So I was wondering how one would incorporate glimmer into a gijinka? I was thinking it would be cool (at least on mine) to have it fade from the primary to the tertiary color along their arms, and have the glimmer fade upwards, getting less noticeable as it goes up the arms.


Jumping on this bandwagon I’m seeing around to make your ‘average lair dragon’. 

Holy crap, like, some stuff won no contest. 

Stats under the cut. 

(I picked the primary/secondary/tertiary as most popular colors overall for that placement at the top- otherwise it would’ve been I think White/Ice/Sky. Also pictured because it is pretty.)

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monetbeee asked:

What is your favorite out of the: Primary colors? Secondary colors? Tertiary colors?

me: yellow (but I really love all of them together), violet and blue-violet

gio: Primary: Blue
Secondary: GREEN
Tertiary: PURPLE… I think that’s tertiary

no more pls, gio had to go :-(

Honestly, the only thing I REALLY like about Glimmer is the fact that it colors other parts of the dragon the tertiary color as well (except for the pearls because wow, that doesn’t make sense.)
Like, with skydancers, it effects their horns and antennae.
With imps, it’s their antlers and whiskers.
But that’s really the only good thing and idk if it’s worth it?
Idk, I didn’t think spines was worth it either but it’s grown on me….even though it’s a treasure gene and that makes it significantly cheaper than Glimmer.
Who knows though.
When I wake up I’ll do some more previews.

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Breeding Project Update Part III

Today on “I’m Dragon Trash”, we bring you Freyr, another addition to the ever-expanding and inexplicably indecisive Gale Breeding Project - the project that brings you plentiful dragons with gray primaries and secondaries and colorful tertiary underbellies!

Buster? He’s been sold. Bye bye Buster. I hope your new owner remembers to delete the description because it is now null and void and I forgot to erase it before I sold you. I also hope your new owner likes you and your silly name.

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Oh maaaaan, I love how glimmer also colors the HORNS of the dragon (or frills in case of Fae). This doesn’t really mean anything for Coatls because they do not have horns, however, so if there’s any breed I would probably never put glimmer on, it’s them. 

Tundras’ horns color really nicely, and MIRRORS! Mirrors and Ridgebacks have easily the most dramatically visual application of this element of glimmer. All of the spiney spines on the Ridgebacks become the tertiary color, which is like…HELL YES HELL YES HELL YEEEESSSS and the Mirror’s flappy cute flops also turn entirely the tertiary color so like, CUTE EARS?! ahhh

My favorite application of glimmer will be for my fae Nox, however, whose primary is Violet. The orange highlights can be completely concealed with use of glimmer. Color me ECSTATIC!

It looks really refined and nice on snappers, spirals, guardians, wildclaws and pearlcatchers, too, but I don’t have any of those breeds that I was like “wow! I need to get this on this dragon RIGHT NOW!” for glimmer (coloration wise too). 

Dark brown/ brownscale glimmers are very pretty. 

Haven’t tried it on any imps but I bet the effect on the antlers looks REALLY COOL

but I still like underbelly more on the whole because it’s charming and comparatively cheap

hey check it out! i did a full cleanup of the line art and a full color/gene/shading setup. unfortunately tumblr super-compresses this crap so i’ll be sending the full resolution version to her privately.

i will be offering this base as a custom adoptable commission. it will cost $1USD, 125g, or 100kt for each.

the first three treasure payment customers for each base will get a discount in treasure, the first three gem payment customers will get a discount in gems.

USD slots will get preference over all others, and gems will get preference over treasure. turnaround time is estimated at one to two days.


  • images are default 400x309px, but can be bigger or smaller as necessary, no smaller than 200x155px
  • .png format for transparency
  • colors in all combinations. colors will be pulled from the official colorwheel.
  • genes in all combinations (except Crystal and Facet at this time)
  • custom eye color (with matching tongue and pawpads)
  • custom crayon box label in the tertiary color by default, unless otherwise specified. if no writing is specified, the dragon’s name will be featured.
  • simple apparel for a tiny fee (to be determined)

i will eventually be making other dragon breeds in a box, so please inbox me, reply to this post, or send me a pm on Flight Rising (#83618, thefaunprince) if you want to be added to a pinglist.

there are 10 slots open at this time, please check back here or on the thread which i will link in a future post.

no one asked but here’s my most to least favorite genes

crystal/tiger (depends on colors/breed)

eye spots
current/facet (depends on colors/breed)

gembond/circuit/crackle (depends on colors/breed)

  • icewhisker to be mated with floe from tates clan and cayenne from mine
  • brightheart to be mated with yaasai from alzis clan and hawkfrost from mine
  • melliny to be mated with nostradamus from my clan and reminder to save up money to change her primary gene to tiger, her secondary gene to seraph, and (if her tertiary color can be changed to royal) her tertiary gene to underbelly
  • clarkia to be mated with crush
  • birosa to be mated with yaasai from alzis clan and tourmaline from mine
  • atlantic to be mated with sandstorm and then possibly a dragon from alzis clan
  • tate and alzi each get one of jawbreaker and raspberrys children while the third will either be kept to be mated or exhalted
  • mulberry to be mated with jujube and possibly a dragon from tates clan

dragons not featured have not yet been assigned a mate