I posted this in japanese few months ago as a Japanese practice, but lately I wanted to translate it to English so maybe some can read it too, however I don’t expect many people notice it but I hope the ones who can read it, enjoy it!

So this pretty much the parenthood experience of Mutou and Afuro  with their first baby Susumu, I really would like to draw some more pages, at least being sketches. I’m missing drawing their other 3 babies… I feel really happy and I want to draw more about them!!


Prince Animage 2012 Sanpei Yuuko (role of Afuro Terumi) Interview

Let Your Wishes Ride On The Wings of a God

Kidokawa Seishuu’s new coach is the owner of a regal beauty. As he’s become an adult he’s calmed down a lot (apparently?) but his actions are still unpredictable. Of course, it’s our Aphrodi-sama!

Aphrodi’s adult self caption: He wears a gray suit and his arms are folded. His hair is tied with a red ribbon and hangs over one shoulder. His hair is still as long and beautiful and blonde as his younger self but now the ends are streaked with blue.

In the third round of the national competition Holy Road the opponent is last year’s champions Kidokawa Seishuu. Not only are they a very strong champion team, but the new coach leading them is Afuro Terumi ‘Aphrodi’! ‘I can’t believe Aphrodi is appearing again. I never thought I’d get to see his adult self,’ his voice actress Sanpei Yuuko tells us. Up until now, all of the reappearing members have had some connection to their school in some way, but doesn’t Aphrodi have no relation to Kidokawa?

‘Isn’t that fact that he’s so mysterious one of his attractive points? He can grow wings and fly through the air and stop time - because he’s a god! (lol)’
If we look back to 10 years ago, he’s called himself a God as a member of one of the strongest teams of the Football Frontier, he’s battled against aliens, and been a striker for the team of his mother land, Korea. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere is his specialty and his GO appearance is no exception.

‘Thanks to everyone’s support, even four years later I can return to Inazuma! Everyone! Don’t forget about Terumi-sama!’

‘Even though he’s ten years older, everyone still calls him Aphrodi!’

Q How did you find playing Aphrodi for the first time in a while?

A He really has become an adult! He was a pretty chill kid, but now he’s become even more chill. He’s become like a big brother. I feel like his way of speaking is kinder than before. As an adult, it would be good if he can act as a guide for the kids.

Q In his debut scene, Kidou exclaims 'Aphrodi!’ which makes fans wonder, does everyone still call him that?

A Ahahaha, that’s right. Even Ishido Shuuji-san called him Aphrodi.

Q We thought it was only something he called himself from back when he thought he was a god.

A Speaking of which, Burn and Gazel became Nagumo and Suzuno in the FFI arc. All of them chose their names for themselves. Afuro is an unusual surname in the first place. It would be funny if he had an afro, along with his name being Afuro (lol).

Q Sanpei-san, what kind of person do you think Aphrodi is?

A I think he’s a very diligent kid. In Inazuma everyone is very passionate about soccer, but in the first season his desire to become stronger was so intense that he resorted to Kami no Aqua. All because of that bad man (bitter laugh). But he met Endou-kun and the others through this and through their love of soccer he realized their’s was a different kind of strength. So when he appeared again in season 2 he repays the favor, doesn’t he? He’s faithful. To the extent that it put him in hospital (laughs).

Q How do you feel about his relationship with Endou?

A I feel like Aphrodi really likes Endou kun as a person. He calls him 'Endou kun’ a lot. So this time it was a pity I couldn’t say his name at all. Instead, when Someoka-san appeared and Aphrodi called him Someoka without a suffix, everyone burst into laughter. His voice actor even said, 'Since when were Aphrodi and I such good friends that he doesn’t use -san?’ (lol)

Q Aphrodi and Someoka haven’t really interacted much until now.

A Yeah. I thought it was funny as I wondered, just what kind of relationship do you two have? I guess they crossed paths by chance while they were active in the pro leagues. I guess they became friends.

Q How do you feel about Nagumo and Suzuno who he invited to the Korean team?

A I get the impression they’re both quite childish. They’re always arguing with each other, and were even confrontational with Hiroto - I think they’re really like quarreling brothers. I wonder did Aphrodi reach out to them because of Endou’s influence? 'Come with me?’ (lol)

Q What do you think they’re saying in the picture below (Aphrodi, Burn, Gazel, Midorikawa and Hiroto)?

A I feel like Aphrodi is trying to ease any tension between them. 'You two, look at the camera!’ He’ll say. And to Suzuno 'Don’t scowl so much like that,’ (lol)
This time he appears as the coach for Kidokawa Seishuu and I was easily able to imagine Aphrodi teaching soccer to kids.

Q The situation at Kidokawa is kind of complicated. What are Aphrodi’s intentions?

A I think he definitely wants to get the kids who love soccer so much to leave their arguments behind. Kidokawa are under the control of Fifth Sector and but I think I would be better if they won with their own soccer. The most important thing is that he helps the kids.

Q What impression do you have of Kidokawa’s players?

A I feel sorry for the Taki brothers. Yoshihiko’s abilities are yet undeveloped and he can’t use a keshin but he really loves soccer with all of his heart and he’s very courageous. His older brother Sousuke is proud of his power in a way that reminds me of Aphrodi’s old self. And the captain Kishibe is in a tough position. Aphrodi is familiar with the scheme of 'Children being controlled by a big organization’ so I think he wants to help in any way he can.

Q Are there any characters from the original series whose GO version you like?

A He hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but how about the person who looks like he earns the most money - Hiroto? Haha. I saw a picture from his game appearance and with his glasses he looks like he’s working the hardest! He’s probably financing the Sun Garden? Hiroto’s voice actor said to me 'Thank goodness, doesn’t Hiroto look like he’s doing well? And no matter how you look at it, Someoka looks like a mafia gangster.’

Q Are there any characters that haven’t appeared yet that you’re interested in?

A The ones I’m most worried about are Suzuno and Nagumo. They seem like they’ll have a hard time becoming normal productive members of society. I think they’ll always be naughty kids (lol). And I want to see the other Zeus members too. I wonder how they’ve grown.

Q What kind of things do you think Aphrodi himself has been doing these past ten years?

A I hope he continued with soccer. After he lost in the Asian preliminaries, I think he’d definitely do his best to train himself. Even though it wasn’t shown in the anime, he’s definitely won a lot of matches, haha. Oh, and he appears on TV as a star player! TV commercials for shampoo and beauty products would suit his pretty face.

Q This time Aphrodi didn’t have any winning matches either.

A Yeah! Every time he appears he’s on the losing side. I think that in the last ten years he’s definitely had both wins and loses which make him who he is today. Wouldn’t his special moves have evolved too? Fly even higher with your fluffy wings! I’m waiting to see that Aphrodi (lol).

Blast from the past!? Aphrodi’s junior high self!

The '12.23 Inazuma Eleven GO’ between the commercial break is the only time Junior High Aphrodi appears. After we finished recording and I played him as an adult I decided 'Okay, now please make him be a middle school kid again.’ (lol) Since it’s been a year and a half since I played young Aphrodi, it was a bit difficult. If you didn’t catch it live, definitely check it out on the DVD. (Sanpei Yuuko)


Except for the first three icons and human Komasan here’s all the Inazuma Eleven icons so far (they might release more) I’m glad that Level-5s old franchises are now icons for Wibble Wobble

can’t wait for the Professor Layton ones to get a English release