famous artists ask

picasso: would you rather sleep on the moon with a stardust dress or on a tiny flower with a sunflower dress?
van gogh: where is your go-to positive place when you’re feeling down/sad and what do you usually do?
warhol: what is something that you possess that you’ll never give away/sell despite how much the cost?
da vinci: describe your dream wedding.
monet: where will you take your significant other in a date?
kahlo: what is a pro-tip/lesson that you learned from your past?
michelangelo: do you show your teeth when you smile? do you squint your eyes?
matisse: how do you express your love to your friends/family/significant other?
kandinsky: would you rather be a silky angel or a lacy princess… or a princess angel?
degas: in a garden full of all sorts of flowers, which one will you pick?
klee: in a library full of books, which five will you never get sick of rereading?
klimt: how many languages do you speak? what is/are it/they?
seurat: if you can wear only one color with different shades for the rest of your life, which one is it, and why?
vermeer: which of your qualities make you a dream girl?
harring: what is your all-time favorite band, movie, and painting?
munch: what is your medium in art? is that medium your first love?
renoir: is you heart occupied right now? describe him/her/them.
gauguin: what is one thing that reminds you of childhood?
manet: describe your ultimate summer get-away!
botticelli: what is that one moment in your life that makes you feel proud?
cézanne: what is your favorite christmas cookie?

You’re born a star.

As you progress you become more confident in yourself as you observe the world.

The time for adulthood is here and you’re stronger than ever. Taking one day at a time, anything can be conquered! 

Finally, you reach your full potential with all of your mind power and strength in the heart and realizing “I did it.”

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Long Summary & Review [SPOILERS]

I managed to watch the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie twice so far here in Tokyo, and to put it short, the movie is AMAZING. I went in thinking it was going to be a movie that was visually appealing but with a kind of crappy storyline, but it was anything but that! Here’s my long summary/review of the movie (tons of spoilers ahead)~

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I’m sure Baekhyun is proud of himself for working so hard, since you can see how confident he is and I said it’s okay to be proud of him but it’s also okay to worry. From what I’ve read, I understand he didn’t eat much and I only hope that he’s been learning over time that food is important, including carbs. I’m sure he has, since he’s sensible. :/ Good for him for getting abs but fuck you if you pressured him in the first place. No matter what his body looks like, we should be happy for him. His body isn’t everything. He works SO hard. Especially for us. He’s incredibly sweet and talented so don’t you dare forget that. I’m proud of you in general for being such a hard worker, Baekhyun but make sure you start eating properly, okay? 

Sometimes I go to the tumblr pages of those people with whom I see my mutuals having a discussion. I want to see what makes them tick. So I scroll down into the depths of the liberal, or the communist, or the criminal apologists. The one thing I see in common with them all is they ignore truth.

A fairly common thing is that those people who want to take away guns from law abiding citizens are violent themselves. Or they speak as though they are. I saw one of them who was advocating to “kill all redneck republicans over 40”. Another wanted to kill all landlords. The vast majority admit to knowing little to nothing about firearms.

The number of criminal apologists are the ones who scare me. I see more and more young people who believe that a criminal’s right to a trial trumps a citizen’s right to self defense. This is shocking and sickening to me.

I also see a decent amount of people who argue with these types of people resorting to threatening the other person. Calling them idiots, etc. These things close minds. If there was a chance of any common sense making to these people, threatening them and calling them stupid will ensure your side of the argument falls upon deaf ears.

Stay safe out there in real life. Treat others as you wish to be treated, online and offline.

I dream so much and I live so little, that sometimes I am only three years old. But, the next day I am three hundred, if the dream has been sombre. Isn’t it the same with you? Doesn’t it seem at moments, that you are beginning life without even knowing what it is, and at other times don’t you feel over you the weight of several thousand centuries, of which you have a vague remembrance and a sorrowful impression?
—  George Sand, in a letter to Gustave Flaubert, 28 September 1866