Thad Thawne


a while ago someone in the Jaime Reyes tag reminded me that Scarlet Scarab exists and I was like “…yes”

And then I was like “fuck it, I’m gonna ship him with Thad. How’s THAT for a Dark Bluepulse AU.” Bc I like this better than AUs where it’s Thad and Moded!Jaime

Savitar’s jealous of Barry, that seems obvious. He talks about how he was the one who Joe raised, the one Iris loves, the one surrounded by his friends and family. This is very familiar to fans of the Flash comics, since many Flash villains have a similar motivation:

Eobard Thawne wanted nothing more than to be Barry. Malcolm Thawne envied Barry’s happy life and loving parents. Thad Thawne envied Bart for similar reasons. Notice a pattern? The Thawnes have a recurring envy for members of the Allen family.

I think that it’s very likely that Savitar is Eddie Thawne, which would make a lot of what he says make more sense, especially going out of his way to apologize to Iris for what he “has” to do. I expected Eddie to turn into Cobalt Blue (Malcolm’s alias in the comics) since the first episode, and his jealously of Barry in this case would be a lot less cartoony than “literal evil twin raised by criminals”.

TL;DR Savitar has been mashed together with Cobalt Blue, and is Eddie.

Inertia is supposed to be the antithesis of impulse so it makes sense that if bart’s character changes, thad’s does too

in the young justice cartoon, bart’s from an apocalyptic future where food is scarce and almost everything he knows, he learns it because he needs to survive. So thad’s from a future that to him, seems pretty utopian (president thawne anybody?). he learns everything from tutors and the most highly recommended books. every day, he’s tested to his physical limitations

bart learns about the values of friendship and sticking together against all odds. he grew up to quick, but he grew into someone good despite it all.

thad learns about exploiting workers and feeling nothing when someone’s held hostage. he doesn’t grow up quick because he’s never been offered the chance to be a child, all he’s ever been is heir to the thawne’s and destroyer of the allen’s

but the end result is the same–bart knows love and knows people who would risk their lives to save him. and thad knows without a doubt that this is the one thing he’s never had, and it seems so pointless to fight for the family that let him live without it