Do you ever just see people with headphones in and wonder what kind of music they’re listening to? Like is the business man on the bus more of “baby you light up my world like nobody else” 1D type of person or an “Ass fat yeah I know” Nicki kinda person??

don’t fix what isn’t broken!

hey staff & support every broken, flawed, and pointless update, is leading tumblr into the same fate of myspace. please consider why tumblr is popular before you try to change the site into something it’s not. keep in mind the more you drive off the image & gif makers, there is a better chance of a new social media outlet showing up to replace you.



“The In-Between Moments” is the subject of our new short film in partnership w/ LG and I’ve got some creative challenges for writers.

WRITERS: Think about a specific memory you have from an “In-Between Moment,” then write it down in a simple, intimate, confessional, and natural language.

TEXT CURATORS: Curate your favorite pieces of writing into a text record or an album.


* The deadline for this request is Sunday, September 6th.


I think this is gonna come out really differently than anything we’ve ever made before, and I’m excited to see what we make together.

I wanna thank LG, and I wanna thank you too, of course.

Thanks again <3

Since I’ll soon be in England for at least the next three years, I finally need to make myself do and see these things:

  • Gloucester Cathedral
  • Highgate Cemetery + a ton of other gorgeous cemeteries
  • Jack the Ripper tour
  • Visit places where they filmed Harry Potter all over the country
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • Westminster Abbey again because it was gorgeous
  • Alnwick Poison Garden
  • Edinburgh
  • Hunterian (Medical) Museum in London
  • Camden Market (and I need to have money this time!)

(Edit: I’m well aware Edinburgh is in Scotland and not in England, but it’s all on the same island and it’s no problem visiting Scotland from where I am in England (north). Just because I’m living in England doesn’t mean I want to stay only there. I want to visit Wales too but have no particular place to go, so it’s not on the list.)

Any spooky suggestions to add to the list?