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I think that Wil and Dark use their old names as both insults and terms of endearment, like if they're in an argument and Wil calls Dark Damien/Celine - although Dark is just a combination of their worst traits - and Dark uses William, it's said with so much disgust about what could have been. But in an intimate moment, uses those names is a memory of how far they've come and the fact that they're still there together, and the aspects they love about each other are still there in some way

im sorry i also just. i cant stop imagining dark just being vaguely annoyed and calling wilford “william” in THAT tone of voice.

you know the one, like with the exaggerated emphasis on the name

“Well maybe you should have done the thing, william.

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Any fun facts you guys are willing to share? about anyone?

Hmmm… Well I’ve been thinking about the First Commanders a lot today so I’ve got some fun facts about them bopping around! (If you have no idea who they are, learn about them and the start of the Coalition HERE)

  • Akello’s term of endearment for Leilani was “Little Bird” because of how sweetly their voice and laugh rang in the air, like the trill of a song bird at sunrise.
  • Akello also referred to Leilani regularly as her conscience and her  last shred of mercy. Whenever she lost her patience with someone, she would send Leilani from the room so she could not be persuaded into passivity. Her first instinct was always action, and that action was usually violent. People who knew Akello knew they were well and truly fucked when Leilani was told to leave the room. 
  • Valdis had quite the green thumb. He cultivated a garden on Shi’or (planet that hosted the prison that the Coalition was born out of, and the main planetary base/home to a large majority of Coalition forces) that only grew as the Coalition did. He would be gifted plants and flowers from different planets they freed and allied with and over time it blossomed into something sprawling and magnificent. 
  • At the center of the garden is a little grove, something he made special just for Akello as a gift. The last time he saw his garden was after her death. He went into the heart of it and made a memorial for her, and then he never set foot in the garden again. 
  • Matt reminds Leilani of Akello so much sometimes it almost frightens them. Other times it’s Zarra who seems to walk with Akello’s spirit around her like a shroud, and then Matt in contrast is Valdis born again, acting as Zarra’s balance, her support, the steel backing her sharpness and that is when Leilani reaches for Kartok and he reaches back because he can see it too. 
  • Valdis’ last words to Kartok came after rescuing him from his tortured imprisonment by the druids, just as he shoved his second (soon to be new Commander) into a pod and sent him back to base. Kartok was barely conscious, delirious with pain, but he will never forget what Valdis said to him that day; “Breathe and be easy, just breathe for me. A brighter tomorrow waits on the horizon.”
Vulcan Terms of Endearment & Sentiment

ashal-veh- darling; person (noun)

ashayam- beloved; a beloved person (noun)

ashalik- darling; beloved (noun)

tal-kam- dear (noun)

k'diwa- beloved (noun)

t'hy'la- friend; soulmate; brother; lover (noun)

taluhk nash-veh k'dular- i cherish thee (phrase)

taluhk- precious; dear; beloved

shok-tor- to kiss

ozh'esta- to finger kiss/finger embrace

el'ru'esta- hand embrace/hold hands

nartau- to embrace

ashau- to love (verb)

ashaya- love (noun)

teraya-martaya- to hug (verb)

shon-ha-lak- love at first sight

lily taking james out on a muggle date and james being Embarrassing™   

non binary/gender neutral alternatives for boyfriend/girlfriend

Ok I’ve seen a couple satirical posts on this but I wanted to make a real list (some more light hearted than others). Please feel free to add your ideas! Also remember if you or/and your significant other identify as non binary communication is key. Figure out what you both like and enjoy 💞

-better half
-significant other
-partner in life/crime
-soul mate
-my love
-apple of my eye
-main squeeze

eggsy always answers harry’s call with variations of “love?” or “my sweet hart" or “darling? am i going to china again?” and that’s how their secret (not really) relationship was revealed because harry thought it was a good idea to put the call on speaker for eggsy’s debrief while sitting at the kingsman’s table with all the other agents present. 

More domestic murder husbands! Featuring dork Hannibal, gross Chilton and smug Will. Honestly this was mostly just conceived because @franicie referred to Will as a curly fry once and I couldn’t let it go. Someone take my tablet away.

For the record, Hannibal probably liked Will’s last comment. And also told him that pun he’s withholding because he just can’t help himself.

Kjælenavn på norsk/Endearments in Norwegian

Du er jenta mi - You are my girl

Jenta mi - Baby girl

Du er gutten min - You are my boy

Gutten min - (I would use “gutten min” as we in English use “Babe”)

Min eneste - My only one

Min elskede - My beloved

Min dyrebare - My precious

Elskling - Darling

Min kjære - My dear

Kjære - Dear/Love

Søta (to girls only) - Cutie

Søten (to boys) - Cutie

Min skatt - My treasure

Skatt - Treasure

Vennen min - my friend

Snuppa - Babe

Min bedre halvdel - My better half

Kjekken - (mr) Handsome

Hønemor - Overprotective (mother). But also used to women/girls who are cleaning/washing/taking much care of other people and is stressed and worry about her “kids”. 

Lillemor - (lit. Little mother). This is sometimes said to the one amongst friends and in families who cleans, wash, remembers to bring food etc. Its an endearment.

Pusen - My kitten

Pus - Kitten

Godgutten min - My good boy

Engel - Angel

Engelen min - My angel

Prinsessa mi - My princess

Prinsen min - My prince

Søtnoms - Cutiepie (I dont think English has a word for this)

Lykketrollet - Lucky charmer

Månestråle - My moonbeam

Honningblomst - Honey flower. Min honningblomst - My honey flower

Gudinna mi - My Goddess

Godbiten - My good treat

Pusekatt - Pussycat (My delicate flower :P)

Gullet - Lit. The gold. We say it as “gullet mitt” and alone “gullet”. Used as my most precious. 

min lille due - My little dove

Hjertet mitt - My heart

Godjenta mi - My good girl

Min skjønneste - My most beautiful

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Hey do you know of any fics where stiles and Derek call each other by pet names or just call each other babe or baby because it is my weakness and I need more of it

Hey :)

Here are a few like that.

salt and a waltz by  The Byger (Byacolate) | 7.4K

In which Stiles is a faerie and Derek is sick and tired of not being able to fuck him.

Hey Ewe by  wuffedoutalpha | 7.3K

In which Derek cares more than Stiles originally thought he did.

Or four times Derek sneaks Stiles gifts and the one time Stiles gets why (plus one).

Endearments and Interventions by  Captain_Loki | 1.2K

Stiles calls Derek “baby” one time, and exactly one time only. It goes a little like the time he clasped a hand to Derek’s shoulder in the front seat of the jeep only three years previously. Derek levels him with the same incredulous look of stunned disbelief as he did then.

Even the stars they burn by  rufflefeather | 5.7K

Derek finds out quite by accident what makes Stiles shut up. If he reveals along the way that he didn’t always carry this darkness around, then that’s entirely Stiles’ fault.

Back to Beacon Hills by  surrenderdammit | 10.4K

Stiles is a born werefox, returning to Beacon Hills with the hopes of starting over and finding some sort of home again. Maybe he can finally stay in one place long enough for his scent to catch.

“When I saw the creature swimming under Julie Adams [in Creature From the Black Lagoon], I thought three things: I thought, ‘Hubba-hubba.’ I thought, ‘This is the most poetic thing I’ll ever see.’ I was overwhelmed by the beauty. And the third thing I thought is, ‘I hope they end up together.’”

Guillermo del Toro is twisted shipper trash just like me and I think that’s beautiful


Description: Bucky walks you home after finding you walking alone in New York at night. You encounter some drunks who make some comments that Bucky doesn’t take kindly to.


New York at night was not the greatest place to be when you were a woman walking alone. You expected every dark corner to be hiding a threat and you didn’t dare pause for a moment, just kept walking quickly and purposefully back to your apartment. 

You knew the trick was to look confident, and you felt as though you had perfected that look over time, but on the inside you were always on edge, ready to scream or kick if anyone came too close to you.

A group of men walked past you, drunk. They whistled when they saw you and started shouting slurred comments about taking you home, you kept your face expressionless and lifted your chin a little higher. Your heart didn’t calm down until you had walked at least two blocks away from them.

You crossed a road and got a shock when you felt a hand tap your upper arm.

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