Texas Gothic

You walk outside. The sun is blinding and fierce. You shield your eyes from the piercing light. You cannot see. You look around and notice that no one else is covering their eyes; no one else seems to notice. You wonder if the sun has always been this bright. You try to ignore the creeping thought that it seems to get brighter and closer with each passing day. You continue walking. You shield your eyes. You cannot see.

There’s a tumbleweed in the parking lot. There’s always a tumbleweed in the parking lot. It doesn’t matter which parking lot you’re in. It’s always larger than you expect. You have heard tales of tumbleweeds larger than cows, larger than cars. You’ve even heard rumors of some taller than humans. You’ve seen shows on TV where the directors throw in a passing tumbleweed for laughs. The directors don’t realize that these things truly are ever-present. They grow tired of being joked about. You hear them shuffle as they roll closer.

“Have you applied to Texas Tech?” a teacher asks you. You know nothing about Texas Tech yet you don’t remember a time when it was not a constantly recurring part of your life. You pass posters in the hallway and they all say the same thing. “Have you applied to Texas Tech?” “Have you applied to Texas Tech?” You have no intention of applying to Texas Tech. They say that the college is in your city, although you have never seen it. Months pass and the questioning continues. You repeat over and over again that you are not going to apply. Your acceptance letter arrives in the mail.

You look down at the menu in your hands and realize that it is shaped like Texas. Has it been like that the whole time? You’re not sure. Everything is shaped like Texas here. Chips, sunglasses, bird feeders, swimming pools. You’ve seen so many Texas shaped things that the shape has begun to lose its meaning to you. Is it the shape of your state or is it just a popular design? Do other states have things shaped like them? You don’t remember. You close your eyes to think but all you can see is the shape of Texas outlined against your eyelids. The waitress brings you your waffles. They’re shaped like Texas. You could have sworn that they were normal waffles when you ordered them. You look up to ask your waitress about this but she is gone. You’re alone in the café. You’ve been alone this whole time.

Stay safe Texans.

As a Floridian myself, u hear us joke about hurricanes a lot but in actuality we know how dangerous they are. Especially if u live in North Florida where we have tall ass pine trees (I be SHOOK). Stay in the house, charge your phones and other electronic devices, make sure u have batteries. I hope u stocked on food supplies and water by now. If u on the coast your ass should’ve gotten out by now and if u haven’t…….all I can tell u is to pray! Y’all tried it thinking u can just ride it off. Storm surge ain’t no joke. Even with small tropical storms or Cat 1 folks leave the coast. Water so high it can get over your house. Wind will be roaring and loud, it sounds like a train. Tornadoes can occur also, so make sure u have a safe place in your house. 

Lastly once the storm is passed watch out for down power lines. DO NOT touch them. I would also advise u to still stay home. Roads will be flooded and trees will be down, you’re safer in doors. If u need or want to leave DO NOT attempt to drive through extremely flooded areas. If your power goes out please be patient (I know easier said than done) it can take days to weeks for power to be restored.  

Once again. Much love. Stay safe. I’ll be praying for y’all. You’ll be ok! 


Week 3 Recap -Patriots QB Tom Brady pulled off some more 4th quarter magic. With 2:24 remaining in the game, down by 5, the Patriots took over at their own 25-yard line. Nine plays later, with 23 seconds left, Brady connected with WR Brandin Cooks for a 25-yard touchdown as Cooks tapped his toes, remaining inbounds and maintaining possession as he fell to the ground. What. An. Ending.

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