Hello! This just a small guide for young/beginner artist.

It doesn’t matter what software you use, for me I primarily use Paint tool sai. 

Mario is a good example of a character who has primary colors.

Patrick uses different variants of secondary colors.

Magenta’s color is tertiary because it is between purple and red.

Luigi has a analogous color scheme, color adjacent to each.

Yoshi dominant color is green, red is the direct color opposite from green.

Dipper’s shirt is the red, his hat and jacket serve as (indirect) split complementary colors.

There’s also Traidic color scheme: three colors equally spaces on the color wheel.

 Tetradic color scheme: double complementary. (quite difficult to use)

And Monochromatic: variations of light and saturation of one color,

Value is the lightness and darkness in color.

This shows about 9 values. Value is important because it shows the illusion of light.

This is one of the mistakes a lot of young/beginner artists make. Unless the drawing is in grey-scale, black and white as shadow and light is wrong to use. 

I use Luminosity and multiply, of course their are other modes to use, like shade for shading. screen or overlay for light. (paint tool sai user) light is not always necessary btw.  

Never be afraid of using a warm color as a shadow and a cool color as light etc.

Always experiment with your art, try new things, and figure what’s best for you!

Let me know if any of this helped you, and thanks for reading!

Now go start drawing!  

When: February 15th, 2017 (Event runs all day, real time)
Where: Aether paradise VLFS Grand Ballroom, Alola region
Why: The Aether foundation has always pledged itself to the conservation of endangered species of pokemon, but we are nothing without our generous benefactors. Please join President Gladion and his family for a night of Music, Dancing and a celebration of Love of ALL kinds under Alolas Full moon.

Dress code: Formal attire, Primary color must be White, Black, Red or Gold, Secondary and Tertiary colors are your choice.

Pokemon regulations: Pokemon bigger then the ballroom must be kept in their pokeballs, but any trainers wishing to engage in Pokemon battles may do so on the Terrace at the Rear of the VLFS. Any areas normally open to the public will remain open during the party, this includes the Conservatory.

We look forward to your RSVP!

During the event, please track the tag/search “Clefairymoonball”

Participants, please tag your threads with it so other participants may find you! This event is all about bringing the Pokemon fandom together for fun and shenanigans and hopefully forming new friendships along the way!

That being said, Leave any and all OOC drama at the door, but IC Drama is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

If you’d like to participate, please send an IC RSVP message to this blog ( @typenullandvoid ), and Gladion will add your muse to the registry, which will be posted along with the commencement post on Wednesday at 10am EST, I wanna make it as easy as possible for people to find partners to interact with!

The event will run all day, so feel free to pop in and RP whenever you have the time! I hope everyone has a fun time! Oh, and please reblog this post to spread the word!

Along with black and yellow, Ancaps (and I suppose the rest of the heretics on the Libertarian Right) should a tertiary color for imagery.

I say this because we are in desperate need of one. The Authoritarian left balances out their red and gold (as in the flags of the USSR, the PRC, Vietnam, etc.) with black, as in the case of the flag of the GDR.

Likewise, the Authoritarian Right has Red, White, and Blue. (The US, Russia, the UK, Chile, and Israel though with just white and blue)

The Libertarian Left has, on top of black and red, green.

We on the Libertarian Right, though, only have the black and yellow of the Gadsden Flag, In situations where a tertiary color is required, I nominate the purple of the 4th quadrant of the political compass (#C09AEA). This is good because Purple has historically been associated with royalty and, more relevant to us, opulent wealth.

So the complete palette would be this:

The issue is that the shade of purple doesn’t well sit with the yellow. On the other hand, perhaps the purple of UKIP (#703085) could stand in.

Why Mirio’s hair is Orange (maybe)

Okay so like I just had a sudden realization on why I think Mirio would have Orange as his hair color and I just wanna thank @dinnikeato who posted this lovely artwork that inspired me to make this post. 

(Note: this is just me theorizing and having fun. If you got another color as your preferred headcanon for Mirio’s hair, that’s perfectly fine! You don’t gotta agree with me.)  


So I’ve realized that the reason I think this is due to the way the color wheel works on showing what colors fit with each other. 

You got your primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. 

When trying to figure out which colors best fit to make certain colors, one only has to look on the color wheel based on complementary and analogous.

Complementary meaning two colors opposite of each other on the color wheel

Analogous meaning colors that are of groups of three that are next to each other on the color wheel

Now, we got All Might made up of pretty much of the colors Red, Yellow, and Blue. He’s made up of primary colors, but is mostly associated with the color Yellow. Primary colors are considered to be the original colors that help make secondary and tertiary colors. 

Meaning? All Might is the original hero. The original Symbol of Peace. The original holder to One for All as the Number One hero. Like a primary color. 

Now, we got Izuku, who’s associated with the color Green, a secondary color which is made with the primary colors Yellow and Blue (Also note, he also is know for having some Red on him, a primary color). Izuku is the new holder of One for All, the secondary to the primary in becoming the new Symbol of Peace. 

And finally, we got Mirio. Mirio was considered in becoming the next successor to All Might in inheriting One for All, but of course he didn’t due to either All Might having met Izuku and/or because All Might saw something in Mirio that didn’t quite make him worthy. Whatever the case, he still was considered a previous candidate for One for All. 

And for good reasons, too. He’s strong, knows how to make use of his quirk, and uses strategy when in a fight. Sort of like how Izuku uses One for All. They are therefore similar in fighting, in thinking, and even in having similar traits to All Might whether it’s ideals or personality. 

So with all this information now in your head, back to the colors: All Might is Yellow (Primary), Izuku is Green (Secondary/Tertiary). On the color wheel they are located next to each other and therefore considered analogous colors. What other color is also associated with Yellow and Green and considered analogous to them, too?


(TLDR: Mirio’s hair is orange cause color wheel and BNHA plot says so.)

anonymous asked:

do you think you could have a simple tutorial on how to shade or use color properly when shading? i really love how you manage to do so an i was wondering it you wouldn't mind helping other artist as well!

oh uh! it’s hard to explain everything so i can give u tips and stuff to remember

1. All color is relative to the colors around it

it’s small but notice how the yellow on the left looks darker than the yellow on the right? Since the black background is significantly darker than the yellow, it’ll work as a contrast to make the yellow pop out more. On the white background, the yellow is darker. Contrast makes color pop

2. Color harmony is important

im kinda too lazy to explain this but. Understand color theory. monochromatic, complimentary, tertiary, analogous colors, etc

3. Do not treat the foreground and background elements separately. Their colors work together.

4. I like emphasizing reflected light 


5. Mixing soft shadows and hard shadows also look nice


i HATE when casting comes out for movies or tv shows and everyone is white and POC start (rightfully) throwing elbows and some asshole says—THEY HAVENT REVEALED THE FULL CAST YET!

like, no, fuck you.

why do i have to wait to see the full casting before passing judgement? i kno well enough what happens to tertiary characters of color, tyvm. i’ve been seeing that shit my whole goddamn life.

i mean, if it quacks like a fucking duck, u feel me?

so why is white fandom so content with POC waiting our turn? always telling us to calm down and wait until “next episode” or “next season”, or “next movie” or “next book”.

fuck outta here.

Reblog this post if you remember NOT picking your custom progen's tertiary color.

This is the greatest FR feud of our time and I want to see who’s on which side.

Additionally, tag this post with your reg window and whether or not you registered on a computer or on a phone/tablet.

Reblog this post if you DO remember picking your custom progen’s tertiary color.

Honestly I’m against the staff’s decision to not allow new users to make their custom progens with the new colors. I am perfectly content with the fact that I was unable to make my custom progen with the new colors because they didn’t exist at the time. (I’m less content with the fact that I didn’t get to choose his tertiary color too and he got stuck with an incredibly hideous, clashing one, whose STUPID FUCKING IDEA was randomized terts on what’s supposed to be your one single custom dragon?) I don’t see any reason why newbies should not be allowed more opportunity now that that opportunity exists. The chances of them using it to make any significant profit that would give them an unfair advantage are basically nil. It could MAYBE give them a headstart on breeding doubles and triples in the new colors, but honestly on a triple basic progen, with everyone and their aunt having saved up RTB, gened, non starter breed dragons to do the same thing, I highly doubt it. This game is supposed to be fun, and your progen is supposed to be special. You know what’s not fun? Pointless restrictions. Let new users have the new colors. Let them pick their tert too! Introduce a new starter breed sometime and let them have that to choose from! Give them as many options as are available to let the single dragon they get to customize ACTUALLY be customized. It has no negative impact on older players.

(And then when the inevitable wave of newbies complaining about how unfair the high sprite price are because they weren’t around when the festivals happened starts up again, we’ll have something to retort with.) 

Reblog this post if you remember picking your custom progen's tertiary color.

This is the greatest FR feud of our time and I want to see who’s on which side.

Additionally, tag this post with your reg window and whether or not you registered on a computer or on a phone/tablet.

Reblog this post if you remember NOT picking your custom progen’s tertiary color.