Terry Crews Is 'Not Going To Be Silent' About Sexism

In case you needed any more reasons to love Terry Crews

“The people who were silent at the lunch counters, when it was the black lunch counter and the white one or the schools were segregated.. and you were quiet. You were accepting it. Same thing with men right now. If you don’t say anything, you are, by your silence – it’s acceptance. I’m not going to be silent.”

“I want to be clear that feminism is not saying ‘women are better than men.’ That’s not what’s going on. What it is is that we’re talking about is gender equality, true gender equality… but the problem is that men have always felt like they’re more valuable.. I have been that guy where I felt I was more valuable than my wife and kids.”

every time I read articles about the best performances by actors in movies and terry crews in white chicks is not in it I feel like I’m reading lies