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JJ Watt...more like JJ HOT!!!

man candy of the day is another football player! he is 26 years old and he is a total cowboy! he is 6′5 and i’m pretty sure he can carry you like a small little girl. he had an AMAZING year of football and he got DPOY (he deserved MVP of the year as well). instead of me talking, i’ll let JJ’s muscles do it instead!

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i have 99 problems but i know he ain’t one! 


This smooth-style runner is pretty slick on and off the field. A poet, piano-player and a baller? What more could anyone ask for? Arian Foster!

Anonymously requested!

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Catch more of Arian Foster here: http://thenflboys.tumblr.com/search/arian+foster

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Sam what do you think of Texas and Texas?

You do realize that Texas is bigger than most countries right? Having said that I will say that I have family in Dallas. Texas still very much has a frontier feel about it in many places. West Texas is much different than the rest of the state. Huge expanses of open country where quite literally the deer and the antelope play. It is in the Bible belt and they still consider Catholics as exotic and Jews as downright rare. The food is awesome. Texans know real BBQ. The people are pretty friendly if a bit provincial. Kids still say “yes ma’am and no sir” to their elders. A lot of parents still spank their kids and the kids seem to have survived. Lots of American cars. Lots of small sleepy towns full of bored teenagers who can’t wait to get out. Oh, the people are extremely generous. I mean very generous. There is a particular breed of Texas woman that is unique to the state. She is usually rail thin with weathered features. She can live in a trailer or a mansion. Her eyes are squinty from the bright Texas sun. She is religious. She is tough as nails and is most likely packing a gun. Don’t mess with her.


Torchy’s Tacos 

On vacation and this is what my first dining experience in Houston, Texas looked like…

-Fajita Tacos

-Fried Avocado Tacos

-Fried Portobello Tacos

-Queso Dip

I think I’m going to like it here.