Mexican bakers in Texas were trapped inside for two days, so they made pan dulce for hundreds of Harvey victims
Four bakers who became trapped in their bakery for two days in the wake of Hurricane Harvey made hundreds of loaves of bread to give to flood victims. The workers from the El Bolillo Bakery in Houston, Texas, used up nearly 2,000kg of flour to bake bread and pan dulce, Mexican sweet bread, throughout the night and day after they were left stranded by the floods over the weekend.

Yet these are the people Trump supporters think shouldn’t be here.


This is our library here in Spring, Texas, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. When I think of people who have lost everything, I hate how sad I feel about a library. But this is where I’ve taken my kids for story time since they were infants. It’s where I’ve met my closest mom friends. It’s a place that means the world to me.
But beyond that, this is a place that my community needs. It offers free educational programming, resources, information, language classes, Internet, human connection, a place that is clean and safe, free lunches for kids in the summer when school is out. It’s not just a bunch of books. For some people, the library is their only access to these things.

For anyone not understanding the severity of Harvey, what started off as a category 4 hurricane is now a tropical storm has been hovering over Texas for over 24 hrs and is expected to stay for the next 5-6 DAYS
No you did not read that wrong
In Houston a 500 year threshold is of roughly 19". In the past 24 hrs alone we have already gathered 21.7" of rain and the rain is expected to CONTINUE for 5-6 DAYS
Like Houston legit underwater right now Rockport and Corpus were hit terribly by the winds of the actual hurricane
This is a massive storm that surpasses a 500 yr flood and its hitting a huge chunk of Texas right now.
I’ve lived through plenty of hurricanes and tropical storms including Ike and Katrina but I’ve never seen a storm last this goddamn long with a trajectory so unpredictable it literally might head back towards the gulf and COME BACK AROUND
This is mad shit yall
Please keep the families of Texas in your thoughts and prayers