Why does Ted Cruz always stand like he’s a Termin- oh my god

Ted Cruz is a Terminator and was sent back in time by Skynet to perform the Zodiac killings.

This also explains why Ted Cruz has such a weird smile.

The Zodiac Killer (Ted Cruz) killed 37 seemingly random people. But were they really random? Is it possible that those 37 people were important resistance fighters during the war with the machines?

After assassinating each target, Cruz is stuck in the past and goes quiet, having fulfilled his duties… Until the 2016 election. Why is a Terminator running for president? To ensure Skynet gains control.

Ted Cruz is a Terminator.

‘Terminator’ for QPOP

The initial premise of Doraemon is basically the plot to Terminator lol A robot is sent back in time by a family member to help stop terrible events that will befall them in the future. Except not the singularity apocalypse, the scourge of mundane day to day Japanese life.

Doraemon as a T-800 crash landing was too funny not to paint. Check it out QPop Shop’s gallery, Q2! Their Doraemon / Fujiko Fumio show will be opening tomorrow, Saturday, July 25. And there will be a limited release of signed prints of my piece at QPop!

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Movie Inspired Poster Series by Rhys Cooper

36″ X 12″ screen prints, S/N editions. Many of these long since sold out prints, first appeared in gallery shows over the past few years. Very limited numbers of these prints are now available HERE.