The best thing about death note is probably the fact that it took like the three smartest people on earth, an entire police task force, the mafia, the FBI and a team literally designed to take down kira (and maybe even a couple of shinigamis dependant how you look at it) years to take down a kid with a notebook, a slightly unstable lawyer, a news reporter and a girl that’s just in it for the hell of it and yet Naomi practically figured it out before the second book had even finished

DN Characters as Things my Friends and I Have Said
  • L: There's a special place in hell reserved for you and I'LL SEE YOU THERE
  • Light: Oh hey you know what time it is? *shows me his watch over which he taped a scrap of paper reading TIME TO DIE*
  • Near: I just want to go back to kindergarten were all you have to do is play with toys and clap in a certain pattern life is haaaaard
  • Matt: *turns to me* you know what? just fucking fill me with bull- *sees teacher* balloons! Fill me with balloons! so I can float into the stratosphere and die
  • Mello: hey what'd you get on the test- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
  • Misa: The art teacher tried to tell me black isn't a primary color, but then why do they say other colors are the new black? Doesn't that make it first??
  • Ryuk: Who needs free will and the ability to make your own choices when you can have APPLES?
  • Rem: my existence is a void.
  • Beyond: *hears police sirens* FUCK
  • Naomi: who needs boys? In fact who needs people? Why do people even exist, and where's that asteroid when you need it?
  • Mikami: *literally crying* and he just THREW out his paper in the trash. The FUCKING TRASH. WHAT KIND OF HEATHEN DOESNT EVEN RECYCLE?!?
  • Kiyomi: *imitating overheard conversation* And then she like told me my hair looked dumb and I was like but bitch you're always dumb, whaddup??
  • Matsuda: *walks into exam 15 minutes late* ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS *snaps pencil*
Death note kitties!


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Task Force:



Misa (and Light):

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Death Note Characters as @wolfpupy tweets
  • Light: have to stop saying "How am I going to kill my way out of this one" every time there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • L: popcorn, or as cerebral smart minds such as myself refer to it 'popped corn', is the number #1 food of watching things
  • Near: thats cool. oh that wasn’t a response to what you said i was just noting that it’s cool that i wasn’t listening or caring
  • Misa: if you think im going to compromise my luxurious hair with inferior non bubblegum scented hair product think again and another thing,shut up
  • Mello: i am abandoning the twitter world to pursue a career as a gun slinging fashion diva. good riddance to you all
  • Matt: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Soichiro: Hey kids I know you're struggling right now, but I'm here to tell you everything gets worse forever
  • Matsuda: my lights aren’t all on upstairs because i am saving energy, just doing my bit to help the planet, not that you’d know anything about that
  • Mogi: the world continues to spiral out of control and i am just sitting here like a bad bitch
  • Aizawa: hey murderers and killers, knock it off. stop killing and murdering all the time, thats just my opinion though
  • Ide: going to play devil's advocate here and say they shouldn't let bodies hit the floor
  • Ryuk: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Rem: one of these days i will float up off into space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
  • Kiyomi: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • Mikami: once again i am not included in the list of the world’s most successful people because of my complete lack of success, bias at its finest.
  • Beyond: its impossible to prove that i cant kick every extinct animals ass and i will be flexing in victory for the next several hours
  • Naomi: I hope one day I will find love, or a cool looking leaf. either one
Death Note Fun Facts
  • The Death Note pilot manga had a young student named Taro finding a notebook that would kill anyone whose name was written in it… and also an eraser that would resurrect those people if you erased their names.

  • In stark contrast to Light, Taro gets scared of the notebook and stops using it after his first two unintentional uses (although a classmate of his uses it to kill people and deflect suspicion from himself). This fits nicely with Near’s statement late in the manga that if Light were an ordinary person, he would not have used the Death Note after the first time.
  • Taro’s character design was later used as the inspiration for the fourth Kira, Teru Mikami.

  • “Vol. 13: How to Read” implies that the creator had considered having L win with Light deadand that an error between editor and artist switched Mello and Near’s character designs. 
  1. It was also said that Naomi Misora was originally going to be a more major character, but since she wound up being too clever, she had to be killed off fast. Also, Ohba had considered having Mello be the one to win against Light, but since he was also too “smart”, he had to be killed off to provide suspense.
  • Mogi was originally planned to have a larger role, but Ohba couldn’t decide how to do it.
  • An early idea was to have Near and Mello be L’s twin sons, but this was eventually dropped because L is implied to be about 25 years old when he dies, when Near and Mello are both about 14 years old. Which would imply that L became a father incredibly young.
  • Allegedly, early concepts for the Shinigami would have made Ryuk, Gelus, and Rem resemble attractive humans, but the decision was made that Gelus’s brief appearance worked better if he looked somewhat pathetic and Ryuk and Rem being beautiful did raise concerns that fans might side with the team of killers just because of their looks. The designs were soon changed to give the Shinigami a more appropriately inhuman feel. 
  1. Ryuk’s original design: 

Some fandoms:


“There is an age difference between the characters!!!!!! Can’t you see it’s PEDOPHILIA!?!”


“ That ship doesn’t even make sense! They aren’t gay!”

“ Why do you like this character? Don’t you see what they’ve don!!!!”

“How could you ship something so unheatlhy!? You are obviously a horrible person!!!!”

“ JuSt lET peOpLe ShIp WHaT tHey wANt!!!”




Meanwhile in the Death Note fandom:

“ Man, that ship is so unheatlhy and cracky!”

“I know right? Let’s ship it harder!”

“ Alright, but what about this even more crazy ship…”

“Canon? Lol ! What’s that?”

“ And you are gay, and you are gay, NEARly everyone is gay!”

“ Memes over Memes over Memes.”

“All this characters are shit…isn’t this great?”

“ *When they finally remember what canon is * cry uncontrolably and try to forget it again”