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brUH Can my thirsty ass request a threesome with jun and minghao?? Like I think it would be rad if the reader was a burlesque dancer and they came to a show thinking it was some kind of regular dance recital and not burlesque. Then after they do the thang. Idk if that's a good idea but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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“Everything about Pickett the Bowtruckle is wonderful and I am completely biased. He is probably my favorite. He is neurotic, he is slightly insecure, and he gets picked on by the other Bowtruckles. Newt has a very soft spot in his heart for him, hence he always carries him around in his top pocket and makes continuous excuses for him.” - Eddie Redmayne

  • Lexa: lets go skinny dipping
  • Clarke: okay that sounds fun
  • Lexa: while we're at it, lets bring some little scrub brushes too
  • Lexa: and soap
  • Lexa: and some shampoo let's go crazy with the shampoo
  • Clarke: ...umm
  • Lexa: please wash