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Cable is just the worst, right? I mean, how do you not pair a John Conner clone with Sentienals? If they just hadn't made him so tied to Apocalypse, he could be better.

As far as I’m concerned, everything about Cable as a character can be summed up thusly: on the official Marvel website there’s a character database, and Spider-Man has about a paragraph to sum up the bare minimum basics of his background. Cable has about 3 pages of solid text before you even reach the part of his origin where he arrives on Earth-616. Wasn’t this asshole born in a dystopian alternate future timeline, and then abducted to a different dystopian alternate future timeline in order to prevent the rise of Apocalypse in a third dystopian alternate future timeline, all as part of the Summers family apparently being the most important people in the universe? Fuck that dude. Writers could have done something interesting with him in setting him up as a living time paradox (or just positioned him as a much simpler refugee from a Sentinel-overrun future like you said, solidifying the obvious Terminator comparison where he’s John Conner and the murderous future robot at the same time*), but they didn’t, so he’s not. Even Morrison went for the off-brand in New X-Men with Bishop rather than deal with this weirdo.

I imagine he makes a pretty great straight man to Deadpool though, given he’s the living embodiment of everything he exists to mock. As far as I’m concerned, his defining moment comes from a clip I saw of the Deadpool game where he’s lecturing in self-serious monotone at Wilson about time parodoxes, and then tries to grab Wade Wilson’s attention by mentioning “Then - and this is the imperative part -”. It’s probably too late to streamline him in any meaningful way, but if Marvel just acknowledged him as the hopeless self-parody that he is, you could at least have fun with him.

* Dang, did Terminator Genysis rip off Cable? That’d be hysterical.


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