The 2015 attacks you probably know nothing about...

January 3-7: Baga, Nigeria 2,000+ killed
January 25: Mamasapano, Philippines 67+ killed
January 30: Shikarpur, Pakistan 60 killed
February 4: Fotokol, Cameroon 91+ killed
March 7: Maiduguri, Nigeria 58 killed
March 20: Sana'a, Yemen 137 killed
April 1: Garissa, Kenya 147+ killed
May 13: Karachi, Pakistan 45 killed
June 1: Randi, Iraq 41 killed
June 17: Diffa Region, Niger 38 killed
June 17: Monguno, Nigeria 63 killed
June 22: Borno, Nigeria 42 killed
June 23: Maiduguri, Nigeria 30 killed
June 25: Kobani, Syria 146 killed
June 26: Leego, Somalia 70 killed
July 1: Kukawa, Nigeria 145 killed
July 5: Jos and Potiskum, Nigeria 69 killed
July 10: Monguno, Nigeria 43 killed
July 17: Damaturu, Nigeria 64 killed
July 17: Khan Bani Saad, Iraq 100-180 killed
August 7: Kabul, Afghanistan 50+ killed
August 10: Diyala Province, Iraq 50+ killed
August 13: Baghdad, Iraq 76+ killed
September 20: Maiduguri, Nigeria 145 killed
October 5: Baghdad, Iraq 57 killed
October 10: Ankara, Turkey 102 killed
October 14: Maiduguri, Nigeria 42 killed
November 12: Beirut, Lebanon 43 killed

And these are only the attacks with 40+ victims. 
Paris I stand with you, but I will not forget all the victims in other cities. 


On December 16th 2014, we vowed to ‪#‎neverforget‬ the incident that shook us all.

The Communication Design students of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture have taken initiative and designed a series of posters that aim to question our indifference and numbness towards violence. A reminder of the brutal attack on APS Peshawar and an eye-opener for us to never forget and to never get used to any kind of violence around us.

EDIT: France: 84 dead, 120 wounded, shooting occurred, possible hostage situation EDIT: no hostage situation happened, shots were 30 from the police to the driver, and several shot by the driver to the civilians, apparently from a big caliber short gun.

Attack began at 23:20
Truck drove over the people watching fireworks in Nice, celebrating Bastille’s Day
Has been confirmed to be a terror attack
Pray for citizens and security forces safety

EDIT: source in Spanish + video in English in the tags and in a reblog EDIT 2: fingerprints and ID found in the truck confirm the driver to be Muslim, however, no links with Daesh have been confirmed, and he was not on the surveillance list, the subject was not suspected of terrorism, but had committed armed robbery and traffic violence, once falling asleep while driving. EDIT 3: witnesses says he seemed nervous, but aimed to kill as many as possible, he was armed with a high caliber short weapon he used to kill more people, and with a fake hand grenade and long weapons. ID of suspected collaborator found on his house.

1. Donate Blood. Orlando firefighters have released info saying they’re in need of a lot, especially Type O. http://www.redcross.org/local/florida/central-florida/about/contact

2. Donate to Orlando hospitals. This is the largest shooting in U.S. history, according to the AP. You can donate to Orlando’s regional center here: http://www.orlandohealthfoundation.com/

3. Take steps to be safe at pride. It’s pride month still, so do what you can to make sure pride in your city or town is safe. Check in with your friends, stay close to your loved ones, and remember to be responsible at events this month. Have fun, but remember that your safety is paramount. 

4. Engage with your local queer community. Consider donating/volunteering at shelters or community health centers, or places in your community that aid queer people and youth. 

5. Start a conversation about the attacks. Communication is one of the only ways that the queer community can heal from this. By creating a dialogue, you institute a safe place where people can process, grieve, and find solidarity.

6. Publicize resources for those who might need them. In MA, here are the prominent and accredited queer health organizations across the state: https://blog.mass.gov/blog/arts-culture/june-is-lgbt-pride-month/

7. Remember that the actions of the shooter are not always representative of the actions/belief systems of their demographic, wherever they come from. #ResistWithLove

ISIS suicide bombers kill 80 and injure more than 230 at Afghan protest
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Thousands of men and women were protesting in the Afghan capital of Kabul when the deadly blasts went off

A brief statement on the group’s Amaq agency read: “Two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi'ites in the city of Kabul inAfghanistan.”

The attack was the worst in months and if confirmed as the work of Islamic State, would represent a major escalation for a group which has hitherto been largely confined to the eastern province of Nangarhar.

The explicit reference to the Hazara’s Shia religious affiliation also represents a menacing departure for Afghanistan, where the bloody rivalry between Sunni and Shia typical of Iraq has been relatively rare, despite decades of war.

The Persian-speaking Hazara, estimated to make up about 9 percent of the population, are Afghanistan’s third-largest minority but they have long suffered discrimination and thousands were killed under Taliban rule.

The Taliban, a fierce enemy of Islamic State, had earlier issued a statement denying any involvement in the bombings. 

“We would never take part in any incident that divides the Afghan people,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.