This is a 1.5-hour workshop on swordsmanship mechanics, using lightsabers or straight sticks with no crossguard.* I taught this for the Bangkok Brotherhood of Historical Fencing, a HEMA group based in Thailand. To jump straight to the class, go to 6:54. This is part 1 of 2 workshops, the second is coming soon!

For those wishing to take part remotely in the workshop, I’ve included the whole session, unedited (except for free sparring at the end). A full transcript is attached below.

*The choice to use lightsabers to teach medieval swordsmanship was due to weapon-carry restrictions for the fighters getting to and from the workshop using public transport in Bangkok, so we used lightsabers and incorporated that into the class content.

I do address lightsaber-specific mechanics, but the majority of what I teach in the class is useful for general swordsmanship.

Thanks for watching!


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Good enough" - Por dee in Thai - is a beautiful mantra. It’s great to use in your meditation no matter what you’re experiencing. If you’re so tired that your head is almost on the floor, says, “This is good enough.” As you breathe in and out, say, “Good enough.” But you have to be consistent and make every moment good enough. In this way you subdue the desires that take you away and the ill will that keeps you from staying here, and you get a sense of stillness and satisfaction. There’s nothing you need, nothing you desire and the here and now is good enough.
—  Ajahn Brahm