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yeah, but if louis wants to expand and appeal to wider audience he can't be seen as 'lesser than' people look to the media for info on an artist and if they see the media rating louis and his music as 'eh' they aren't going to want to be a fan.

Louis Tomlinson:
1 Single released on december 10, 2016 called “ Just Hold On “ 
with Steve aoki

this song: 
-  Has surpassed 149 millions streams on spotify
- Also jho is part of the most streamed playlists on spotify
- Made a debut in the Billboard Mainstream top 40
- was the #Mostrequested on radio stations countless times
- Caused All those radio Station + apple music + rolling stone + iheart radio +Disney radio,etc. interviews.
- Is number one in “dance” stations ( Dance -  Mediabase Sortable Stats™ )
- Some certifications : Gold in Ireland, Gold in Canada, Gold in Italy, Gold in Australia, Silver in UK.
- Was performed on Jimmy K. show, Jimmy Fallon show, Today show ,The late late show + the promo in Canada
- have a lot of more records that i just can’t remember… and..
- Don’t forget the Remixes (they’re out tomorrow).

so, don’t tell me that Louis is “ Lesser than’ other people, He and Steve deserve all the recognition for this. they worked so hard in this song, and i’m going to sing my heart out for JHO for the rest of my life. 

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(1/2) I know this is probably more... Sappy then you're used to getting... But you really inspire me. I came across your blog while I was getting hardcore into BTD, and I had been having a really had time. I was just getting into art and had no real focus on what I wanted to even do with this new-found passion I had dropped in my lap (and although my original passion of writing never left, I found myself more and more focused on art) I found a lot of reasoning while hooked on BTD and-

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You know that part in movies where a character rests their hand over their heart and are all like AWWW BLESS <3 well congrats anon that’s how you’ve made me feel with this message X3 Thank you for being so lovely.

Also congrats on the new-found art passion! I’m really happy for you and that you seem to be figuring out your own personal direction with it, and i hope you are having a good time being creative with art and writing :) And i say this to practically anyone who expresses some interest in animation but totally GO FOR IT. Animation is hard and frustrating and sometimes you wanna throw things out a window but ultimately the end product is pretty rewarding XD

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can we destroy the idea that to be considered nb you need to be white, have your hair cut short & dyed, have blue/green/hazel eyes, are skinny, and be perfectly androgynous ??? because honestly you can be nonbinary and still look feminine or masculine, you can use whatever pronouns you feel comfortable with. nb people have varying skin tones. they’re not all the same. please stop characterizing us as such