What I learned about Puerto Rico

Today, I went to a local cultural festival to learn about different places. While I understood that Puerto Rico was a U.S. Territory, I did not fully understand much beyond that. I learned some interesting facts that I believe other U.S. citizens should also be aware of.

- Puerto Rico has a congressman in Washington D.C. who is not allowed to vote by the U.S. Government.

- Puerto Rico has the same president as the U.S. since it is a territory.

- When you are born in Puerto Rico, you do not get a Puerto Rican citizenship first. No, you get a U.S. Citizenship then Puerto Rican then Spanish and then European Union. This is because it used to be a Spanish territory and the E.U. Thing is because Spain is in the European Union. *sigh*

- If you are a U.S. Citizen and you move to Puerto Rico, you are no longer able to vote for your own president. Nobody in Puerto Rico is allowed to vote for the president.

- The Puerto Rican government has passed legislation to become the 51st state FOURTEEN TIMES and it always dies in American Congress.

The more you know!

Correction: The information I received from the Puerto Rican Guy at the festival on the citizenship thing seems to be incorrect. They only get U.S. citizenships. I apologize.