I loved this passage in Storykiller. “How many Fictional witches can there even be?” Well Tessa, there are actually tons of them. And it sounds cool. Galadriel, Wanda Maximoff, Willow, Kiki, all the damn Potters. But then there’s also Bavmorda, The White Witch, Baba Yaga. 

And suddenly, not only are the good guys real but also the bad guys. Sauron, Morgoth, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dolores Umbridge, the Joker, Thanos, Ultron, Emperor Palpatine. 

It sounds exciting, having fictional characters be real, but the reality would be so terrifying. That’s part of what I loved about Storykiller. You only get a glimpse with Bluebeard and the Big Bad Wolf, but there are so many more bad guys. I can’t wait to see who shows up in the next book.

inspiredfortomorrow  asked:

If you were to cast Storykiller today, who would you choose to play Tessa Battle? And if any others come to mind, Robin, Snow Queen, Brand, Micah, or Fenrir who would you see portraying them on the screen?

I actually do a lot of fan casting for my novels and pilots…but I always hesitate to share them (and they also quickly age out of roles since I write YA).

A few years ago (when I was writing SK1) I thought that Dylan O’Brien (Stiles from Teen Wolf - among other bigger things now!) would be a great Brand. And Ellen Wong (Knives from Scott Pilgrim) would be a great Micah. Tessa is especially tough because I really want someone tall - which is pretty rare in actresses. For example I like Holland Roden (also from Teen Wolf) very much, but she’s about 5′3″ not 6′0″ D:

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Storykiller by Kelly Thompson

Laura here! I’m finally reviewing Storykiller! I know it seems like I’ve been reading it for ages but I only get to read for 15 minutes a day right now!

I was drawn to Storykiller because I originally backed Kelly Thompson’s first novel, The Girl Who Would Be King, on Kickstarter. TGWWBK is an incredible book and I couldn’t put it down when I got it, it helps that the hardback kickstarter edition is beautiful! The amazing Stephanie Hans did the artwork and it’s just wow. When Kelly announced the Storykiller kickstarter I jumped at the chance to have the book in my hands. Again beautifully illustrated by Stephanie Hans and numerous other artists!

Storykiller is, I suppose, Once Upon a Time meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story revolves around Tessa Battle a girl who discovers on her 17th birthday that she is essentially a superhero. She also discovers that all of the fictional characters she has ever thought of and more are real, and many of them are living in her town, Lore. It is Tessa’s job to keep these characters in check and prevent any real big bads from hurting her town. Like Buffy, she is the chosen one known as The Scion. Like Buffy, Tessa doesn’t care for her calling and shuns her responsibilities, preferring to hang out with her mortal friends Micah and Brand.

Lots of familiar fairy tale characters appear in lots of different guises, Robin Hood, The Snow Queen, Romeo and Juliet, Bluebeard, Batman, Morgan Le Fey, The big bad wolf….many of these characters have escaped the pages of their stories and come to Lore in an attempt to fight their fiction; to change what happens in their stories. The characters in the book are incredible mash ups of so many adaptations of characters, there really is no formula to how Thompson approaches the characters. I found myself trying to anticipate which characters were coming up but found myself surprised every time! Again, the chapters are quite short. I did find that if I had to put it down for a while I couldn’t exactly recall what was going on immediately, but it was easy to catch up. I think this book definitely benefits from being read in one sitting! And, like TGWWBK I had a mystery envelope to open once I finished the book. The contents of the envelopes are always amazing (and once had my friends and I shouting about it, before we remembered that we were sat in a pub and shouting about a book in a pub is not cool!)

I’m finding that this book is kind of hard to review, because it’s so hard to explain what the book is like without giving too much away or underselling it. What I want to be saying is: READ IT. JUST READ IT!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT I PROMISE!

Hey All! So many of you probably saw this already, but STORYKILLER funded on Kickstarter in just under 72 hours - absolutely incredible! Thank you for all your support!

Pleased to show off the line art (above) for Meredith McClaren’s STORYKILLER piece of Tessa fighting…well…I can’t say with being too spoilerific but they looks awesomely terrifying, right?

We’ll be offering full color 11x17 prints of this once Meredith is finished, and because Meredith is particularly awesome we’ll have the original line art (an incredible 18x24 size!) available as well. Stay tuned!

And thanks again everyone!

- Kelly

Holy crap. AWESOME. A new Tessa Battle Print, this one by Meredith McClaren is available on the Storykiller Kickstarter. Limited edition 11x17 print, signed and numbered by artist. Less than 10 available, so run, don’t walk.

Also available is the crazy huge 18x24 original pencils/line work (microns and red pencil). Gorgeous.