Some cute little Bahorel things (because I love Bahorel and we need to talk more about Bahorel, please talk to me about Bahorel):

  • had one of those premature half-beard things when he was sixteen and thought it was the coolest thing in the world (hint: it was not)
  • officially won the ‘Who Loves Red More’ contest against Enjolras who couldn’t even complain because Feuilly was referee
  • has a three-hour long morning routine playlist consisting of mostly ABBA and Queen songs
  • was super uneducated about social issues when he was younger and always makes a point about not condemning ignorance but stress the importance of education
  • has a fashion blog with Cosette called ‘The Lady and The Scamp’
  • you’d think Courfeyrac knows everyone but that’s mostly true because Bahorel introduced him to everyone usually staring the story of how they met with ‘Well, I was drunk…” (No one knows anymore if it’s the truth or just a running joke)
  • cries at literally every movie
  • believes in the cathartic power of bubble baths
  • tried once to give Jehan fashion advice, wasn’t seen for three days afterwards, when asked where he was just looked into the distance with a pained look on his face, said, ‘My happy place’ and refused to say anything else one the matter ever again
5 decades, 220,000 deaths later, Colombia says it has a deal
The longest-running armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere is coming to a close.

The longest-running armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere is coming to a close as the Colombian government reached a historic peace accord with rebel leaders Wednesday in Havana.

Negotiators read out a joint statement in Cuba, which has hosted most of the talks, after the final round of negotiations between the leaders of the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC.

“The termination of armed confrontation signifies, most importantly, the end of the enormous suffering the conflict has caused,” read the joint statement. “We do not want there to be one more victim in Colombia. The end of the conflict will open a new chapter in our history.”

The two sides have battled for five decades in the remote corners of Colombia’s jungles and mountains, leaving more than 220,000 Colombians dead, forcing 360,000 to flee the country and displacing about 6.7 million Colombians from their homes.

President Obama called Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday to congratulate him on the historic deal and to pledge U.S. support as the country navigates the difficult road of implementing the peace plan.

The peace accord still must be certified in a national referendum, which will ask voters to approve or reject the deal. After Wednesday’s signing, Santos said he would send the agreement to Congress and that the national vote will take place Oct. 2…

Even if it passes, Colombia still faces a difficult road toward reconciliation.

“It’s not a one-year issue to be solved, but a 20-year issue to work day by day, year by year,” Rafael Pardo, a Santos adviser who will direct post-conflict efforts, said during a recent trip to Washington.

Pardo said 25 national agencies will work with each Colombian state and municipality to implement the various pieces of the peace deal. That includes disarming rebels who dominate more than 100 cities and moving them to 23 temporary “normalization zones” and eight rural encampments to begin their reintegration to Colombian society. The process will be monitored by a team of United Nations observers, mostly coming from other South American countries.

The deal also requires that farmers, whether they’re affiliated with the FARC or not, eliminate all remaining coca plants, which have fueled the cocaine industry in Colombia. The accord requires that the government redistribute lands to former FARC members and farmers who have never had proper legal claims over their properties. And the government, working with private businesses, is required to push more industry into rural areas to provide reliable jobs for the country’s poor.

“The gap between a peasant and a person living in a city is enormous (in Colombia),” Pardo said. “So the post-conflict goal is to reduce those gaps.”

The biggest challenge facing the government could be simply reclaiming those rural areas. Eighty percent of Colombia’s population lives in urban areas, but about 70% of the country is rural land, meaning many of those areas don’t have any government services…

Arnson said more than 49,000 rebels from different groups have already entered government reintegration programs with a high level of success.

“The task of implementing (the peace deal) is just enormous,” she said. “But the Colombian reintegration agency has decades of experience and already has reintegrated tens of thousands of combatants.”

Some good news for the day.


Just reissued: Terminal Sunglasses’ 1985 art-punk classic, “Wrap Around Cool“. Available on vinyl and CD via Toronto’s Artoffact Records.


This video was banned from MuchMusic how about that

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I'm so confused. Is Hope's contract terminated (as in, not coming back to the national team) with US Soccer or is she just suspended for 6 months?

both. they can call her up again and give her a new contract once the suspension is over, but they don’t have to

excited friendly reminder that the asari didn’t know about the prothean beacon in armali!!! only select members of the government (literally matriarchs in charge of the temple really) knew!!!!!!! if you hate the asari because of the beacon!!!!! it is greatly misplaced!!!!!! hate the government of armali!!!! not rando asari you pass by on the citadel!!!!! or the ones fighting for their lives on thessia that are completely clueless to u and your mission and the beacon when you arrive!!!!! let lieutenant Kurin have some peace!!!!

Hey I know ya’ll get bombarded with pleading charities and givealittles all the live long day but imo my pal Phil is deserving of any amount you are able to contribute. I met Phil a couple of years ago at roller derby, he was the coolest ref out and I was super sad when he had to retire from derby.
I want him and his family to have the best possible time together before his tumor inevitability takes him from them (it’s terminal, no way around that). Unfortunately they are having a rather stressful time as Phil can no longer work due to seizures and meds and he isn’t eligible for a benefit. Please consider donating to help them cover day to day living and health related costs, it would make such a huge positive difference to very deserving people 💙 💛 💜 💚

Cześć wszystkim!

Sądze że połowa osób tutaj pamięta “akcje” organizowaną w sprawie Laury (http://hierarchia-wartosci.tumblr.com/post/147184332820/laura-i-z%C5%82odziej-%C5%BCycia )..tak więc jeśli pamiętacie i jesteście zainteresowani czy udało sie zebrać potrzebną ilość pieniędzy TO TAK UDAŁO SIE!! ♥ Termin zakończenia zbiórki minął 2 dni temu a my zebraliśmy pełną kwote na leczenie Laury.. Wkrótce pierwsze zabiegi a później długa rehabilitacja.Tak więc jeśli pomogliśćie w jakimś % możecie być z siebie dumni! Dziękuje za to że pomogliście:*!


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hola bae recuerdo que un día dijiste que estabas tejiendo y no creías que ibas a terminarlo o algo parecido, al final pudiste hacerlo? n-n

Me siento Penelope :v .. les dije y saben porque?… porque llevo destejiendo el bendito sueter como 5 o 6 veces TTnTT el punto no me convence!!! D: !!!! bueno, el caso es que volvi a comenzar e.e… pero el punto que estoy haciendo ya me gusta n.n/ cuando termine la espalda o lo este uniendo ya.. se los muestro e.e 

Nu judec pe nimeni, mi.as fi dorit doar ca la noi sa nu se termine copilaria asa repede. Pentru ca o data ce esti impreuna cu cineva te schimbi total si te maturizezi, iar eu sunt genul ala de fata care inca nu vrea sa faca chestii de genu’ si vrea sa rada cu prietenii cum o facea acum un an, doi. Scriu asta fiindca mi.e greu sa accept realitatea asta si mi.e dor de unele persoane… 😕

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Ho quasi 40 anni e mi trovo in una crisi di identità ( o esistenziale, non so ) abbastanza profonda. L'anno scorso ho perso il lavoro che facevo da vent'anni. Dopo quasi un anno ho trovato un lavoro malpagato che mi sta consumando nonostante lo svolga da soli 5 mesi. In questo contesto mi stanno succedendo delle cose che mi spingono a ripensare al mio percorso e a quello che mi può riservare il futuro. E non so che pesci prendere... continua

.. da una parte potrei intraprendere un percorso a medio termine ( 3 o 4 anni ) per riqualificarmi nel mio vecchio impiego e conseguire un secondo diploma che potrebbe aprirmi possibilità più ampie. Dall'altra potrei adattarmi alla nuova situazione e mettermi l'anima in pace. Una terza strada sarebbe quella di buttare tutto alle ortiche e cercare di riprendere un cammino completamente diverso, abbandonato una quindicina di anni fa… segue

… il problema fondamentale è che non riesco ad accettare la situazione attuale e quindi programmare qualcosa in funzione di essa. Ovviamente non le chiedo una soluzione ai miei problemi; quello che vorrei è un'indicazione, una strada attraverso cui arrivare alla soluzione dei miei dilemmi. Grazie per l'attenzione e complimenti per quello che fa qui.

In effetti posso darti solo un’indicazione generica, Anon.
Mi rallegro del fatto che tu abbia un senso critico evidente e prospettive che ti possono dare delle possibilità alternative a un lavoro coatto che non gradisci.
Però non conosco la tua storia e meno ancora le dinamiche emotive che ti possono fare affrontare una strada piuttosto che un’altra.
L’unica cosa che mi sembra tu possa fare è quella di fare una scelta solo nel momento in cui ti senti maggiormente lucido, fuori da ogni conflitto lavorativo o famigliare. Se sei sereno puoi anche valutare tutte le prospettive con quella chiarezza di cui non dovrai pentirti.
Diversamente saresti soggetto a forzature emotive che difficilmente potranno disegnare al meglio la tua decisione.
Auguri e fammi sapere.