Mad Pajama Party

Because galacticvegetable reminded me that I made footie pj sketches a year ago and forgot about them. Thank. The original sketches had been inspired by all the JohnLock in animal pj’s going around at the time.

I wanna be like you | rp: babyhare

Mally planted his feet on the ground firmly. Crouching slightly, eyes flickering from left to right rapidly. He was searching for something…someone. The small giggles sounded like they came from miles away or right behind him. The water gun in hand he crept along the perimeter of the back yard searching.  


I found this sitting unfinished on my computer so I thought I’d finish it. (I had forgotten I even had it) O.o

Way back when while scrolling through tumblr, I saw a bunny on a leash.

And then this happened. I even gave Thack one of those stuffed animal backpacks on the harness. The backpack maaaaaaay or may not be based on muh bebe Thacky :3


Swing Dance

There was an amazing couple dancing at Fantasy Faire this past Saturday and the lady was wearing mouse ears so naturally… As drawn and colored, and couldn’t help throwing a filter on it and now don’t know which I like better. Also this is the first time I tried drawing Femally and Thack in Bri’s style.

Sinda is partially to blame for this -_-