Uwaah ! I cry everytime when I watch the episode 3 OTL…I talked with my megane kouhai about Tetsu and his friend Koichi…and…I was like “oh mah gah, poor baby…I love you so much…DON’T CRY TETSU”. And I though about something else…How Tetsu reacts after Koichi’s death ? Really I want to know because Santa-senpai makes me cry so so much x’D (the end of the episode omg…TOO MUCH FEELS)

Btw, hope you like this drawing of the fantabulous “young Tet-chan” :’DD

Art by Sherlomelo-BlueNote98

Tetsu Asahina-Meganebu!

So imagine Shirogane as a high schooler picking a fight with a guy from another school literally in the middle of the street, going so heated that he doesn’t notice the car that’s heading toward him, until a hand grabs him by the collar and yanks him into the sidewalk.

Next thing he knows is that Asahina-sensei is holding him tightly, trying to make him promise he’ll be careful next time, but barely being able to talk through his tears, while trembling terrified.


Bathed in cold sweat, Tetsu woke up at midnight agitated from a terrible nightmare. He couldn’t remember the details, but he was sure it was anguishing, judging by his heart palpitating agitatedly in his chest, and the abysmal fright that weighed over his shoulders and made his head throb.

He tried to even his breath but it was difficult. He hadn’t had nightmares so disturbing since… Since years ago.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead he decided to get up, and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water that could help calm him down. However, before he could reach it, he stopped suddenly and turned to the cafe. There was something he felt he had to do.

Without turning on any light he walked towards the front of the shop. There was no need to do so, since the path to the framed picture and the sunglasses lying beside it saw engraved in his memory.

Reaching out a shaky hand, his fingertips caressed the glasses, tracing over its edges.

“Koichi…” He muttered in a low, trembling voice, and a shudder crossed his spine, making him burst into tears as he suddenly remembered the dream.

It was about Koichi, of course it was, it always was. And he didn’t want to think about it but at the same time he didn’t want to forget.

He just stood there, crying and feeling the texture of the glasses over and over. And then he felt a warm, gentle pressure in his chest, that made the tears stop and the uneasiness in his heart fade away.

It only lasted a few seconds, but left him with a peaceful smile. He caressed the sunglasses once more, whispered “Thank you”, and went back to sleep.