Terminal Sound System
A Sun Spinning Backwards

For a musician who was once backed by Relapse Records, Skye Klein fits a remarkable amount of non-doom material into his Terminal Sound System project – languid string drones, vocoder-drenched vocals, bright piano plucks, and twitching arpeggios among them.  Overall “A Sun Spinning Backwards” holds a tense space-rock feel, but interestingly the songs are often built on robust percussive patterns and not dreamy guitar lines.  This creates a tense atmosphere while allowing Klein to play with irregular structures and non-linear build ups, often taking unexpected turns to reach thrilling conclusions.  "Oceans" illuminates this approach perfectly with a simmering, drum-led energy crashing to a halt before an unlikely coda erupts with Black Sabbath-worthy guitar figures.  – Ryan Potts, Experimedia 

Terminal Sound System - By The Meadow

From ‘Dust Songs’ available in December @ Denovali Records

Skye Klein’s Terminal Sound System is a project born in a dingy Melbourne warehouse at the turn of the century. On the more than ten past releases, TSS merged epic doom, post-rock and jazz with electronica, drum'n'bass, heavy dub and ethereal vocals into a style wholly unique. The new album 'Dust Songs’, which sees its release in December 2014 on Denovali Records, ist a logical extrapolation and a surprise at the same time.

More than any other Terminal Sound System release, Dust Songs brings the voice well and truly to the front. The mainstays of voice and acoustic guitar are stretched and warped though failing technology, eroded and in a constant state of collapse. The stories here are important, but are shrouded in a haze of drone and hiss: a future artifact, an archeological discovery or malfunctioning transmission.
The words and melodies have been reduced to their looped essence, no longer a linear narrative but something representing a mantra. Endlessly cycling - hoping, if not for transendence, then at least some kind of sense.

Perhaps paradoxically (for all its reliance on looping) Dust Songs represents a shift away from “modern” production methods of tempo maps and recallable sounds and grids - rather, it was largely created in a linear fashion as one would work with a tape machine (and a razor and splicing block). Generally starting as a looped fragment of guitar, as the songs evolved they went through countless revisions, twists and turns and re-imaginings, so that the end result bears little resemblance to any of the original ideas. In a move that Skye Klein may well come to regret when it comes the time to perform them live, almost all of the sounds used were patched up on the spot and are essentially unrecallable.

Klein finally adds: “(As usual) the lyrical (and musical) themes of Dust Songs contain deep meaning for me, and (as usual) this meaning has largely been obscured, warped and obfuscated. There is a story here, and it picks up shortly after the last one paused. I hope that these songs resonate with you, enough to create your own narrative.”

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Iroha - Iroha (Grey / Gold Vinyl A/B effect)
Terminal Sound System - Constructing Towers (Clear Vinyl + Grey/Black Splatter)
Terminal Sound System - Heavy Weather (Clear Vinyl + Yellow/Blue Splatter)

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