i’m working on requests right now, and then i got the mental image of little baby leatherface

lil boy bubba, who’s too big for his age, who has a strange face and sometimes has to wear a mask because his skin just hurts so much. 

he wakes up so excited to start his first day of grade one, dressed in his nice church clothes with his brand new shiny lunch box because he’s gotta look nice for new friends! and comes home, covered in mud and filth with shame and tears in those big brown eyes. he doesn’t talk about it, and doesn’t show verna his dented up lunchbox. just goes to his room and hides. 

charlie doesn’t ask, he already knows. he doesn’t bother the little junior. no, he goes above and beyond. nobody fucks with uncle charlie’s little fella. 

give me baby bubba and the family that loves him pls. 

hello-helianthus  asked:

All I can picture now is Beetlejuice trying to teach Leatherface and Jason his swag charm "ladies like big guys, but you gotta scare em' a little, the important part is they can't escape ya know, plan everything! But you gotta leave a little hope and dangle it in front of them!"

Beetlejuice just tryin’ to help ‘em out haha