So in case some of you guys haven’t heard the recent news regarding Thor 3- as of now Natalie Portman/Jane Foster is NOT returning to reprise her role as Jane.

But Marvel does have a actress by the name of Tessa Thompson (who is a woman of color) who’s rumored to play Valkyrie. And given the recent and ongoing fiasco that is the Stucky fandom…PLEASE protect Tessa and Valkyrie at all costs, of course she’s already getting some negative feedback from the Jane/Thor stans.

You know it will get worse- so I encourage you guys to call them out on their bullshit on sight, thank you.

Hey All! So many of you probably saw this already, but STORYKILLER funded on Kickstarter in just under 72 hours - absolutely incredible! Thank you for all your support!

Pleased to show off the line art (above) for Meredith McClaren’s STORYKILLER piece of Tessa fighting…well…I can’t say with being too spoilerific but they looks awesomely terrifying, right?

We’ll be offering full color 11x17 prints of this once Meredith is finished, and because Meredith is particularly awesome we’ll have the original line art (an incredible 18x24 size!) available as well. Stay tuned!

And thanks again everyone!

- Kelly

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…STORYKILLER Valentines!!!

Collect them all, share with your friends, in other words…viral this s***! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And don’t forget to back STORYKILLER on Kickstarter. Campaign ends 2/20!

- Kelly

Holy crap. AWESOME. A new Tessa Battle Print, this one by Meredith McClaren is available on the Storykiller Kickstarter. Limited edition 11x17 print, signed and numbered by artist. Less than 10 available, so run, don’t walk.

Also available is the crazy huge 18x24 original pencils/line work (microns and red pencil). Gorgeous.