Thaddeus Thawne

I’m not the most seasoned member of the team, but I’ve done my homework!

‘M really not into the whole “dig up dirt on the team” scene, though. That’s…Red Arrow’s job or something! Haha! (Kidding, kidding.)

I’m not scared of her in the “white-martian” sense, but…

Likereallyuncomfortable! If there was, like, another on-mode me, I guarantee there would be some tension. 

There’s only room for one good looking speedster on this team! Not crash! SOOO not crash!!


Pairing: Barry x Iris; Barry x Reader

Warnings: death

Words: 2293

Iris snaked her arms around Barry and stepped closer to her. Their foreheads touched, a smile playing on both of their lips. He didn’t want to let go of this moment, but he knew he had to get going and he was positive she knew that, too, yet she wasn’t letting go. Then again… neither was he.

“Alright, you two,” Cisco declared. “This meta isn’t going to stop itself.”

Iris pouted for a brief moment before tipping her head to connect her lips to Barry’s, the kiss deep and warm, and it sent chills up Barry’s spine. She pulled away from him and he was very tempted to pull her back in, but Cisco’s voice came up once again and he was turning his back on her.

“You have to run at Mach 2, Barry, in order to take down this monster,” Cisco stated. “Otherwise… well, I’ll see you at your funeral.” The engineer patted the speedster’s shoulder and Barry rolled his eyes.

“I can do this,” Barry assured, pulling his mask on. “I got this.”

“Run, Barry,” Iris said, “run.”

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