Texas Politics

As each of their bills comes up, no matter how noncontroversial, they’re coming to the mic to thank the author for offering such brilliant legislation, ask all kinds of questions, and generally use up every single minute available for debate on the bill. They’re determined not to let the marriage bill come up for a vote. It’s boring to watch, but you have to admire them.
I just don’t like the guy.
—  Former President George W. Bush, sharing his dislike for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), with donors during a private fundraiser in Denver, Colorado on October 18th. Cruz actually worked for Bush during the 2000 Presidential campaign and in various Bush Administration positions before returning to Texas to serve as Solicitor General of Texas.

Wendy Davis Ad in #TXGov: Justice

A very powerful and truthful ad from Wendy Davis on the hypocrisy of Greg Abbott on disabilities issues, even though Abbott himself is disabled.


We spent our evening with Austin’s Planned Parenthood for a final initiative to get out the vote. Phone banking is a rewarding experience. People deserve to know when and where they can vote. There are so many Texans who share our excitement about tomorrow’s election. One woman I spoke to over the phone exclaimed, “Honey, you don’t have to tell me where to vote. This entire house already voted for Wendy Davis!" 

Extremely disappointed in Texas' 2014 Midterm Elections.

I don’t think people realize how important this election was for Texas. If Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte would have been elected this election, this could have changed the path of Texas forever. A WOMAN running as a DEMOCRAT for Texas Governor along side a hispanic WOMAN running as a DEMOCRAT for Texas lieutenant governor is something you never hear in Texas. For them to get the backing that they received was a movement in itself. It is just sad that once again women, youth, and minorities will not be represented in Texas like they should.