1:18/12:18 in texas

ok everyone, looks like the official senate computer says sb5 passes 17 to 12.

the texas democrats are arguing that it was after midnight. this was totally visible on the livestream, where because of the chanting, they didn’t get to the “s” names (in the alphabetic-order roll call) until 12:03 texas time.

people in the gallery are being arrested.

Texans are proud of their state. Texans are leaders. Together, Texans can move beyond partisan politics and create a future that includes all of our state. We’ve proven that, by working together, we can pass important bipartisan legislation such as equal pay for equal work. The Promise of Texas is bigger than personal ambition and extremist interests – bigger than one political party. Together, we can do what they won’t – we can stand up for each other, stand up for what’s right – and stand up for Texas.
—  Texas state Senator Wendy Davis