i’ve never thought of niall as a surprise beyonce drop kinda guy but … what if the drag me down drop, fireproof, every panic inducing blindside they put us through was all niall #darkniall

  • Wonho:I have decided to leave my past behind me.
  • Kihyun:You owe me $5.
  • Wonho:I'm sorry, but I've moved on.

Love and Space Dust.

5 Star Rated Poetry.

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Poems from my anthology, Love and Space Dust. The full book is out now and available as:

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ppl already like “just wait and give it a chance i’m sure it’ll all make sense once we see the whole episode”. seriously for some of these ppl, this show has actually become some kind of mind altering drug. like at this point the next episode could be mickey becoming an astronaut and ian swimming to jupiter to go live with him in an igloo and they’d be like “JUST KEEP WATCHING! IT’LL ALL MAKE SENSE IN THE END!!!”