Thaddeus Thawne

Personajes que quiero en Young Justice:


Damian Wayne (Robin V)


Joseph Wilson (Jericho)

Greta Hayes (Secret)

Zachary Zatara (Zatara II)

Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)

Thaddeus Thawne (Inertia)

Eddie Bloomberg (Red Devil)

Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)

Impulse...Irey West!

This post got me thinking about just how much potential Irey West would have if she got her own book. So now I have lots of feelings about how awesome an Impulse vol 2 series could be (or could have been, when she still existed) and I thought I’d share.

The first story arc would be Irey tracking down Bart (the original Impulse and her hero) and demanding that he be her mentor. He declines at first, because he’s riddled with self doubt and insecurity (ugh, someone hug him already). Instead, Bart goes to Max and suggests he mentor Irey. Max, wise man that he is, says training one Impulse was enough, but he knows who’d make the perfect mentor…Bart! So Bart eventually agrees. Wally has opinions about this, but Max/Jay/Linda out vote him. The first story arc ends on an optimistic note, with Bart and Irey learning to work together (and have fun!). There, tone for the series set.

Other story arcs (in no particular order) would include:
-Time travel to the 31st century to visit Bart’s family there.
-Jai gets his powers back (or does he?)
-Thad Thawne.
-Irey joins Bart for a weekend at Titans Tower.
-That prophecy Zoom made about Jai West being destined to be a super villain. Actually, Thad can show up in this arc too, and make some badass speech about choosing your own destiny.
-Obligatory superhero guest star issues throughout the series.
-Irey and Bart bond over being born with superspeed and losing half their childhoods to accelerated aging.
-Bart needs to use his speedforce clones for the first time since one died and left him comatose on Apokolips.
-Irey and Bart go back to the 31st century to save Thad from President Thawne’s newest plot.
-Wally and Bart have a heart to heart and come to an understanding.
-Obligatory issues referencing the original Impulse comic (guest stars, recurring villains, tying up old plot threads, etc)
-Jay takes Irey for a weekend with the JSA.
-Something happens to make Irey consider quitting as Impulse. Bart tells her about the time he quit, and supports her decision either way.
-Bart realizes he only became Kid Flash to prove something, and decides he doesn’t have anything to prove anymore. However, the mantle of Impulse is taken now (and there’s another Kid Flash now anyway) so he decides on a new superhero identity. Irey helps.

I think it’d be great fun, and a good way to bring the many forgotten and ignored members of the Flash family into play.

Young Justice Season 3+

So you know how they gave hints about Jaime being on mode in S2? While I’m going to watch everything Bart does S3+ and if he is out of character repeatedly I will make a giant post about how Bart might actually be Thad pretending to be him.

I’m not the most seasoned member of the team, but I’ve done my homework!

‘M really not into the whole “dig up dirt on the team” scene, though. That’s…Red Arrow’s job or something! Haha! (Kidding, kidding.)

I’m not scared of her in the “white-martian” sense, but…

Likereallyuncomfortable! If there was, like, another on-mode me, I guarantee there would be some tension. 

There’s only room for one good looking speedster on this team! Not crash! SOOO not crash!!