a while ago someone in the Jaime Reyes tag reminded me that Scarlet Scarab exists and I was like “…yes”

And then I was like “fuck it, I’m gonna ship him with Thad. How’s THAT for a Dark Bluepulse AU.” Bc I like this better than AUs where it’s Thad and Moded!Jaime

UpDated list

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  1. Brother’s Day (Tim and Damian bonding)
  2. No Win Situation (Tim saving Damian)
  3. No Win Situation: Epilogue (Tim Damian bonding)
  4. Faster Friend (Tim and Bart fluff)
  5. Day of the Oracle (a day in the life of Barbara Gordon)
  6. Resurrection Night (the return of Jason Todd Part 1)
  7. Resurrection Night: Part 2 (the return of Jason Todd Part 2)
  8. Robins united (the return of Jason Todd Part 3, Jason and Tim together)
  9. BlueJay (the return of Jason Todd Part 4, Jason and Tim)
  10. Of Green and Blue (the return of Jason Todd Part 5, Jason faces the Joker)
  11. Colin and Damian at the Prom
  12. the Story of Jason and Dick’s first kiss
  13. Damian goes to high school
  14. TimBart in the Library
  15. Tim unmasks for Kon
  16. Tim Meets New52 Kon
  17. Timkon first kiss
  18. Kon can’t figure out what to wear for a date
  19. Tim’s brothers crash his date
  20. Tim gives Damian advice on handling a Superboy
  21. Tim, Kon, and Bart on Vacation
  22. Tim the jacket thief
  23. TimKon on Tim’s day off
  24. Jason and Roy have to save Dick
  25. Jason and Selina at a gala
  26. Colin is upset by Superboy
  27. Tim and the Jacket
  28. Dick and Jason crash Dami’s Date
  29. Tim Missing Bart
  30. Tim and Connor go to Prom!
  31. Connor meets Jon for the first time
  32. Kon gets a lip ring
  33. Tim, Kon and Bart have they real date
  34. Tim meets an old friend
  35. Tim Kon and Bart become boyfriends
  36. Connor and Bart react to Tim’s death
  37. Tim’s brothers find out about his boyfriend
  38. Kon sets up a date for Tim
  39. Jason reacts to Tim’s Death
  40. Tim teaches Kon how to fight
  41. Damian uses the Teen Titans to spy on Tim’s date
  42. Damian and Jon go trick or treating
  43. Tim and Kon’s first “I love you”
  44. Tim and Jason’s Kiss
  45. “I almost lost you” kiss (Tim and Bart Thad)
  46. Tim catching the bouquet at the end of a wedding
  47. Tim comes out to Batdad (and Dami)
  48. Damian and Tim share a birthday cake
  49. Tim Meets Babs for the first time
  50. Tim and Damian get (another) dog
  51. Tired Tim and Ghost Jason
  52. Pretty boy Dick Grayson schools the JLA
  53. Damian gets an eating disorder
  54. Jon and Conner’s baby sitting
  55. Terry Meets the modern JLA
  56. DamiJon First Kiss
  57. TimKon and DamiJon
  58. Bruce and Babs play chess
  59. Damian kidnaps Billy Batson
  60. Billy Batson gets an unexpected job  (Part 2)
  61. Damian “doesn’t have friends”
  62. Damian’s birthday party turns out differently than he thought
  63. Billy Batson and the Heroes of Olympus/Egypt/Asgard
  64. Tim Drake Batman and his Damian Robin
  65. Damian hunts famous blogger Billy Batson
  66. Billy Batson and Zachary Zatara do card tricks
  67. Damian talks about his first death
  68. Titan’s Tower turns into a zoo and Gar doesn’t like it
  69. Bart and Thad bonding
  70. Bruce adopts again (sorry Damian!)
  71. Bruce’s lonely day off
  72. cat lovers
  73. the animals in Billy Batson’s apartment
  74. Thad and Bart speaking telepathically
  75. Jason and Damian bonding
  76. Bart tries to cover for Thad on a date
  77. The Titans learn that Damian can smile
  78. Bruce stalks his kids on their dates
  79. Thad gets stuck with 3 year old Bart
  80. Damian kidnaps Jon for a bake sale
  81. Thad with 3 year old Bart
  82.  Batman introduces his Robins to the JLA
  83. Damian asks Billy out (at last)
  84. Thad as big brother to Bart 
  85. Billy interviews The Teen Titans 
  86. The Teen Titans learn about Damian’s boyfriend
  87.  Damian and Billy a date 
  88. Tim dealing with being Batman 
  89. Batman stalks his children on dates 
  90. Damian sneaks out for a sleep over
  91. Tim covers for Damian on a date 
  92. Billy tries to get the Titans to eat right
  93. Damian turns to Aqualad for help with his sexuality 
  94. Billy and Harley Quinn’s friendship
  95. Jaime Rayes as Ted and Booster’s “son”

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I’ve been thinking about a thing!

Or rather, about a few things! 

First of all: In the comic books, Iris West/Allen was actually from the future, and she went back to the past, or ‘present time’ with Barry Allen, for reasons, and when she died, instead of just…you know, dying, her soul actually got transported back to the time she was originally from. And eventually, Barry Allen went to the future with her for a short time before dying in the Crisis. And they had Don and Dawn Allen and eventually, Bart happened. Which brings me to my first query; If Bart was from the future and died in the past like his grandmother did, would his soul have also gotten sling shotted to the future? And would the same be true of Thad?

But then I remember, technically Bart and Thad’s future (the one they originally came from) was wiped from existence, and at the point of their deaths, I believe (though my memory might be failing me) the main future verse at the time of their deaths, was what I affectionately dubbed the asshole verse. Because almost everyone in that version of the Legion of Superheroes was an asshole. So would this stop that process of soul slingshotting? Or would they have been floating around in the time stream with what was left of the Legion of their original verse? 

And also, technically it was hinted in the Impulse comics that Thad had made it back to the future, which brings up another question; did the Thad from the Impulse comics actually get wiped out with the rest of that future? And is the Inertia we see in Flash FMA actually an Inertia from the asshole verse? 

And lastly, I wonder if Bart’s original timeline getting destroyed might have had some impact on him as a person. Like, what if part of the reason for Bart’s personality changes, was due to Bart’s personal timeline trying to keep its self in check by merging timelines with a Bart that could have potentially come from the asshole verse?

Sorry for this being so long. I kinda got on a roll and every question I asked myself just led to more potential questions. Time travel shenanigans make things so god damn confusing. 

this is based off & inspired by @indigonite ‘s demigods one. Like same poses and everything. When I saw it I couldn’t help but see the flash family so I had to do it. I also added Wally & Linda’s twins peering in. And Barry made a Batsignal Flashsignal. Please check out the original, Indigonite’s art is amazinggggg. wally was the hardest and i still think he looks weird.

people really liked that first scarlet scarab/inertia thing i posted so i did another doodle,,,

this needs a better ship name bc “evil bluepulse” isnt gonna cut it bc neither impulse or blue beetle are actually here. InerScarab ??? ScarletInertia ????

heck, i dunno,,, does scarlet scarab even have a name,,,

I found this while going through my Inertia art, and I can’t believe I never posted this here!

So explanation time!

A while back I had Thad in a nifty little Legion of Superheros RP on Dreamwidth. And it was one of those crossover encouraging kind of RP’s so we had characters from all kinds of different types of media and from all over the DC timelines/various universes. And with the way they were brought into this universe, they would either gain powers if they didn’t have any, or they would possibly lose some abilities if they already did. Depicted here are Hal Jorden, Thad Thawne (of course), and Dipper and Mable Pines.  

This version of Thad came from a point when he was pretty susceptible to joining the Legion and eventually he did. And at one point we were going to have had a sillier plot to kind of act as a breather between some really heavy ones that we called “The Drunkening”, where the Legionnaires would go out to someplace they could party and have fun. 

Unforchunetly, life got in the way and I didn’t get to play it out but I was still there when plotting went down, and drew this at the time. 

Some of the stuff we were going to do included Hal unhappily having to play the part of responsible adult, and Dipper and Thad (because he had lost his high metabolism) accidentally getting drunk together. Which for Dipper opens up the floodgates of just how depressed/paranoid he is, and for Thad causes him to get in to bar fights until he gets kicked out. 

I felt really bad for poor Hal. He just wanted a day to relax and instead, he ends up spending the night wrangling drunken toddlers. 

So @duke-nitro was awesome and write me a specific piece of their Mercury Falling AU and in exchange I drew them this.  I originally posted the line art, but here it is in full coloured glory: Thad as Kid Hermes.  The costume is based off of Jay Garrick’s but I did pull inspiration from other Flash and Flash-associates’ outfits.

In reality I haven’t touched coloured pencils in over a year so I apologize if it looks sloppy!