Curating an Egalitarian Territory | Sayan Skandarajah
Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 | Full Map

- ‘Curating an Egalitarian Territory’ is a design project is sited in Copenhagen, Denmark, critiquing its realm of egalitarianism, assessing what ‘territory’ might mean within a context based upon equality. Denmark is considered to be one of the world’s most egalitarian countries – yet the project asserts that an underlying exclusivity makes the country inherently hierarchical in society.

The project is initiated by a cross examination of the city of Copenhagen, with regards to territory and archaeological flux. The resultant drawing demonstrates the simultaneity of the overlapping hierarchies that exist within an egalitarian society, demarcating frames of the city such as bank branches, emergent municipalities, reclaimed land and the ever-growing cycling territory. The project hence emerges from this edited and layered interpretation of the city.

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OK so hypothetically or AU speaking (because we know it'll never happen in canon) what if someday Ash actually reciprocated Gulvi's feelings? After the fact that she's already accepted it never happening of course. This has been a thought I've had for a while and I'd love the official author view on this! Thank you <3

Okay I’m putting my thoughts here under a read-more. And it’s worth noting that my ideas change from week to week, so I might not think this in a month! :)

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I had a dream that I was in a zoo that allowed visitors to play directly with the animals and I was trying not to freak out because a couple pallas cats were after me, but we started to get along after a while and then all of a sudden the pallas cats and I started having a deep conversation regarding life matters and at that moment I thought “you know who’s going to really like being here?? B3”