Do you know why women can’t walk peacefully in our country? Because they’re afraid of being followed. Let the girl’s walk. Let them go to school…to college. Let them go to work. In peace. If you like a girl…tell her. If she likes you too…marry her. If she doesn’t…chasing and stalking her doesn’t make a man. One who respects her decisions and walks away, is a true man.
—  Ajith (Vedalam)

I have headcanons about elves and their maritime traditions.

Yes, it’s time for another Pike Nerds Out At Length About Elves post.

I think that the high elves (and now blood elves) have a longstanding, solid seafaring tradition.

Let’s think about it:

  • Quel’Thalas is surrounded by ocean on three sides (and Quel’Danas, a major part of Quel’Thalas due to the fact that it houses the Sunwell, is an island.)  It seems logical that they would have developed a strong navy early on.
  • Elven destroyers and their crews, said to be particularly skilled, contributed greatly to the Alliance war effort in the Second War.
  • Several blood elven (and high elven) ships can be seen in World of Warcraft in many expansions.  Blood elven ships play a major role in the offensive on the Isle of Thunder.
  • In the Horde Garrison shipyard, blood elven crews cut the amount of time a mission takes in half, which would suggest considerable expertise in the art of sailing in particular.  (compare to the bonuses other races have, which mostly revolve around things like scavenging for items, getting extra gold, and so forth.)
  • As seen in the screenshot above, fishing is not seen by the Silvermoon City guards as a dirty or strange profession (the way they view mining, for example).  Clearly the elves have taken advantage of the bounties given to them by the seas and rivers for generations.  I’d reckon that seafood is a major part of elven cuisine.

Conclusion: Elves aren’t just good at magic and archery, they’re also really damn good at sailing a ship.  The sea has been a part of their lives for millennia.  This also opens up a lot of really neat roleplaying/character building ideas.  Elf pirates?  Oh, no doubt there are several.  They probably have legends and tall tales regarding an infamous pirate crew on a ship named The Black Firehawk or something.  Elf fishermen?  Elf boatbuilders?  Elf whalers?  Yup.  The possibilities are endless!

been drawing boring stuff for school all day, and I needed a break. I figured I haven’t drawn myself as an AC animal since I was 12 or something, so here is my second try. I also threw in my buddy that I intend to play NL with because I can. he was going to be a duck, but ducks are hard, and monkeys suit him better.