Terror Boys

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"SEBASTIAN!" Ciel yelled as he frantically climbed on top of his desk. "SEBASTIAN HURRY!" he screamed. His voice was full of terror and urgency. The boy moved to the opposite end of his desk as the dreaded spider drew closer. He hated spiders and was deathly scared of them, though he wouldn't admit it. So of course he had lost all composure, especially since the spider heading toward him was a bigger one.

{♞-} Sebastian came into the room, only to chuckle at the scene before him. “My lord, tis only a spider. . “ He walked over, picking it up, and tossing it out of the window. “There. Now its gone.” He said, voice filled with pure amusement 

Oh my, I made this already a while ago, but I completely forgot to upload it. My apologies!

I know that even with this second part, I haven’t included ALL megane boys yet, but I think that’s a fair batch. If I find 18 more bishounen I can make a part 3.


(Also sorry for the misspell in Austria’s name.)


I finished my video! I hope you all like it.

Jealous/Protective BTS

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Jin: When he sees some tech guy chatting you up backstage at one of his concerts, he would approach you quietly until he’s close enough to interrupt the conversation.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Jin says as he pulls you behind him, smirking a little at the look of terror on the poor boy’s face.

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Suga: After you finish talking to a shamelessly flirty guy at the bar he suddenly disappeared for a little bit. Then reappeared with a black eye and bruised jaw. You eye your smug boyfriend, suspecting he had something to do with it.
“Geez, I don’t know what happened to him Jagi, he could have just pissed off the wrong person…”

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J-Hope: He would become the king of PDA if he ever felt threatened. He would hug you close to him and pepper your face with kisses, smiling at you and glaring at whatever guy thought it was a good idea to flirt.

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Rap Monster: When he sees a guy grope you as you walk past, he pulls you protectively behind him, shoving the other guy away.
“You think you can take me? I didn’t think so. Back away now.”

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Jimin: He would be pretty easy going most of the time, but anyone dared to touch you, or make you feel uncomfortable in any way, he would turn from being an adorable cinnamon roll into someone far deadlier.
“You have 10 seconds to walk away. If you don’t? You don’t want to know.”

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V: When he sees you talking to a guy he doesn’t like, he would thrown an arm around you, making it clear you had a boyfriend. He wouldn’t like confrontation though and try to hide his jealousy with a smile.
“Hey, would you mind backing up a little bit? Farther. Farther. Farther…”

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Jungkook: Even though the guy was flirting with you right in front of him, he wouldn’t do anything, just stand there and think about what an idiot the guy was. After, when you asked him what’s wrong, he would be honest with you.
“I didn’t like you talking to that flirty guy. Please don’t talk to that guy again?”

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asura and blackstar im laughign

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What is your top 5 animes? c:

im just gonna do non shoujo ones this time 

5. the fate series 

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4. sao 

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3. steins gate

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2. daily lives of highschool boys 

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1. terror in resonance 

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I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak