BEAST is a little gothic fairytale – the story of three generations of women dealing with the aftermath of divorce. When Alice’s mother, Grace, tells her that her father’s a “beast,” she begins to question who or what she really is. 

We’re going for something along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth meets Terms of Endearment – a sprinkling of magical realism mixed with a family drama.

We shot the bulk of the short film last year and headed back for one day in January. We were lucky enough to be supported by Creative England’s Emerging Talent scheme, which got us through the bulk of the shoot but now find ourselves in post production with our credit cards maxed out, desperate to finish our little movie.

Support women filmmakers and donate to this film’s kickstarter before April 28th so we can all see it.

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anyone who isn’t latinx having opinions on latinx isms needs to make like an ostrich and shove their head in a hole. like we understand you don’t get it, you’re not supposed to puti

Vulcan Terms of Endearment & Sentiment

ashal-veh- darling; person (noun)

ashayam- beloved; a beloved person (noun)

ashalik- darling; beloved (noun)

tal-kam- dear (noun)

k'diwa- beloved (noun)

t'hy'la- friend; soulmate; brother; lover (noun)

taluhk nash-veh k'dular- i cherish thee (phrase)

taluhk- precious; dear; beloved

shok-tor- to kiss

ozh'esta- to finger kiss/finger embrace

el'ru'esta- hand embrace/hold hands

nartau- to embrace

ashau- to love (verb)

ashaya- love (noun)

teraya-martaya- to hug (verb)

shon-ha-lak- love at first sight

concept: a hockey bro whose last name is “sweet” so his teammates call him “sweetie” and “sweets” and they kind of lean into it and start to call him “sweetums” and “sweetheart” and “sweet cheeks” and “sweetie pie” and eventually they forget where it started and just refer to him with terms of endearment like “babe” and “honey” and “cuddlebear” and it gets kind of out of control

Albanian Terms Of Endearment
  • I dashur / e dashur (m. /f.) : love
  • T'a hangsha zemrën: May I eat your heart  
  • Zemra (Ime)  : Heart (of mine)  
  • Dritë e syrit : Light of my eyes (Usually, it’s used by a parent to call this their children, and especially for Fathers towards their daughters)  
  • Gëzim i parë : First joy (Used by parents towards their children)  
  • Rrush : Dear (lit. Grapes)  
  • Xhan : Dear, from Arabic “Jaan” 
  • Shpirt(i im) : Soul (of mine) 
  • Vdeksha un për ty : May I die for you 
  • T'keqen : Dear, Sweetheart (lit.“the bad”, short of “Të marsha t'keqen” that means “May I take upon myself the evil meant for you)  
  • Arush: Little Bear (Used for little children) 
non binary/gender neutral alternatives for boyfriend/girlfriend

Ok I’ve seen a couple satirical posts on this but I wanted to make a real list (some more light hearted than others). Please feel free to add your ideas! Also remember if you or/and your significant other identify as non binary communication is key. Figure out what you both like and enjoy 💞

-better half
-significant other
-partner in life/crime
-soul mate
-my love
-apple of my eye
-main squeeze

  • keith: hey, can i borrow ur sweater
  • lance: sure thing, papito
  • keith: .... um ok thanks
  • (later)
  • keith: hey…hunk… u know a little spanish because of lance, right? isn’t papito a french fry? why did lance call me a french fry?
  • hunk: no, he means-
  • keith: I’m not even french

Description: Bucky walks you home after finding you walking alone in New York at night. You encounter some drunks who make some comments that Bucky doesn’t take kindly to.


New York at night was not the greatest place to be when you were a woman walking alone. You expected every dark corner to be hiding a threat and you didn’t dare pause for a moment, just kept walking quickly and purposefully back to your apartment. 

You knew the trick was to look confident, and you felt as though you had perfected that look over time, but on the inside you were always on edge, ready to scream or kick if anyone came too close to you.

A group of men walked past you, drunk. They whistled when they saw you and started shouting slurred comments about taking you home, you kept your face expressionless and lifted your chin a little higher. Your heart didn’t calm down until you had walked at least two blocks away from them.

You crossed a road and got a shock when you felt a hand tap your upper arm.

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I’ve heard that you start to mimic your friends’ patterns of speech after awhile, so imagine zimbits a couple months into dating, and… well we know how bitty is about terms of endearment. so on some random afternoon jack has stopped by the haus and is helping bitty with baking. they’re having a normal conversation and then jack says something like “can you pass me that, sweetheart?”
which would be normal except this is jack zimmerman!! and bitty nearly drops a bowl of flour, turns to jack with wide eyes, and he gets this HUGE grin on his face, while jack hasn’t even realised what he’s said and stands there confused as bitty fawns over his bf calling him sweetheart