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YOUR ART *dramatic pose* IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Thankchu UwU <3

Somehow I’ve only just noticed how the gazing eye is pretty much everywhere…I only noticed it when I saw master Ava’s keyblade then thought “wait So does Riku’s and Vanitas’” and I already knew it was in master xehanorts but it’s also in young xehanort’s keyblade and terra’s chaos ripper. How did I never bloody notice that? Am I a fake fan or something? Doesn’t this mean The MoM knows basically everything?

Terra: Aqua…Yen Sid order us to make battle plan for upcoming battle.

Aqua: Yeah, in a minute. I about to get a high score.*Continue playing Tsum Tsum*

*Terra look over to see her phone game*

Terra: Oh, I see big pair!

Aqua: Got it!*Connected the tsums, and gotten mega bonus* Yes! I beat the highscore! Thanks you, Terra!

*give a kiss on the cheek*

Terra: O-oh, it was nothing*blushed*

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Terra from KH for the ask meme!

  • Why I like them
    Terra is underappreciated, I love his personality and his drive. he deserved nothing that happened to him.

  • Why I don’t
    Hmm… I all around love him tbh, but geez Terra you and the rest of the wayfinders need to learn to communicate a bit better.

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)
    Saving Ven and beating the shit out of Xehanort possessing his body. Also Him and Stitch interacting!

  • Favorite season/movie
    Birth by Sleep!

  • Favorite line
    “You may be my master. But I will not let you hurt my friend!”

  • Favorite outfit
    I guess his normal one

  • OTP

  • Brotp
    Wayfinder trio

  • Head Canon
    He totally has clairvoyance powers. Fite me. 

  • Unpopular opinion
    HE ISN’T NAIVE OR GULLIBLE! He just has bad luck and an unhealthy respect of authority figures in a franchise where authority figures makes Bad Decisions. 

  • A wish
    Please de-nort him and reunite with Ven and Aqua!

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
    Considering where he is right now in canon… it’s hard to see anything WORSE happen to him. so I guess please don’t let it stay that way KH3! PLEASE

  • 5 words to best describe them
    Tries his hardest dang it. 

  • My nickname for them
    Teddy bear!

Ask game

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If the earth had rings, would we see them when it was night? It's a stupid question but still

Yes, just as the moon reflects the light of the Sun, the rings also reflect. But perhaps they would not be like the rings of Saturn, they would be smaller because the Earth has the gravity smaller than the one of Saturn to hold them and also they would not be made of ice, because they would be closer to the Sun. There is a specific point in the System Solar known as “ice line” or “snow line”. This is the point in the Solar System, where ice deposits could have survived for long periods of time. Any closer and the radiation from the Sun sublimates the ice away. Instead, the rings could be made of rock and dust.