“omg why are gay clubs so much more fuunnn tho??!” its not just a club it’s our hangout spot sharon after we were forced to create our own spaces since yall wouldn’t stop persecuting us for our “alternative lifestyle” brittany we literally don’t just come here to get “shwasted” mikaiylaiegh we’re here to hang out with our own people because in the time we’re here we get to forget yall exist for maybe 4 damn hours suzanne except not really, cause then you and your 20 bachelorettes show up and treat us like a human zoo donna and then you wonder why we made these spaces for our own to be with our own in the first place

About the photo I accidentally took of Prince Lotor and other new characters


When I took the photo and uploaded it on my blog, I didn’t realize that Prince Lotor and other new characters were there. Then some people started pointing them out, and I panicked and blurred that part of the bigger photo. However, since other fans moved faster than I did, zoomed-in edits of my photo are still going around. 

Stopping the further circulation of this image is important because someone at Studio Mir could get in serious trouble for not policing my photography enough. I do not want anyone to get in trouble just because of a fan’s huge mistake. 

Please delete it. 


SOMEONE: “Suga is cold hearted”

That time Jungkook fell asleep and Suga held him. Yoongi stroke his hair as he smiled

That time he held Jhope when he cried and patted his back

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The time he reassured Hobi when he was scared

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That time he stared lovingly at this puppy doll given by an ARMY. Then got a dog that looks exactly the same

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That time he tried to hide Jimin’s underarm hair to protect his image

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That time Yoongi bought Rapmon a wallet when he lost his


That time he showed how much he cared about International ARMYs as he watches their reactions

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And all these, are just a few. Suga really shows his affection in a subtle way

So have you fallen for  this man yet because I did”

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Suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong! Hope you like it ^^. 

No, but listen, people

I know there’s this fandom joke about everyone’s outfits being horrid and Lance being the only one with a sense of style, but listen me here. 

Isn’t the show supposed to be set in the future? I mean, it’s not quite confirmed but we can pressume the story takes place in a  futuristic, technology-wise advanced earth, right? Well, you know what other element of society is also always evolving?

That’s right, fashion. 

So, what I’m saying is that this is probably how people on earth actually dress by the time period  the show is set in. They don’t have terrible tastes in fashion, this is the fashion in this world. 

That being said, Lance wearing normal 2010s teenager clothes becomes a whole different concept. He isn’t going with his time’s fashion, he is wearing something his parents, or even his grandparents would have wore. So basically he is the sci-fi equivalent of a guy in the 2017 wearing zubaz pants, sky jackets and neon headbands, or something like that. Which is, i have to say, absolutely hilarious. These aren’t four awful looks + one with actual style. These are four totally normal looks + some nerd wearing his grandparent’s clothes like a goddamn futuristic hipster. 

This fucking dork just took the concept of vintage to a whole new level, i love him so much. 

  • Rap monster (after the interview): so..um..you speak English?
  • Yoongi (in the cutest English accent ever): yes
  • Rap monster: why didn't you tell us
  • Yoongi: ...I didn't want to because then you'll talk to me in English, force me to talk in interviews and that's just too much for me you see I don't like to talk at all tbh all I wanna do is take a nap in fact I'm gonna take a nap right here because I said way too many words I have to recharge my energy gn
  • Rap monster:
  • jungkook: [walks past the billboard trophy]
  • [looks back]
  • [reaches out to the trophy]
  • jungkook: i have to-
  • bts: [ jumps out their hidden spots]
  • jin screeching: STOP HIM
  • [jimin and taehyung tackle jungkook]
  • [yoongi takes the trophy and wraps it up in a blanket]

taehyung is too pure for this world universe. his new hobby is drawing and he was so shy about it. he showed the interviewer his vincent van gogh drawings! his smile! so bright! he forgot that he was being interviewed and he said drawing was his secret hobby! we need to make this boy an art blog asap. protect and cherish his artwork! 

so basically to sum things up:

  • jj abrams wrote tfa thinking only of one movie and not an arc for the whole trilogy and just passed the bar for rian johnson to fix it
  • rian johnson did the exact same thing so colin trevorrow will be the one to deal with what they have left for episode ix
  • we got a trio (poe, finn and rey) who hasn’t even had one scene together yet and they’ll likely be split for tlj
  • the title was the first thing rian chose simply because he liked that and he sees it as one jedi, while most languages translated it to plural
  • we got new cast members (laura dern, benicio del toro) who will likely have supporting roles while other actors (gwendoline christie, domhnall gleeson) haven’t even had the chance to establish their characters well
  • since this is a space movie i’m kinda amused but not in a good way that there haven’t been many actual aliens as important characters (re: maz kanata)
  • the plot for tfa was very similar to anh: a planet destroyer weapon, someone is kidnapped, a mentor dies. the premise for tlj is very similar to esb: a main character gets training while the others go on another adventure. not very original

like… yall are quick to criticize the prequels but this is not looking very good scoob