want to thank you for bringing me here to this place; to my homeland,” Shepard said, “And for understanding how important this is to me. You’re a wonderful man, Kaidan Alenko.”

“I feel the same about you,” Kaidan said, giddy as a teenager. “You know I do.”

“I do,” Shepard nodded. “Which is why I think we should get married.”

Kaidan gasped, the air punched from his lungs. “Do you mean that?” he asked.

“I’m not in the habit of saying things I don’t mean,” Shepard said, then winced and shook his head gently. “Or, to be less pretentious – of course I do.” He moved closer, taking both of Kaidan’s hands in his. “I love you more than I thought I would ever have the capacity to love anyone. You’re so deeply entrenched in my heart and my soul that you influence my every move, my every thought. You’ve taught me so much about who I am that I’ve become a better man, and I know that the best is still ahead of us. I can’t imagine a future without you; there is no future without you.”

“Shepard,” Kaidan grinned, his voice thickening as emotion threatened to overcome him. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

drawhimacrown  asked:

What got you start drawing? What's your favorite thing to draw? What motivates you to keep drawing?

I’ve always I’ve always liked drawing, but the thing that got me to where I am now…
About 7-ish years ago, after having not really drawn for a few years, I was admiring someone else’s art, and decided that I wanted to be that good. That I wanted that kind of skill… so I bought myself a tablet and started sketching.
It took a long time, but I got there, and have since gotten better. :D

And I like to draw love! People being happy and sweet together ((this includes plantonic love))… it’s really soothing, so it also helps manage my stress and anxiety.

As for motivation, I keep drawing because I still want to improve. I want to still like my art when I see it again months later. And that takes lots of practice. ((And I still have an awful lot of ideas in my head. Would be a shame to keep them stuck in there…))

rules: tag 10 followers/blogs you wanna know better. I was tagged by the lovely and amazing @thedouble💕 love u

name: luca

nickname: azookhee, lulu

gender: female

star sign: libra

height: 163cm

hogwarts house: ravenclaw :)

dream trip: korea, japan, iceland, norway

average hours of sleep: 5 or 12

dog or cat person: love all animals

when i made my blog: i had a few before this but they got hacked :(

reason for my url: azula and sookhee mixed

I tag EVERYONE, i wanna know ppl but i dont know if they want me to know them im v shy :(

ilyasvieltrevelyanshepard  asked:

For the fanfic end of the year asks! 3, 15 ans 23! Thank you! <3

3. favorite line/scene you wrote this year
I wrote a lot of stuff that I’m super proud of this year, but I still think my favourite line is probably from the first chapter of my fReyder fic Sweet Little Lies:

Reyes chuckled and moved to stand behind her at the foot of the ladder, his body brushing against hers. “I’m always a gentleman, Ryder,” he told her softly, his lips warm against her ear. “Even when I’m not.”

It’s just so perfectly Reyes Vidal - especially him when he’s at his charming scoundrel best.

15. something you learned this year
I’ve already answered this one, but I’ll answer it again. Earlier I said that I learned that smut is getting harder and harder to write. Now I’ll add that I’ve since realised that I so an unholy amount of writing for other people. Usually because of exchanges, but often as gifts. I wonder sometimes if the reason i struggle to fall back into my own writing sometimes is because I spend so much time living in other character’s heads instead of my own characters?

23. fics you wanted to write but didn’t
Well, I want to write more Harry x Sara fics - and I plan to. I also have a sequel to Say Something written that I need to finish off and edit. I have gorgeous art for it by @louminx too - which I’m excited for her to share. I also had some other freyder fics I wanted to write, hopefully I’ll have some time during the holiday break.

jackcrutchies  asked:

Hey! If you're not busy, can I hear every headcanon you have about Crutchie please?

OMG! Brace yourself for the gigantic text wall that is bound to follow! Crutchie is like, my spirit animal. Here goes all the things:

Young Crutchie:

  • When he was little, Crutchie loved to run - like everywhere. He was crushed when he lost the use of his leg, because it took away the one thing that defined him as a person. It wasn’t until he met Jack that he began to regain some of his confidence and redefine himself.
  • If Crutchie was ever having a particularly bad day, Young Jack would run around with him on his back so that Crutchie could feel the wind on his face.
  • Spot was actually the one who found little Crutchie. Crutchie was sort of just wandering around in no-man’s-land, crying because some mean older boy had snapped his crutch. He took pity on the kid and brought him to Jack, who took him under his wing and taught him the ropes of New York City. He may have also went after the boy that snapped the crutch.
  • Said boy was never seen or heard from again.

Canon Era: 

  • Crutchie was secretly learning to read from Davey after work, because he’d never learned to. The first book Davey brought for him was Le Morte d’Arthur.
  • Crutchie ate that shit up.
  • Crutchie cries, because he didn’t know Arthur was going to die at the end. Davey points out that Le Morte d’Arthur quite literally means The Death of Arthur. Crutchie doesn’t care; it’s still emotional.
  • He’s a fan of the classics and current events.
  • But he never reads much himself because he likes it when Davey reads to him, because he likes the way Davey gets really focused and into the story. He kind of moves and gets really emotional, and it’s kind of adorable.
  • Romeo tries to flirt with Crutchie.
  • Davey will have none of it.
  • Romeo tries to flirt with Davey.
  • Crutchie soaks him with the crutch.
  • Crutchie and Davey never become an official thing, because they are both too scared to make the first move. But they’re a really cute platonic thing anyway, so…
  • Crutchie and Katherine are, like, best friends.
  • He comes into her office sometimes during the work day to vent about the antics of the other boys and she just laughs and offers him the scotch bottle from her bottom drawer.
  • No, they’re not alcoholics, but it sure does take the edge off.
  • Jack is just really damn proud that he had a role to play in making Crutchie what he is, because Crutchie is one tough cookie.
  • The Delanceys are both a little leery around Crutchie, because they both know from experience that the crutch can turn into a weapon at the drop of a hat.

Modern High School AU:

  • Crutchie is awful at math. Like, what the hell is a Pythagorean Theorem?
  • But he’s best in class in the humanities.
  • He’s a total band kid. Clarinet section, for the win.
  • His chem lab partner would be Race and while Crutchie is honestly just trying to do his work, Race is more interested in trying to see how many things he can catch on fire within the 45 minute period.
  • Crutchie eventually gives in to the antics.
  • Crutchie takes home the gold, because he caught the teacher’s toupee on fire.
  • Crutchie is not allowed back in the chem lab.
  • Specs and Race are, like, the biggest Dutchie shippers. Like, they’re constantly trying to get the two of them together.
  • In fact, Specs went as far as to set up both Crutchie and Davey on a blind date with the same fake person, so that they could spend some quality time with each other outside of school.
  • Crutchie and Dave end up having a nice little unofficial-date-thing.
  • Crutchie ends up going to prom with Katherine.
  • In the weeks prior, Katherine had jumped on the Dutchie band wagon, so after a few minutes, she basically just shoves Crutchie in David’s direction and goes and hides in the bathroom for the rest of the night, getting constant updates from the other members of the Dutchie peanut gallery as to how the plan was going.
  • Dave and Crutchie slow dance.
  • Dave and Crutchie leave prom together.
  • Dave and Crutchie live happily freaking ever after.

Well, that turned into a Dutchie shipper rant really quick. I didn’t realize that  that’s what most of my headcanons were. Anyway, hope these do it for you. Send me some of yours why don’t you! I love reading new ones!

(submitted by knifeeyes)

It’s been seven months and three days. Not that he’s counting. Who’s counting? Not him for sure, hell no, he doesn’t count. It’s not like he’s scribbling down the math for how many hours it’s been, because he absolutely Does Not Care. It’s second period on a Tuesday morning and it’s raining and everything is dull and he is absolutely, completely, 1001% focusing on the superfuckingboring first paragraph of the essay he’s working on and not thinking about That. Him. Them. IT. WHATEVER. Because he does not think about What Could Have Been and YES, the capitalization is mandatory. Because he is a New Man, and a grown one at that, and he can capitalize all the Things That Are Important in his life. Just like that. What are months, after all. Seven of them. SeVeN. That was a good movie huh. See, he can think about Something Else, totally. Because he’s not thinking about Th- holy shit thank the gods his phone is vibrating in his pocket because he cannot. Take. This. Anymore. And uh, look it’s a message. Mh, unknown number, what, maybe Scott’s finally decided to upgrade to the Lumia because Nokias are clearly superiors to iPhones now and who even owns an iPhone anymore anyway and it’s about ti-

“Ask me to come home, Stiles.”