Tesla Time

Mr. Tesla, still actively working, was interviewed last week to get his ideas regarding the prospects of the radio of 1930, and beyond. As a prophet, however, he balked. He had repeated time and again his visions for the future. As far back as 1900, he had contemplated a world-wireless system which included broadcasting, picture transmission, international time service, and in addition television and the distribution of electrical power. Part of this early prophecy has been realized – what remained, still stood as his prediction.

“Nikola Tesla Tells of New Radio Theories.” New York Herald Tribune, September 22, 1929.

We are just waves in time and space, changing continuously, and the illusion of individuality is produced through the concatenation of the rapidly succeeding phases of existence. What we define as likeness is merely the result of the symmetrical arrangement of molecules which compose our body.

Nikola Tesla.

“Tesla Seeks to Send Power to Planets.” New York Times, July 11, 1931.

Meaning of "After 3327"

Sooo, 3327 is the number of the room in the New Yorker hotel that Nikola Tesla died in. Nikola Tesla, among other things, was an inventor (of Tesla coils etc). This fits into the story for tonight’s episode, since Nick Teller is an inventor (with a name that sounds a little too familiar), who focuses on electricity by means of mysterious coils, and tells a story of faking his death and changing his name after an experiment gone horribly wrong. Just saying. *cough cough* Tesla alter ego, post-time travel incident *cough cough* But who knows? Just so long as the secret technology remains a secret

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“It is mathematically certain that other planets are inhabited. Every other planet has to pass through practically the same phase of existence the earth did, and life is started on them, during that favorable phase, by rays of some sun.

“It develops in the presence of moisture and heat and light in much the same manner as life does on the earth.

"We know that light propagates in straight lines, and consequently our perceptions of the forms through the images projected on the retina must be true.

"Therefore, it should not be hard to establish intelligent exchange of ideas between two planets.

"It is conceivable that there is civilization on other planets far ahead of ours. If communication were established by the earth, the consequences to human beings would be incalculable.

Nikola Tesla

“Tesla, Sure Life Exists on Other Planets, Works On at 76 to Establish His Belief.” New York World Telegram, July 9th, 1932.

“I sleep about one and one-half hours a night. I think that is enough for any man. When I was young I needed more sleep. But age doesn’t require so much. There are so many things to do I do not want to spend time sleeping needlessly. In my family all were poor sleepers. Time spent in sleep is lost time, we always felt.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Dr. Visions the End of Aircraft in War.” Every Week Magazine, Oct. 21, 1934.

Archer (Nikola Tesla)

Croatian inventor and the rival of Thomas Edison, Nikola was a true genius of his time. He became interested in electrics at a young age, when his mother invented small appliances in her spare time. He studied at the University of Prague and at 28, left Europe for America.

For a brief time, Tesla worked with Edison on a number of inventions, before a conflict of interest lead to them parting ways. Tesla would create his own company called Tesla Electric Light and would create a revolutionary new way to use Alternating Currents with his invention, the induction motor.

He would go on to create many more technological marvels, including the Tesla Coil which is still used in radios today. He would suffer a nervous breakdown that would lead to his downfall and in 1943, in extreme poverty he died alone.

Nowadays, Tesla’s legacy and the creations he left behind are an invaluable and worshipped part of society.

In 1895, Nikola Tesla began to notice a peculiar phenomena with electrical transformer systems when he added an extra or third coil. This would generate a very large non-linear amplification of electrical pressure over a modest linear amplification as seen with traditional transformers. He studied this phenomena in his Manhattan laboratory over the coming years, until he felt he needed to deploy this system to a larger testing ground. In Colorado Springs 1899, Tesla performed a series of experiments over nine months that led to his discoveries around a new kind of electrical transformer system that he called his Magnifying Transmitter. He soon received a patent for it thereafter (Patent #1,119,732) as well as several supportive auxiliary patents.

This system was capable of generating massive amounts of electrical pressure that would create electrical ripples along the surface of the earth. In a vibrational process known as constructive interference, Tesla was able to generate more wireless power received than transferred by creating a resonant boundary condition between the earth-atmosphere interface with the use of high frequency electrostatic shock waves. This is by no means electromagnetic radiation such as with visible light, cosmic rays, and radio waves. This was nothing like a radio antenna as many experts have proclaimed it is. Tesla’s goal was actually to minimize the electromagnetic radiation from the system as much as possible by containing it in a localized standing wave, the opposite notion of traditional radio antennas. This standing wave instead acts as a wave pump that generates surface waves. A simple analogy is a hand repetitively tapping the surface of the water in a bowl that is perfectly in time with the return wave of surface ripple.

Tesla measured these electrical ripples traveling around the entire circumference of the earth moving faster than the speed of light, specifically two times pi the speed of light (1.57c). When the linear velocity of the shock wave is the same as the angular velocity of the wave’s medium, and the wave and particle (the medium) are directly in phase with each other, the necessary conditions to create constructive interference with Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter are possible.

In 1901, Nikola Tesla began the construction of Wardenclyff Tower on Long Island, New York. Tesla originally pitched the project to financier JP Morgan as a trans-Atlantic wireless communications platform. This system could not only transfer information faster than Marconi’s radio antennas, but energy as well, unbeknownst in detail to Morgan. When Tesla ran out of money for the project, Tesla revealed his true intent to Morgan of his visionary dream with the system involving the wireless transfer of energy. Not only did Morgan not give Tesla anymore money and withdraw entirely from the project, he supposedly managed to blacklist Tesla from the financial industry at large. JP Morgan had a major stake in the copper industry which was booming in demand due to electrical power distribution. The tower was eventually demolished in 1917 to pay a portion of Tesla’s debts.

Since then, his work has been buried continuously by corporate and political interests as other up and coming inventors rediscover Tesla’s principles and apply them to technology. History is continually repeating itself, and it takes only an open mind set of a free thinking intellectual to see the patterns.

Elon Musk’s company may honor the name, but they do not truly honor Tesla’s legacy. For there is great irony in Musk declaring that his role model is Thomas Edison.

Let us honor our history.
Let us honor our true visionaries.
Let us honor what solutions are available right now.
The clock is ticking.

For this is not an issue of science.
This is an issue of Man.


“The simple truth is this: During ages philosophers have endeavored to ascertain the constitution of matter, and have been led to the conclusion that the micro- and macro-cosmos are very much alike in some respects. In other words, there are similarities of structure, arrangement and operation between the micro-organism and the universe.

“The suns, stars and moons of the heavens have their counterpart in the molecules, atoms and electrons which form those divisions of matter too small for the unaided human eye to see.

“Accordingly, all bodies are composed of independent particles of different sizes, spinning around each other with prodigious velocities and containing an amount of kinetic energy which recent physical research has shown to be immense.

“If we could capture and transform it we would obtain unlimited power anywhere on this globe. This possibility presented itself to the minds of advanced investigators long ago. It is not a new idea, but science in recent years has rendered it definite and precise.”

–Nikola Tesla

“Rain Can Be Controlled and Hydraulic Force Provided, Says Nikola Tesla, if We Turn to Sun for Our Power.” Syracuse Herald, New York, February 29, 1920.