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“imagine Corvo being the Emperor and Outsider is still his lover after 15 years of him being on the throne. :“) Imagine Corvo teaching him to ballroom dance.”

For @kingxdandy

Fanart Monday!!

Ooooh yeah! I think I’m half-free now!! Yesssssss let’s do thisss!!!

I want to draw SO BADLY!! Yaaay!

Thank you everyone for your support, and for understanding <3 there are a LOT of fanarts today, wowie! Thank you!!! ^_^ Love you, guys!!!

Let’s do this!! >:3c

Fanart of the week by Nona!! This is wonderful <3 my children!! All my children are here <3 <3 I am so touched QuQ first fanart of all my babies! Thanks a lot, Nona! It’s wonderful!! THANKS!!! <3

More under the sexy cut!!

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choitaemins  asked:

and hmmmm top five key solo stage perfromances!

1. LookBook

HJKDF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE!! this guy…,,,this performance has key STAMPED everywhere he fucking owned it!! he literally mixed fashion nd dance to create this Blessed stage and it’s so amazing, it’s full of his personality nd the Energy he puts in this is unreal!!

2. Hair & Judas

he. did. That. he really did!!! his moves were so sharp in this one, his dancing skills 10/10 (@ sm when the fuck are u gonna open ur ugly eyes) nd his english nd his singing……his vocals fit so damn well w this song !! where’s his solo album @??? also the fact he sang hair is jst Great and idk this is simply an iconic key stage….King

3. Born To Shine

:-)))) obviously..,,, honestly i would’ve NEVER expected key to do this but….he did it nd did he slay?? fuck yes lmao my soul still shakes every time i watch this :’)) when he got on that damn chair i waved goodbye to my actual soul!! and then he had that dance break bc why not ??? once Again he completely killed it w his singing skills and dancing skills….his hips !!

4. Bang Bang (with Tiffany)

(ok it wasn’t solo but it was nearly hjdgjk) uhm,,,,why does he ace every damn concept or style :((( he got into the character so well!! what can i say….they both slayed that dance break nd im so glad he got to do this type of style bc he fits it so well!! his english tho dsgjhsd

5. Take A Bow

oh my god…..this was only 2010 and look at his singing skills!! i loved how much passion he put into this, and it always amazes me how amazingly he does english covers?? he has so much talent !!! nd his vocals only got better !!

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Hi, I'm a broke student. But i have a tablet and a new laptop. Is there any recommend programs I can afford, so i can get into digital art? Do you or any artists out there know? Haalllp... :_(

Originally posted by fucktheworldiamalion


1) Fire Alpaca

2) Gimp


There’s a couple to start with! Sai is a bit expensive, not as expensive as photoshop however, but Still good!

Anyone else know a good, cheap/free program?

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HEY GUYS I have an ask that doesn't have anything to do with 1. Victor dying, 2. someone's name spelling or 3. questions nobody except Kubo-sensei knows the answer to yet! The purpose of my ask is simply to say that YOU GUYS ROCK AND THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK <3 A million hearts and sweet Emil hugs for every one of you mods.

I have no words for this, except “thank you”. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

Answering asks is definitely not the easiest part of our job as mods. I’m an admin on 3 sideblogs including this one, and never have I felt so stressed and anxious about how I reply to asks. I’m not the only mod who feels like this on the sideblog. Having to think what kind of consequences our replies could have, could this start a misunderstanding and lead to us getting hate … on top of all of that, for except one mod, English isn’t our first language.

Trying to please everyone isn’t an easy task. No matter what we’ll do, we’ll get attacked again and again. Even when I defended the fandom and my fellow co-admins in a hateful ask, people told me I was rude. I personally don’t think I was. When it comes to hate, especially towards friends and almost 30k followers, I gotta say STOP. Deal with it.

Perhaps you guys didn’t know, but we constantly get attacked over the smallest things when it could’ve be delt with in a peaceful way. Still, we tried to stay as polite as we could, but behind all of this, we’re hurt and think about it all day, all week. On the first day I joined this sideblog, I got attacked. I never ever received hate on my almost 2-year stay on Tumblr. I cried. Some people don’t realize it, but there’s a side of this fandom that is so negative, and we try to keep this blog free of that bad side, because oh God knows how much we want to keep this blog and this fandom as positive as possible, like Kubo would want it to be.

But the fact is here, hate is slowly consuming this fandom, and we try to fight against it as much as we can. It’s nerve-wrecking, it’s exhausting, it’s stressful, it’s … terrifying.

Almost 10 weeks went by without us showing you our distress. But 10 weeks is a lot. 2 months and a half getting attacks is too much. We can’t hide it anymore. 

We just wanted to say STOP. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We too, admins, deserve minimal respect. We too, admins, are human beings. We too, admins, have feelings. We too, admins, have limits.

Sorry this turned out as a super long answer. We needed to let it all out tonight. This was also to show you how much getting nice messages like these mean a lot. Thank you. Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts. Stay safe <3

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12. The last time I did this, I was drunk. :)

He wonders if he should stop her.

Scully always stops him from doing something stupid. Or rather, she continuously tries to. Because clearly, rules are there to be broken; or if they’re not broken, then at least they have to be bent. That’s Mulder’s motto, though, and not Scully’s.

“You want to break in?” His voice is almost high-pitched; there’s no way he can hide his surprise. His ever correct Scully breaking and entering? She’s touching the sturdy fence that’s currently blocking their way. Behind it lays darkness, but if Mulder is quiet, he can hear the gentle sway of water tickled by the soft summer wind.

“Mulder, the kids ran this way,” Scully explains to him in an even voice, “Who knows what they’re planning to do inside.” Mulder is almost completely sure that this is normally his line of reasoning. It’s true that they saw about four teenagers jump the fence and disappear giggling and laughing. It’s also true, though, that this is none of their business. They’re here on a case, or rather they were here on a case, and that’s finished. A couple of teenagers using the town’s outdoor pool is not their problem. And the whole this is a big maybe, because they have no idea what the kids are planning anyway. For all he knows, this is just a short cut to wherever they want to go.

“Scully, let’s just go back to the hotel,” Scully crosses her arms in front of her chest; is this what I look like when she thinks I’m being unreasonable? Mulder can’t help but wonder, “The kids are long gone anyway.”

“Mulder, come on. They’re probably in the pool.” There’s a whiny edge to Scully’s voice that he doesn’t hear very often. It’s usually reserved for when he wakes her in the middle of the night, or during an impromptu nap, or when she hasn’t eaten for hours. He’s never heard it when he’s being logical for a change.

“We can call the police, if you want, and then go back to the hotel.”

“I don’t want to go back to the hotel. The shower is broken.” That’s when Mulder understands. He can’t believe he didn’t see it sooner. Scully couldn’t care less about the wayward teenagers. All she wants is to dive into the pool herself. It’s 10 pm and it’s still 85 degrees out here, wherever they are, and of course Scully wants to cool off. He could tell her that the shower in his room is working fine.

“You think a broken shower warrants breaking and entering?”

“We saw people trespassing, Mulder. That justifies us looking at the premises. Not to mention that this town is basically dead. Who would even know?” Scully is taking off her shoes before Mulder can even try to come up with something she would tell him if the roles were reserved. But Scully, as she usually does, gives him the right arguments and who is he to argue with facts? So he watches as she throws one, and then the other high heel over the fence. There’s no going back now anyway, because he knows she won’t leave her shoes behind. Ever.

“Do you need any…help?” Mulder watches hopelessly as Scully starts climbing the fence.

“Does it look like I need help?” He has to admit that it doesn’t. It’s quite the opposite, actually. She’s almost to the top already, carefully turning over.

“The last time I did this, I was drunk.” She tells him and another moment later she is on the other side, picking up her shoes.

“You’ve done this before?” Mulder tries to climb the fence as gracefully as possible. It looked so easy when Scully did it, after all. He is taller, however, and much heavier.

“I was young once, Mulder. Come on, hurry up.” He wishes he had known her then. A young Scully, drunk, breaking into some pool with her friends doing god knows what. Where does she hide that person these days? It has to be somewhere under all that polyester.

“Finally.” Scully huffs when Mulder decides to forego the last bit of climbing and just jumps. At least he lands on his feet. Together they find their way through the bushes and eventually end up on an actual gravel path.

“Mulder, look.” Scully points to a pool that seems too big for a town this small. Luckily, the teenagers aren’t there. The area is almost pitch-dark, but Scully doesn’t seem to care. He quickly follows her to the edge of the pool and rather than see anything, he hears the rustling of her getting undressed. And then the sound of clothes hitting the ground.


“Yes, Mulder?”

“Are you sure about this? I mean skinny dipping?” He looks around nervously. Even if someone were lurking, he wouldn’t be able to see. He could barely see Scully and she was standing right beside him.

“No skinny dipping. Unless you’re not wearing any underwear.” Scully informs him and the next sound he hears is a gentle splash of water, followed by a happy sigh.

“Come in, Mulder. The water is perfect.” He thinks that one of them should stay put, and if she’s in the water, that responsibility lies with him. He also thinks the cool water would feel nice on his heated body. Quickly, he takes off his own clothes, safe for his boxers, and lumps them with Scully’s. Before he can change his mind, he jumps in.

“I can’t believe this,” Mulder mumbles as he’s swimming towards Scully; at least he hopes it’s her. It’s not like he can see all that much. “We actually broke in here to go swimming.”

“The water is wonderful, isn’t it?” Suddenly Scully is by his side, but she doesn’t stay long, keeps swimming. Mulder is not used to this side of her. Not at all.

“How old were you the last time?” Mulder follows her through the water easily.

“I was 15 and I was the youngest. They were mostly Missy’s friends and I just tagged along. We didn’t do much swimming, though.” Scully giggles; another thing he doesn’t get to experience all that often. Mulder thinks he should make this his new quest in life: make Scully giggle.

“What did you do?” He has a pretty good idea, of course, but he wants her to tell him.

“I can show you if you want.”

“Show me?” Mulder says slowly, not quite believing her words.

“Sure.” Quicker than he thought possible, she is by his side again. He feels her body press against him, warm and wet, and he wills his lower regions to stay put. At least for another moment. Her hands land on his shoulders to hold herself up. Being this close to her, he can see the playfulness dancing in her eyes. Their faces are so close that they’re sharing the same, chlorine filled air, and if he leans forwards just a tiny bit, he thinks, he could capture her lips. But she said she’d show him so Mulder just waits as patiently as humanly possible with her this close to him. With certain, easily excited parts, of his anatomy very close to parts of her anatomy he would really like to get to know better.

“I had a crush on this guy, Todd, and I hoped he would finally kiss me that night,” Scully tells him, her breath tickling him, testing his resolve, “So I followed him into the water and he put his hands on my shoulders like this and then he-” Mulder closes his eyes, anticipating her move, except that it doesn’t come. Instead her hands push on his shoulders, hard, and suddenly he is dunked under, his arms flailing, his lungs grasping for air. Before he can really panic, though, his head resurfaces and the sound of Scully’s laughter fills his ears.

“I’m sorry, Mulder,” she tells him honestly, holding him up as much as she can, “I just had to do it.”

“I thought-”, but his lungs protest, he coughs and swallows the rest of his words along with some water when Scully’s hands land on his back, gently patting him, “I thought-”

Scully uses his speechlessness to lean forward, finally, and close the gap between them. The kiss is not the hot passionate smooch Mulder expected moments ago. Rather, it’s soft and sweet and a promise.

“This what you thought?” Scully whispers against his lips.

“Sort of.” He mumbles back.

“Let’s go back to the hotel and make sure you didn’t swallow too much water.”

“Oh, I see, you just wanted to play doctor.” Mulder coughs again, but it’s mostly for show and they both know it.

“Maybe.” He gets another kiss, just as soft, but a bit more persistent. Yes, Mulder thinks, sometimes rules should definitely be broken.

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can u do a masterpost for the characters ofthings like sexualities pronouns pronunciation heritage etc things we know so we can be respectful to their characters and bg:)

this was such a thoughtful ask :’) 

I didn’t list down their disprivileges and mental illnesses. Phoebus has a small bit of First nations up the family tree, but he’s mostly white passing. I don’t know whether or not to elaborate on Sara’s heritage? Just. She’s adopted.  Ari uses (they/them)

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hi! first off i love your drawings so much - i'm usually crying over your drawings of the de la vega boys. I was wondering, if you weren't busy/had some free times, if you could draw any sonny/pete and pete/vanessa friendship doodles? Thanks for your time and please never ever stop drawing these

ahhhh thank you so much! 

i have so many thoughts about a pete&vanessa friendship, but i will limit myself to two because its nearly 1am 

FIRST theyre like super lowkey friends like,, most people dont even realise they even know each other but they enjoy sarcasm, complaining and being a lil bitchy together, and they get stuff done

BUT ALSO they love to dance and thats like usnavis only idea that they’ve ever met, like a “ uhhh maybe they dance at the club once?”  BUT NO if they ever need a partner they’re gonna dance or on the steet and stuff idk i just like the idea of them dancing 

and because this was maybe the nicest most politest ask ever, heres a lil pete/sonny because this just made me super happy when i got it :) :) :)


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